How to Find Out What Shopify Theme a Store is Using: 3 Simple Ways




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How to Find Out What Shopify Theme a Store Is Using


How to Find Out What Shopify Theme a Store Is Using

Are you in the shoes of one of those many people who might want to what Shopify theme a store is using? Then you have got yourself in the right place.

Nowadays, thousands of online merchants search for and detect the site themes daily over a few types of website systems.

So with Shopify Theme Detector/Checker, you can type the URL of your Shopify websites you see, and you will be provided with detailed information that how to find out what Shopify theme a store is using.

For any e-commerce store that is thinking about bringing in use a Shopify theme, there are more than 100 Shopify themes, including free and paid ones.

You can find it easy to install in your admin and get the selling started.

As we go down with this article, we will guide you with all the details and steps necessary to be taken while you are about to find, that Which Shopify Theme a specific website is using, so stick around!

  • If you are a more visual person you should go to the end of the post where I have added a great video tutorial that can help you with this task at hand. Just Scroll to the bottom where the video is.

What is a Shopify theme?

It is a template that helps you design how your online outlet store would look.

Different kinds of themes have a difference in their styles and layouts, which allows offering diverse experiences for visitors.

Installing a theme is not about giving your store a more delicate look, but it also conveys feelings that can persuade prospective customers to buy.

For instance, you will keep your Shopify store look more energetic and modern, if you are selling high tech products.

And you probably would be having a relaxed and luxurious look when you are selling spa products.

So, this is the reason that the theme is a fundamental part of your brand.

Next, let’s see where you can get a Shopify theme for your store.

If you want to install the Shopify theme on your Website, sign up to the Shopify account, and you can install the desired theme on your site regardless of the cost.

A theme can be customized while using a theme editor, and if, in any case, when you are not available with the option to change/edit theme’s setting that you want, you can surely edit the theme’s source code.

One of Shopify’s best things is that you can switch or modify the theme without the other parts of the store being affected, and which is why you should try playing around with different styles for your store’s theme and see which suits best.

And spending some of your time finding the right look for your Website would help you get a good user experience, which can increase your store’s conversion rate by 400%, says Forbes.

Is the Sopify Theme Detector accurate?

Yes its very accurate, but you have to take in to account some variables that might prevent the theme detector do its job.

Some Shopify owners use some tactics to hide all the things that they use on their stores because they don’t want to be copycat by other stores.

there are some Chrome extensions that can help you determined what elements they are using on their on their site.

One you will want to check is WhatRuns this lets you see what is on the page.

Also remember that the shopify themes can be edited and some users customize them by code making them more difficult to replicate.

so unless you are a proficient web coder you will have a hard time back engineering the capabilities of the site.

Where to get a Shopify theme?

Have you ever wondered how and where to get a Shopify theme? It’s quite simple!

The first thing you got to do is, visit the Shopify official theme store, which offers a wide verity of different kinds of themes that you can surely add to your Website, including free and paid choices for themes.

Shopify develops free themes, and third-party corporations generate the paid ones.

Free themes also have the same outstanding assistance from Shopify.

And finding themes that having particular features, you can click “Search” at the top of the page. Example of such search terms that you can use are:

  • Product filtering
  • Related products
  • Search engine optimization
  • Video
  • FAQ page
  • Instagram feed
  • Wide layout
  • Quick buy
  • Sticky navigation

You can also use the top bar drop-down menus to browse all the themes by industry or collection. Secondly, you can even filter more themes with a particular layout or style.

And keep this in your mind that any firm restricts no theme, you can obviously give it a try to test it out until you are satisfied with a perfect look for your Website.

Now, Themeforest is another place for getting Shopify Themes.

Compared to Shopify, the paid option is quite cheaper here, but you could not be provided with the same assistance.

You should be familiar with the type of support that you are going to get before you take steps to choose any theme for your Website.

If you are about to make necessary change/customization, then there won’t be any problem to face.

Still, if in case, you are willing to make lots of changes to improve the layout and loading speed, then it is entirely reasonable to know that your theme developer is helpful or not.

