8 Coding / Programming Books That Don’t Suck!




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Programming Books That Don't Suck!

Best Programming Books That Don’t Suck!

I have been thinking for a while, why do I still get the same question over and over again. and since I’m more of a project manager, I wanted to get to the root of that question and answer as simple as possible as I can.

Why are you looking for a coding book, maybe you are looking to advance your knowledge in a certain topic or platform? But if you are in this blog you might now notice that we are not specialized in specific knowledge, but if you stumble by mistake and want specialized information on something specific I suggest you try google plus search. here is an example “C# + Direct Libraries + Creator”

So Who is this for:

Non-developers which basically means you are either looking for a quick solution to get a professional result without the hassle of learning to code and studying or developing a skill you might only use once and then give up, If you are I encourage you actually do that because there is a real value on trying something new and learning and get some experience from it, And you might actually get a better understanding of the subject.

So if you want to dip your feet into the programming world or looking to learn to code you might want to get started with one of the books on the list.

What will you get from this list:

You can get a lot from these books. not only some basic knowledge in coding and programming, mainly you will “know if you are cut out to code or program” and in this world that is a lot.

Coding is not for everyone, and you better find out this by yourself it doesn’t matter if your answer is yes or no. it’s important to know but remember even if you don’t see any progress do not get discouraged, countless people breakthrough with the only discipline on to this world.

How will you become a coder or programmer in the fastest time possible?

Where can you get the books, its simple each book will redirect you to amazon where you can find it in hardcover or kindle, and yes I will get a small commission if you use my affiliate link. I appreciate the support.

Here Are 8 Books That Don’t Suck!

There are hundreds of thousands of programming books available in the market. But, what are the best programming books for beginners? This is the most common question asked by people who want to learn to program. So, in this article, we will tell you about the best programming books you can buy to learn “how to program” and “how to code effectively.”

Working effectively with legacy code

Written by Michael C. Feathers, the book is about agile software development, focusing on clean code creation and how incremental development is important in the software industry. It is a book for developers working on maintenance, debugging, and also developing code from scratch.

Design Patterns

A book was written by Ralph Johnson, Erich Gamma, John Vlissides, and Richard Helm, four designers and architects of object-oriented systems. The book features 23 system design patterns containing simple and succinct solutions to the most common software engineering problems. Software design and systems architecture is a key point for creating good programs. Knowing the solutions to the problems that will surely arise is an important differential.

Clean Code

Book by software engineer Robert C. Martin. A pragmatic method for writing code from scratch effectively and robustly. It is a book featuring a programming paradigm that has increased in popularity. It is about programming and developing software that makes use of simultaneous execution of various tasks.

Domain-Driven Design

Eric Evans presents the best techniques on how to incorporate this type of modeling into software development. The book contains a vast collection of patterns based on the author’s experiences throughout his more than 20 years of software development and engineering using Object Orientation.

Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript

This book by Douglas Crockford is one of the main references for learning and improving JavaScript. The book covers major language subjects such as syntax, objects, functions, inheritance, and many more.

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

A reference work for system developers to provide proven solutions to day-to-day system design problems. It presents software development best practices manual, including design and good programming techniques. There is the first version, which focused more on basic programming.

Refactoring Improving the design of existing code

Written by Martin Fowler, who has already appeared on this list, and Kent Beck, one of the founders of Extreme Programming, this book is a work focused on refactoring, one of the most important principles of one of the most famous and popular agile methodologies in the world.

Knowing how to refactor code properly and getting the most out of software is what the authors seek to teach readers. Kent Beck, one of the authors, is also famous for his flagship book on XP – Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace. This agile methodology is, alongside Scrum, one of the most popular in the world.

Are the Recommended Coding Books Suitable for Complete Beginners?

Are the recommended coding books suitable for complete beginners? When it comes to coding for complete beginners, choosing the right learning resource is crucial. These recommended coding books cater specifically to those starting from scratch, offering step-by-step guidance and explanations. With clear instructions and beginner-friendly language, these books can help newcomers grasp the fundamentals of coding and jumpstart their programming journey.

Head First Design Patterns

A book for Java programmers, mostly. Written by four authors: Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Freeman, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates, the book presents the best design patterns for working with the Java language.

In conclusion, the aforementioned books are the most popular when it comes to learning programming languages easily.

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