The Essential 17 Skills You Need To Be A Coder


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It would be prudent, to begin with, the basics if we are to understand what would be the essential skills that we need to be a coder and a good one too.

It all begins with the computer which is the basic device that would facilitate a host of possibilities.

The computer could be any device from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone as they would all do the same thing.


Skills You Need To Be A Coder

Computers are made of different types of materials, from which plastic, copper wires, and others combine together making up this contraption.

It is nothing but a whole heap of scrap plastic and metal if it is not programmed to execute your commands.

Having a computer would not suffice if you do not get it to work for you.

As we know computers could be specifically instructed to execute a sequence of functions that initiate operations to find answers to arithmetic and other problems logically.

Having a computer with you would not enable it to execute your commands it would need to be programmed to do so.

Only when a program is installed into the computer could it execute your commands.

It is these installed programs that we also call “Coding”, which would enable the computer to execute your commands.

Computers work for us and we could take a back seat and let it do what we would otherwise have to perform.

We could employ computers installed with the right Coding to eliminate manpower in an assembly line.

The advantage would be the computers would execute all commands initiated with the appropriate coding without recourse to tea breaks, lunch intervals, rushing to the washrooms to answer calls of Nature or any other distractions.

We also call these human alternatives as “Robots” that are coded appropriately which could continue to work 24×7 all 365 days of the year with any breaks except for any servicing that would be required.

These robots with the right coding would increase productivity and eliminate human infractions.

Robots would take over much of our work in the future, which we see in many things around today.

The assembly in a production facility would just be one example but there are more.

The proliferation of using computers with the right coding would be the future and the world would need to look at it with serious concern.

Humans need to look at themselves more pragmatically because the world needs to survive.

The only way it could survive is to offer a better service at affordable cost across all disciplines in life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The future for computers with the unprecedented proliferation of different programming initiatives has created what we identify as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This is presumed to get more complex as we move into the future with humans beginning to think less and the computer to find all the answers we need.

Artificial Intelligence is intricately intertwined with the programs that are induced into the computers enabling it to carry out various command functions.

There is an inherent fear in humans that we would be ruled by the computer, which we are, even in the present context.

One classic example would be our command of the multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition tables a few decades ago but that era has passed.

The generation of today is unable to do any of these simple mathematical chores without a calculator. That is Artificial Intelligence taking over from us which would get into a more complex situation when we move into the future.

It is not a cause for alarm but it is the future and nobody could do anything about it because that would be inevitable as the Sun would rise every morning from the east.

Artificial Intelligence, the new kid on the block is gradually and definitely creeping into our lives, though we may not be aware of its future consequences.

Coding or Computer Programming

Humans are slowly turning towards the use of computers though we see it today it would be an entirely different world in the next few decades and better still towards the end of this century.

Coding or computer programming is the future and mastering it would be everyone’s prerogative. Finding the right skills to be a “Coder” would be what is required stepping into the future.

Coding specialists are in high demand across the world and it is not a secret that rookie coders could earn anything between US$ 100K and 120K per annum, if they are versatile and with the right attitudes.

This trend is expected to continue into the future and there would be a high demand to become a coder among the young who would prefer this line of work on the information technology industry.

We look at the following skills which would be important to learn the intricacies of Coding and be in the forefront of this highly competitive industry.

Coding would drive computers and they are going to pilot the world, and that is how the future would unfold for all of us.

A confident Approach

A confident approach is required if you are to take to coding because you need to create something out of nothing.

There is no copying because what you would be creating would be unique because there would not be another like it.

You cannot be halfhearted and try to become a successful coder, because you need to go the full distance.

The coding that you initiate would be to address a specialized initiative to ensure that the final outcome would be as precise as it should be.

It is how you would approach the required initiative would you be able to succeed.

Master One or More Coding Languages

This is just like learning any language “if you try your hand at many you would not be good at any”.

There are a few easy and popular languages employed by professional coders hence pick one and master that.

JavaScript, Python, and Ruby are the popular coding languages try to pick up one and then concentrate on that.

You need a coding language that you would be comfortable in and anyone who would be your choice would be good enough.

There are many languages and picking the right one would be in your best interests.

Build on Your Skills to Think Logically

You need to think logically, like for instance looking at a glass with water at its halfway mark.

What do you see really, is it a glass half full or is it a glass half empty?

It is how you would see it and that is thinking logically.

In coding, this is a skill that you need to brush.

If you were good at mathematics in school probably you would have been solving problems and looking at each one on its merit is how you should tune your mind to look at coding too.

Every skill you have inherent is important.

Look Into Everything in Detail

Coding is a very precise exercise where you cannot sweep anything under the carpet and presume it would remain there.

It would not as it would pop out somewhere.

Every detail and every scenario needs to be looked at and studied without exception and the right inputs put in place to ensure that it remains without issue.