You can check out for the Avada, having a list of best Shopify Themes Free and Premiums on both Shopify and Avada marketplaces.

What Is The Biggest Success Factor For Your Shopify Store?

Ecommerce has many factor’s that will make or brake your website.

Think of these factors like a chain, and the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, fortunate for you that themes are a great short cut for your websites success.

Remember that you have to convert your visitors to buyers and to do that you will need good and qualify traffic this is why I have shorten the list down to 3 main factor of shopify success.

#1 Ads

Ads will bring you the perfect customer, assuming you are creating engaging and eye catching ads.

#2 Copy

You should have the right words to convert your traffic, many people think that just showing a picture of the product is enough to make them buy, and that is fat from the truth.

#3 UI and UX

Having a simple to navigate website is imperative for your success, no one wants to buy a product if you have to put a lot of work to do so. keep it simple and the fewer steps the better.

Why Would You Want To Know What Shopify Theme A Stores Has?

The main reason why you would like to know the theme a website is using is to simply copy their success, do not try to reinvent the wheel follow all the hard work other shopify websites are doing.

A theme, which you install on the Website, defines the overall look of your site, and it’s quite easy to know about the theme that any specific online outlet is using.

Whenever you see an amazingly designed online store, it will somehow give you a feeling like when you see a successful person with his/her outfit. You would wonder if it looked good on you also.

The only option to know, though, is trying.

“Here, we have all the reasons you would want to know to detect a Shopify theme.”

Choosing the right theme for your Website.

When you’re searching for themes on the Shopify Theme Store or other stores, it is way too easy to be lost in almost hundreds of themes.

So this way you cannot make the right choice for your store.

So, overview other successful stores and look out for the things they have done to their websites and try to follow their footsteps to choose a theme for your store accordingly, and which can serve as an inspiration for you.

Try to Spy on competitors.

In the same and existing marketplace, when you look at other firm’s themes, you will know how they operate and represent their business ideas.

You can learn many lessons, and get opportunities out of this.

As time goes by, you will adjust too quickly when you start noticing any new change or trend in your industry website design.

Adjusting your budget accordingly.

If you know your desired theme, you would also know how much it costs.

Since a theme is often linked with the beginning stage of your business, it is vital to enhance or reduce the budget.

Inspecting the performance that other stores get with the same amount of money can show you how to adjust your budget carefully.

And it also saves you hours of development.

What is a Shopify theme detector?

Shopify stores are primarily designed to use many themes, which gives you the structure with a complete look and feel.

Detecting any theme which is being used on the Shopify Store is somehow not an easy task.

You can get to know about any theme that a specific website uses through a Shopify theme detector. The detector can get you all the results listed below;

  • The theme’s name
  • Plugin or app list
  • Scanned store’s screenshot
  • Theme’s screenshot
  • Whether the site is using Shopify or not

How to find out what Shopify theme a website is using? 

To start selling out your products online, Shopify became one of the top-rated choices among many entrepreneurs.

Since this platform is gaining popularity along the way, so newcomers naturally have many questions in their minds, regarding” Which theme is this online site using?”

If you are one of those with the same questions, you probably have visited the right place.

So in this article, we have covered all the talks about The Shopify Theme Detector.

The solution for that is straightforward, as you do not need any skill or specially to overcome this issue.

And we have come up with three methods to solve the problem for you. So be with us!

Shopify Theme Detector

Shopify Theme Detector Extension is developed by and has been in the use of more than 4000 users.

This app is completely compatible with your device and is built with MegaMenu 2017 – v2. Additionally, when you are done installing this extension, all you need to do is visit and open your favorite Website.

Then, you have to click on the “Shopify Detector” tool icon. And then, you will get your answers within seconds.

This Shopify Theme Detector Extension gives you a hand in building your beautiful Website.

You can install other Chrome extensions.

There are other Chrome extensions that you can install and use it for finding a theme that any online store in using.

You can discover the theme’s name, best-selling products, plugins, and apps that competitors are using, even where they get their traffic.

It is pretty easy to install Chrome Extension, all you have to do is head to the Chrome Web Store, search for that specific name, and download it.

