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Being a Private Project Manager Consultant I get to meet a lot of programmers, coders, and developers. and having these experiences, friends family, and people I know from my daily activities there is one question that I get asked more than others and it is ¨What Programing Language should I learn to Get a Job Fast¨ so I wrote this to help early programmers to get them in to the fastest path to getting the job they want.

Today, if object-oriented programming is not the most demanded section of IT technologies, then it is approaching this title by leaps and bounds. The number of vacancies that require professionals in the “Program Learning Outcome” PLO is growing year by year. It is not surprising that the number of people wishing to master this, in principle, relatively simple science is increasing proportionally.

One of the best tools for a good start in the field of “Object-Oriented Programming” OOP has long been recognized as the programming language Python. However, a logical question arises: is the possession of only “python” enough to find a decent job?

So the perfect mix of programming languages that will land you a Job Is Simple, the first language must be JavaScript and choose the second language between Python or C++ and that’s all you need.

And why is this you might be thinking and the answer is very simple, a large percent of the technology companies use JavaScript for their front end development, Some of them are [ Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, Amazon, Twitter and many more ]

Yes for the back end they use multiple languages and have openings in each one but across the board, all the companies have those 2 languages in common Python and C++ are the to-go languages in backend development. this does not mean you would not get a job in the biggest companies in tech if you had experience in PHP, Hack, Ruby Java, and C# but having those 2 will increase the odds in your favor.

Is it worth learning Java in 2019?

JavaScript is the most used language by programmers is as simple as that. you can say that JavaScript is the English of today’s languages because is the most spoken one of all, Programmers around the world can speak JavaScript.

So it’s very worth learning, and as I stated in the first part of the post ALL the big tech companies use this language in their front end. so you can be sure that it will be relevant for a long time.

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How popular are Python programmers in today’s market?

Extremely in demand! The demand for specialists who code in this language is growing progressively. Over the past year, it has increased at least 2 times. This is due to the fact that almost all IT giants – Google, Yahoo, and IBM use this software in the development of their digital products.

In addition, the demand for Python developers (PostgreSQL, Flask, and Django) has risen sharply over the past few years at reputed companies such as Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, and Pinterest. Naturally, the remaining players in this market also follow headliners. So, if you know Python, you can make a lot of money from it.

What can be done on the python? In what areas is it most often used?

Currently, Python is widely used for Web technologies, especially when developing online stores, as well as creating mobile applications.

There are many companies on the market that require programmers with knowledge of OOP, so the applicant, based on his preferences, can choose the most interesting area.

How popular is this language compared to other OOP languages?

Python is firmly in the top of the most popular programming languages ​​according to the TIOBE Programming Community Index. Among developers, Python is the second most popular after Java.

Python is said to be a very easy language to learn. Does the quality of the offer suffer from this? Have you personally come across frank hackers in person or work colleagues? Python is a high-level programming language and is indeed considered very lightweight due to its clear syntax and ease of readability. But such hackers haven’t come across to companies yet. The reason for this is that most agencies are very careful in selecting candidates and can satisfy the most demanding customer.

What requirements do employers make to the applicant?

In order not to be unfounded, we will give an example of a requirement in an active vacancy:

  • Good knowledge of Python 2.5+ and its standard libraries.
  • Experience with Django 1.5+ and major 3rd-party applications.
  • Frontend development experience: AJAX, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Reading the documentation and participating in correspondence.

What Are the Essential Skills Needed to Get a Coding Job?

To land a coding job, possessing essential coding skills is crucial. Proficiency in programming languages like Java, Python, or C++ is highly valued by employers. Strong problem-solving and logical thinking abilities are also necessary. Additionally, having a deep understanding of algorithms, data structures, and web development concepts will enhance your chances of success in the competitive coding job market.

Can Learning Programming Languages Help Me Land an IT Support Desk Job?

Learning programming languages can indeed increase your chances of landing your dream IT support job. By acquiring programming knowledge, you can better understand the inner workings of various software applications and troubleshoot technical issues more effectively. This additional skill set will set you apart from other candidates and showcase your versatility in the IT field. Ultimately, it can empower you to land your dream it support jobs.

Data Analysis with Python

Python is great for statistics, data analysis, and machine learning. It has a serious competitor in this area – the statistical programming language R. R is much more dedicated than Python. With this programming language, you can create websites, games, business applications, etc.

Therefore, at the initial stages of training, it makes sense to choose a general-purpose language, and, if necessary, to study R. This will lay a much stronger foundation. Python also has the strongest developer community where you can always find support.

In web development, Python acts on the server-side. While HTML, CSS, and JavaScript always work on the frontend, you can use any suitable language on the server: C #, Java, Ruby, and Python. Especially useful are its Django and Flask frameworks.

This is a must-see article.

Is Python Difficult To Learn?

Find information about each language and what they are best suited for.

What can I expect of coding in C++

Before we can begin programming in c++ we must understand what c++ really is.
In essence c++ is just a programming language
which allows the ‘programmer’ to type commands that the computer can understand.
Think of it like a dog trainer who is teaching the dog how to roll over.
In this circumstance, the trainer would be the programmer and the dog would The computer.
Importantly the instructions that the Trainer is telling the dog, would be the code
and the way that the trainer is communicating with the dog is the programming language or in our case c++.
Just like in English or French a programming language Has grammar or syntax rules.
For example, in English to indicate the end of a sentence we use a full stop or period whereas in c++ to indicate the end of a sentence or line you would use the semi-colon.
So now we know that c++ is a programming language, why should you learn how to write it rather than other languages like python and ruby.
Each language has its strong points and for c++ they are mainly its ability to write programs that run incredibly quickly.
This is why C++ is commonly used in game development and business applications.
For example most of the programs that you use on a daily basis where Likely written in c++
for example programs like Google Chrome, Microsoft Office are all written in c++.
So how to does c++ achieve such great speeds, well the main reason is that it is a mid-level language,
meaning that it can quickly Communicate with the hardware, such as the keyboard or screen
but still be reasonably easy to program in. For example think of it like A system of logo blocks
wherein a high-level language there are pre-build structures such as a house, whereas a low-level language would Not have many pre-build structures
but would have the essential basics for creating those structures. The low-level languages in programming Run very fast and are used to write firmware and operating system like windows.
whereas the high-level languages run slower but are generally Easier to program in
C++ is positioned in the middle boasting high speeds and ease of programming, hence it is mid-level programming. Language.
So now that we have a basic understanding of the strength and weaknesses of c++
This information was taking out Penguin Design
If you are a visual learner pleas we advise you to check them out on Youtube.


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