Should You Buy a Mac or PC For Programming?


So you are trying to get in the coding club and you are not sure if you should buy a mac or a pc to code. Well if you are going to take your career as a developer to the next stage you have to have the best gear for the job or well that’s what we all want.

Before you start searching for the best machine for development you should get your head straight about what you actually need it for. I always start telling my clients one thing that a lot of people might skip but this will save you a lot of time if you get your ideas in order. Start With the End in Mind if you are sure where you want to go with your coding or programming skills this will lead you to the right language right laptop and software you might want to use. So the short answer to your questions is it best to buy a Mac or PC for programming, depends on the outcome of your project.

For example, if you’re wanting to develop apps, programs on sketch well then the answer is easy since it only works on mac. This is why I ask you to really think about where you want to go with this.

If you have been working on a mac for years and you are very proficient in their OS then you might want to go with mac products since this will make it a lot easier to get the hang of coding and programming.

If you are a windows users you do not have to go mac for any good reason you should change, in fact, you can do anything on windows that mac can offer the speeds might vary a bit but nothing that you might actually affect your work.

So start with the end in mind. If you are looking to create games and design apps that are visually attractive you might want to use a programming language that is proficient in their operating system. If you want the game to run on iPhone you might choose swift and if you want your game to run on android you could use Java or kotlin, On Windows C# unity. And one thing you should take into account is what type of game you are creating.

After you get a clear idea of what you want to do then you can choose what type of laptop or computer you should get to start your project.

There are many issues you should take into account, if you are going to render databases with a huge amount of data and integrated with AI you might want to go with a robust system multithread huge ram so when you are rendering your system won’t stall or get the not responding message on your screen.

But if you’re just doing web design and your priority is on the mobility of your system you should get a laptop with good specs so you can take your work on the go.

If you are looking for a good and inexpensive machine to code on the go there are a lot of machines you can choose from. If you are interested in seeing the types of laptops and desktops you can get head on the coding gear page or click here.

MacBook Pro, yes this is the best option if you are the type of person that is in love with Apple products and don’t want to change operating systems. I know a lot of people having a lot of problems with the prices tags and that their not making them upgradable well that kind of sucks since if you want to upgrade your ram you will have to buy a new one with the required ram.

If you are thinking of a PC well there are multiple options here, what I can recommend is getting a minimum of specs that will actually give you better performance.  The good thing about this is that if any of the components is outdated you could just change it by ordering extra ram or a larger disk.

So the minimum specs you should have in your system

Intel I5 or AMD Ryzen3

16 Gb of Ram dd3 or dd4 should be enough to start with if you find that you need more most systems will upgrade to 32 Gb

Min 500GB storage I prefer a solid-state disc since is faster

The rest of the specs are pretty much at your own discretion

If you are more inclined to the visual design sector well you might want a touchscreen better resolution and even a higher screen refresh rate than 60hz for gaming if what I just said sounded like a foreign language to you, this might not be so important.

I will leave 3 laptop options on the coding gear page so you can check them out and see their current price on Amazon be sure to double-check the specs since a little change could be a hundred dollar difference. Click here to check out the coding gear page.

If you are a desktop person well this option is for you, please check out at the coding gear page.

Remember that the gear does not guaranty the quality of the programmer it just improves on his existing speed, you should think about increasing you’re coding and programming skills every time you can sense this is what makes you more interesting to the market place.

Companies are more willing to pay more for a programmer that can make the job in less time than a fulltime programmer on a minimum wage. And if your competitions take more than 2 hours to get the same job done there is no comparison you will get the job.

I want to encourage you to search your end goal first then look up the most efficient way to get It done after that get good at doing it over and over again, the coding world is not as exciting as many people think in fact it’s very monotonous and self-repeating. You can find studies where programmers will quit their jobs to lack motivation and direction.

You should check out different Option careers paths to increase your income or further your professional goals here are some options that might work for you.

  1. Front End Development
  2. Mobile Engineers
  3. Game Developers
  4. Back End Developers
  5. Application Development
  6. Data Scientist
  7. QA TEST
  8. Algorithms
  9. Embedded
  10. OS developers
  11. Dev Ops
  12. Full Stack
  13. Language Compiler

I’ll be sure to make a more comprehensive post on each programmer type so you can get a better understanding of each type.


One of the important gear you can have for your programming career is actually a great keyboard and a very responsive mouse since you will be using them most often, there are various differences on keyboards, the mouse’s for their portability and responsiveness on your work.

This is one of the pieces of hardware you will be using a lot. And the more accurate and resistant the better, you can choose from a mechanical keyboard that feeds back the typing if you like to notice that pushing the buttons to the hardest of your capability will make you type faster.

If you go for a gaming keyboard and mouse, be sure to overpay for some led lighting and that’s basically it.

Got to the coding gear page or click here to see some options on keyboards and mousse’s that can work for you and are not expensive at all.

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