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Here Are 12 Legally Ways To Protect Your App In 2021-2025

Ideas are a dime-a-dozen. Ideas are everywhere. We all have ideas, but only the ones that get protected see the light of day and become successful businesses or products. Protecting your app idea is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur because if someone else has a similar idea to yours, they may steal it from you before you even realize what happened! This blog post will cover how to protect your app idea so that no one steals it, and help get it off the ground into something great!

With 2.1 Billion Apps in the Google Play Store and 2 Billion Apps on Apple App Store, you would think that all ideas are taken or have been already created, well not exactly in fact there is a world of possibilities on App Ideas, and we would like to give you some tips on how to protect your Ideas.

You can protect your app idea with diferente tools, some of them you can apply before talking to anyone others you can apply for provisional patent or an intelectual property. If your idea has specific trade secret you should definitely apply for a patent protection.

These are the 12 best ways you can protect your Ideas in 2021 to 2025, Hope this information is helpful and please share with anyone that may benefit from this information.

Protect Your App Idea

Note: We advise you get direct advise from a Patent Attorney Services yes this might not be the cheapest rout but, they can give you a straight answered on what you actually need to do to protect your app idea or if you do have anything worth making a patent on. Check out the link below if you decide to take this rout.

5 Tips for Inventors: Meeting with a Patent Attorney

Provisional Patent Application

In order to initiate the process of filing for an application, you need two things. They are your idea or invention and information about it. After that is all set up, you can file your provisional patent form with identifying information such as what the idea does, how it works and when this was thought about.

Invention patent

an invention that has not yet been made or used, but is capable of being patented by the person who invented it; this type of intellectual property protection covers inventions that have a practical use in industry or commerce (IPLaw). It grants the inventor with a period of time during which they can make money from their discovery without others able to copy their work before patents expire. The process often takes years, about six months on average, including filling out paperwork and going through interviews with various agencies as well as obtaining permits if necessary. Patents last twenty years from year applied for or until published when then they will be open for public use.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

This is by Far the best way to protect your app idea, Why because it´s not just a tangible weapon in court so you can defend your app, but it also has a psychological effect on anyone that is involved in your app project. This is not just to use when you are looking for developers or Angel Investors, you can use it with your inside team making them liable for any info that scapes or ends up in your competition. ¨many projects end up in the competition because the employee is not happy with you” Make sure they understand that anything they create under your company is the companies property and not random info for them to sharing with friends.

Start Building App

You may have heard that ¨the one who hits first hits twice¨, and this is true in the world of app making, the idea is simple to start making your app right away, this way you know you have an executed idea which it’s in its way to become your unicorn app. As soon as you publish a version of your app in a platform you have gained the perception of first with this idea online. this will be most helpful when you have to prove that you were the first with this idea chronologically is a weapon that is accessible in court.

I have to say something that resonates with me, you may think there are a lot of apps available and probably you think your idea is just one of the thousands that you can find online. but as Tom Bilyeu says There is Always space in the Market For The Best.

So do not discard your Idea if you see a similar one online. If your execution is on point and the timing is right you will have a unicorn in your hands.


You can get protections in certain aspects of your app with this concept. as a creator, you own it as soon as you create it. if your app has any of these aspects in it you might be able to protect them. but understand you protect them not the app in general. So if you’ve integrated some of these aspects like Music, Visual Art, Literature, Theatre, and others you should be able to decide how and who can Distribute, Copy, Display or even perform.

Register And Trademark

This is recommended, register your business as a trademark. in any case, a competitor would like to use a similar name and try to mislead a customer to them by confusing them this is a way of protection you can use. this marks everything as your products or services. This gives you also legal ownership.

You might have to do some specific research in your state or country trademark laws but usually, it’s pretty simple and very useful to have in hand in case someone wants to make an argument you stole their idea.

Consider Patent

This may not apply to every app or project you have, you have to comply with different requirements so you can actually patent your idea. this could be your starting point in researching your app idea. you can see if anyone has already registered a patent for your idea or similar project.

Utility patents are the ones for people who invent or discovers any useful process, machines, molecule, or any incredible improvement on something existing.