In coding, you would need to see everything under a microscope, if not you are sure to miss something which you just cannot afford to because it could corrupt the work you are initiating.

Computers are Stupid, Know that Beforehand

There is one thing that should always be at the back of our minds before we start a coding initiative and that is, computers are stupid.

We can think but computers cannot.

They will only provide answers from the information that has been fed to them.

This is exactly what you would be done by coding a program into its “brain”.

It will only provide answers to what has been written into its memory bank.

Think Abstractly

To code, you would need to “think out of the box” because the same run-of-the-mill stuff would not be enough.

It is only with pragmatic thinking could you code the computer because it has to come up with an answer to the myriad of questions that would be asked.

Make the computer think but for that, you need to think.

Improving the ability to think at different levels is important and as long as we could think with a very pragmatic mind coding would be easy to manage

. The mind is the most powerful organ and that is what you are giving a computer.

Be Patient Always

Patience is key because it could be called a real asset when you need to bring a coding system into a computer.

Nothing would remain static and everything is temporary you need to be patient if you are going to bring changes or install new programming into a computer.

“There are many a slip between the cup and the lip” Being aware of what you are doing and ensuring it matters with utmost to carry out the tasks, patience is very important.

Don’t let anything come in your way be patient it delivers.

Increase Memory Power

You need to innovate and improvise which are important ingredients to be a good coder.

Whatever initiative you put into place would be an original even though there could be slight variations.

To ensure you come up with the right mix to have the best result you should be improving on your memory skills.

You cannot be forgetting what you did at the start and then try to do something else in-between because it would not work.

You should build on your capacity to remember things, especially what you have been doing.

Think Scientifically

For everything especially when on a coding mission you need to think with a scientific mind and keep all those other thoughts away from your head.

The computer would think that way too because you would be feeding information that it needs to know.

You need to use your mind to the optimum.

You would have to be so for the computer to do so.

Hence try to think as scientifically as possible and only then could you come up with the right coding initiatives.

You need to think first before you could make the computer to think.

Communicating Ably

To come up with the right coding which would be what another wants especially the customer or your company you would need to communicate ably.

It is when you have all the information with you that could you initiate the required coding and then install it.

If you communicate efficiently you could assimilate more information and that would ensure that your coding endeavor would become that much easier.

Good communication is very important for anything and in this, that would bring harmony.

Concentrate Specifically on Coding

When you take up a coding assignment ensure that your total concentration is directed towards it.

Try not to deviate from the task at hand because then you would not be able to complete it as required and also leave it has done.

Coding needs specific inputs and that has to come from within you because it is like giving life to something that is dead and the computer is an inanimate contraption to which you would need to give life with a superlative program.

Coding is not easy and has many ups and downs when trying to work out one, so think well before committing to anything.

An Analytical Mind

Think analytically and quantify all the pluses and the minuses keep an open mind because coding needs a different kind of approach.

It is innovation at its best and you need to think with a well-balanced mind with no prejudices of anything whatsoever.

The ability to quantify and arrive at the right conclusions is what is specifically required if you are to be a successful coder.

This profession needs a lot of thoughts to be mixed up and the best solution found and that also as soon as possible.

Improving Strengths and Correcting Weaknesses

Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses too, and we need to improve on the former and reduce the latter.

It is only when we could identify what they are that we could do either.

Our patterns of working and how we approach difficult issues would be one.

Don’t let your weaknesses daunt you take it with a pinch of salt.

Weaknesses could be our ability to think and come up with answers for every difficult problem that we would encounter, whatever they are we need to study them and do the needful.

Don’t run away from issues because they would follow you,

A Pragmatic Mind

You should keep a pragmatic mind because the computer you would be initiating a coding system would be the same too.

It would not think of anything other than what you are feeding it and it would not be influenced by others.

You too would need to think so and only then could you succeed as an innovative coder who would be thinking with an open mind tackling any issues whether they are trivial or complex.

Think before you try something it could save time.

Hard Work

You need to work hard if you are to be a successful coder because only that would pay in the long term.

Hard work never killed anybody hence putting your best foot forward and keeping the midnight oil burning would bring positive results.

You would need to work hard to get your professional coding career on track and that could be achieved only if you work with a plan and towards a goal.

There should not be any deviation from those set goals.


Coding needs a lot of concentration to get the job done especially when you are dealing with innovative computer programs that would be just swallowed up by the computer.

You would be feeding it and in return, it would only fall in line when the final entry is made.

The coding should be an extension of you and for that, you would need to bring your total focus towards what you would be doing.

Time Management

Last but not least you would need to manage your time to the last second.

This is because times are changing and when you are on a coding mission you need to complete the task given quickly.

There is no leverage for procrastination and things need to be completed on time.

Time is the essence in coding because the platform that you would be called upon to work on is constantly changing and if you have done keep abreast you could be left behind.

It is a rat race out there and “the first bird catches the worm”.

Skills You Need To Be A Coder

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