Once you are finished downloading, visit the store, and you would like to inspect and click on the extension.

The best thing about these extensions is the tool can still include a link to take you directly to the theme’s Shopify page, even when the Theme Title does not contain the original name.

Here we have some of the Chrome extensions that you can use, and they are also free;

Shopify Theme Detector: Built and offered by, this tool helps you see the theme’s name and installation link in just one click.

Shopify Inspector: Used by over 20,000 users, it can show the theme’s name, apps, newest products, bestsellers, monthly traffic, and social links of a store’s site.

Shopify App/Theme Detector by An open-source code extension built by helps you see the theme and apps a Shopify store is using (if the theme is not entirely custom).

Finding out by using developer tools or Inspect elements on Chrome

With this method, there is no need to install any extension, needs a bit more technical reading.

Chrome DevTools is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to use, as it discovers which Shopify Theme an online store is using.

Now, the first thing to do is to use the Console.

Because many developers add their theme’s version name in the main JavaScript file and let it show in the Console, so start looking here is a good point.

Moreover, you can search for the Elements.

If Console sometimes gives no result, you can try searching the page elements to find the theme’s name.

Repeat the whole process with the inspector tools, and click on Elements. Use the CTRL + F option to open a search box and enter the words “Shopify.theme.”

All the search results will show up highlighted in yellow.

Find the instance where the Shopify.theme has the “name” behind in curly brackets. And this way, it would get you the name of that Shopify Theme, which is being used by the store that you are inspecting.

Further, you can view the Page Source.

Just right-click anywhere on the page, click on View Page Source.

A new Tab will be opened after this, with all the coding of the Website. Thus, use the Ctrl + F option to search for “Shopify.theme.”

It is the bigger version in one of these three methods listed above. And with this, you will get the same result for the Shopify theme’s name.

We are wrapping up!

There you have it! We have discussed all the quick and easy ways that you can start using the Shopify Theme Detectors to find out about any particular website, that what Shopify Theme is installed, so you can gain all the information that you need.

Whenever you are taking the initiative to start a business to sell products online, do take much of your time surfing and searching over the internet for all the best themes you like, choosing the best one that suits your brand, and giving a brilliant outlook to your Website.

If you have any issues or queries, leave them down in the comment box below, and we will get back to you.

And as always, best of luck on your eCommerce journey!

Some Aditional Information You Might Find Interesting

I hope you enjoy the content and it was useful for you, please let us know if there is something you did not understand.

we are continuously improving our content to deliver the best and easiest content to understand, and getting your feedback is one of the best ways we can ensure that.

So please head on over to our contact page and let us know hat we can improve.

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What are the Benefits of Adding eCommerce to a WordPress Site Compared to Using a Shopify Theme?

Adding eCommerce to a WordPress site offers several benefits compared to using a Shopify theme. With easy steps for adding ecommerce to wordpress, you have full control over customization and design. WordPress offers a wide range of plugins and themes to choose from, giving you flexibility and scalability. Moreover, it allows integration with various payment gateways, offers SEO advantages, and gives you ownership of your data.

Web Design For Ecommerce

You have to understand that eCommerce is another beast and usually, you have to have deep pockets in the advertisement department to achieve 5 to 6 figure income.

But if you are taking this route you do have to make your website awesome from the start. and my recommendation for this is to go with only to options.

  1. Flatsome theme, by far one of the easiest to use eCommerce store themes in the market right now with an amazing on page builder to see the changes as you make them.
  2. So this theme is the one I use and its a multipurpose theme with lots of advantages. I create eCommerce, corporate websites, blogs, personal stores, landing pages, etc. you can find a ton of information online on how to use it. and you practically don’t need to know any coding. that’s why I use It Divi Theme is the most awesome builder I have ever worked with.

Remember that you will have to rely on Ads for these types of websites. but if you want to make a passive income site you will have to create search content and link it to your products and store.

There are many free resources out there please check them out and make your own assessment about the tools and strategy you should follow.

there is no one cure for all bad things. you have to make a tailor-made plan to follow and execute.

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