Nondevelopers is a Blog, that’s main objective is to help Non Developers, Non Techies get professional results, without needing to code or have in depth knowledge of technology.



I started this blog in 2018, the main idea it was to give free information to my clients.

At that time I was a successful freelancer.

The site was incredibly slow to take off.  I took several clients to 5 figure online incomes helping them leverage the power of the internet on their behalf and in doing so I got a lot of referrals, to be honest to many and my free time got a lot shorter. 

Nondevelopers, when I started was a documentation site that I refer my clients to so they could get the help they needed at no cost to them.  

My Name is Marco Ballestero born in Colombia and had the blessing of being raised all over the world.

I have been in the digital game since 2008, mainly managing clients for large digital agencies, but I did not have any coding background or knew anything about coding frameworks or media management. I would consider myself more a translator between clients and developers. 

In my career as a freelancer, I have accumulated quite a bit of experience and knowledge. This has helped me help clients get professional results at a fraction of the cost of big agencies.

So, I have spent over a year or two focused on building resources for non-developers to take their online business to the next level without any need for coding. 

In some cases, there is a need for custom coding in specific projects and development.  but in these cases, I help them get the help they need and obviously make it way cheaper than freelancing the whole project.

So be sure that the resources that I suggest in the post and resources page are very inexpensive for the value you will get.

I hope you enjoy the content we create here and if there is any topic you would like us to research and make content about. please go to the contact page and email us. 

And remember don’t let coding scare you there is always a way to create amazing websites without coding and I’m here to help.

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