Design Patents are the ones given to anyone who invents a new and original design. could be in a great number of fields.

Plant Patents may be granted to anyone who invents or discovers and asexually reproduces any distinct and new variety of plant.

Pursue Developers Who Infringe Your work

Yes, actions are very relevant to your protection, as the same as an app idea, it has no real value until you create it or act on it. I know its hard to enter legal battles with employees and vendors and freelancers. in fact some companies have to calculate if taking legal action is worth the trouble since its a time consuming and capital resource draining activity. But it has its benefits after one of these you will have a none tolerance against infringers. and people will be more careful about what information they share.

Protect Yourself From Copying Work From Others

Do your homework well, I can tell you how many companies have had law sues for copyrights. In today’s world is easy to hire a freelancer that can design or code a project for you. but the work they give you might not be under the specifications you ordered. In fact, I know of a company that asked for a logo for the international brand and after a year ended up in court because the designer took the idea of an international company from Hongkong. The thousand dollar logo ended up costing them millions.

Research Your Idea, Brand, Logo, Desing very well.

Use Google Alerts

(follow the markets and see what’s going on in your niche) Google has made your protection war a bit easier with google alerts. remember to feed this useful tool with the keywords and phrases that your niche or site or app is developer under so you can get a heads up on what is moving with the same specs online. this way you can know if there is something similar or someone stealing your data info or idea.

Divide your Idea Best Way To Protect Your Idea

Dive and conquer, yes this strategy will increase your odds of keeping your idea a secret and get your project done, You can divide your project into pieces, there are multiple tasks that you can outsource to freelancers and this might cut your time in half and get the best product to the market as fast as they can. what do you actually need to make this happen well the most important thing is to separate the tasks into small parts.

Let’s take an App Idea as a simple example.

Design, Front-end Development, BackEnd, Interface, Data Base and many others depending on the capability that you want your app to have.

The Main Idea of this strategy is to give each developer a task to finish not knowing what the whole app idea or extended is for, this will make them finish fast and give you the needed product as accurately as you asked them to. remember that you have to give exact connection instructions to each one since you will be the one putting them together at the end. Never give the name or any info of the app they should just have instructions on how the app will work what type of files are they transferring and what language you want to receive the product what type of images it will integrate what type of databases is the app connected to your app. and all the things that you will need. give some space for corrections in the future.

I have completed 3 apps with this method not knowing the code. I did hire a consultant to guide me on how to plan the app that was it. and he did not charge much. if your interested in this consultant let me know on

Assign The IP Ownership

Well we got to this part, I want you to understand the simplest way that IP Ownership means, its like the territory and nationality of the App, if you are born in the US well you have United States Nationality, which means you have some perks and some duties to your country, its the same with IP Ownership if you establish IP Ownership and have the apps and developers work under it, well you own any of the processes and code made under that IP. There are some models that permit you to collaborate between IP´s and share the product or benefit from your partner’s work.

If you hire someone to make them work under your IP or set up one where he has to upload all the work and you can revise it. this will help you in the long term.

Non-compete Agreements

I can´t stress this enough you will have to make everyone that has work on the project to sign a Non-compete Agreement usually in the tech world you can have a 3 to 5-year non-compete agreement, this makes sure your employees and developers don´t end up reselling acquired knowledge under your payroll.

Companies use this method so their employees don´t go working for the competition and take all their secrets to them, its nice way to ensure they stay out of the industry for a couple of years.

Hope This Information Was Helpful, Pleas Share if Anyone You Know could benefit from this information.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a crucial element of any business plan. It’s important to know which forms of intellectual property protection are right for your company and how they affect you as the creator or inventor, whether you want them protected from theft or infringement on your idea in court. Protecting your app idea can be daunting because it takes time and money to register an invention patent with the federal government, but there are other ways that don’t require registration too!

– Registering trademarks (which only have value if they’re registered) state by state in order to protect yourself against someone else who registers their trademark before you do.

– Filing copyright claims once per year under the Copyright Act within three months after publication date so that no one can steal your idea.

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