Choosing The Right Theme For Your Website


Before we choose the right theme for your website, you have to decide what type of website you want to create. Many beginners think that Theme is the most important part of your website.

Please understand that the theme will not make or break your project, but it is an important part of it.

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What are the type of websites you could create?

How To Choose The Right Theme For Your Website But First What type of Website Do You Want
Man Deciding What Theme To Choose

First, choose the type of website you would like to create.

Deciding the type is not difficult if you have the endgame in mind, here are some of the questions you can ask yourself to decide which type is the best for you.

  • Will you sell products on your website?
  • Do you need a member’s area?
  • You want it to be product focus only?
  • You want it to give information about a service?
  • Are you creating sharable and entertaining content?
  • Do you want to promote yourself?
  • Thinking of a non-profit or donation website?
  • Do you want to educate?
  • Is it for a company or internal use?
  • Is ti for community building?

After having a deeper understanding of what you want to create, deciding what type of website is for you should be a lot easier, and don’t worry about selecting the wrong one.

There are billions of websites and millions of them are hybrids, this means that you can add qualities from several types to make a custom-made website just for you.

There is nothing better than a tailor-made website, you will feel comfortable as hell going to it.

Most Common Website Types


Ecommerce Sites

we all know Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and many more, if you are looking to make an online shop this is the style you must pursue and your main goal must be conversions.

When the pandemic hit the states a lot of businesses were relying on face-to-face transactions, they had their awesome stores where they could sell and experience besides their product.

Hundreds of businesses closed their doors and ran to digital agencies to develop their stores.

You should think that an online shop is a part of your marketing hub.

Business Website

Are you looking to create a business website, one that gives your consumer all the information they need, so that when they contact you they are ready to purchase?

As a freelance developer, I can say that 35% of all my clients have been business. today you should have a great content strategy to go along with it.

If your business is local, focus on geopositioning your business it’s a lot easier for users to find you once you rank at the top.

Entertainment Website

This type of website is big on online traffic and usually is well monetize with ads. If you have a passion for writing and you exploit pop culture you can develop a high traffic website.

Portfolio Website

I can’t stress out how important is for everyone to have a portfolio website. in today’s age everyone is googleable, and when you meet someone new and develop an interest in what you do or who you are, wouldn’t it be cool that when they search they find your portfolio. “what you want them to find”

if you are interested in creating a portfolio website click the link and it will take to a step-by-step guide on how to create it.

Brochure Website

this is self-explanatory is a website that explains a product or service in as much detail as possible, and with a language that draws your audience to call you.

Nonprofit Website

You can say that the backbone of this website is the business website, in infrastructure at least. Showcasing the good that the nonprofit does is a great way to get donations and get volunteers to sign up and help.

You should really have great content and pictures, text helps but nothing creates emotion like images.

Education Website

You can make an amazing educational website with some easy to use themes, one of the noblest causes in the world is to teach, and the internet has open the world to learn in minutes.

Personal Website Or Blog

WordPress Overhaul is a great example of this type of website, it is focused on documenting a topic that I love such as web creation and optimization, and share it with the world.

Web Portal

Many companies ask me to make one for them, and the answer is simple, they would like to communicate with their employees in a more personal and private way.

And web portals are the best way to share confidential information and get feedback.

Community Forum Website

I belong to many of these types of websites, I like consuming information on my various hobbies and interests. and the forum format website is one of the best types to do this on. If you haven’t heard about Reddit I urge you to go to their website and create an account, there are endless threads of information that you can learn and teach on.

If you would like to you can click on the link to head on to Reddit

Some Extra Research to Decide your Type of Website

Now that you know what type of website you want to create, you know what to aim at. I recommend you do some research on leading competitors.

this is a lot easier than it seems. just type on google what you would like your website to search for and enter the top ten results see the types of websites they have and you could easily follow their lead.

Knowing what the competition is doing is the best way to know what you should be focusing on.

Top Things You Should Look For In a Theme



Why you should focus on this? well if you are working from your computer this might seem silly, but you need to understand that the bulk of searches are made from mobile devices, most website report 60% of their organic search traffic coming from phones and mobile devices so its imperative that your website is optimized for mobile.

The easiest way to check this out is to go to Mr. Google Mobile-Friendly Test so click on the link to test your site.


YES, I know this was not an issue a few years ago, but today the theme updates happen very often and the plugins also happen very often, this should not be an issue right? well, some plugins happen to break your website more than you think. I currently manage about 30 websites with the help of the owners or VA (Virtual Assistants) so when you have multiple administrators adding a plugin and not testing it first could be very bad for your website.

Today there is a simple way to manage this problem, and the only thing you have to use is a Child Theme, this way you can make changes to the website and see how the code behaves every time you add something new.



We all know that SEO is very important if you want to get traffic that is organic, but for this to happen without a glitch your theme must be SEO friendly so that it can provide the search engines with the valuable information they need to put your blog post in front of your target audience.

Please note that the content you provide is important, today there is no magical hashtag to be a feature on page one, do your research and and try to beat the competition informational wise so that the value you provide excel on top of any other website.

If you like to learn I highly recommend you read Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide nothing better than going to the source to see what they actually care about.


Yes, you can go to the top marketing blogs and see that everyone suggests simplicity! and for obvious reasons, you need to get your point across as fast and clear as possible since the internet user attention span might be less than Dories from Finding Nemo. It Seems crazy but it’s true.


It’s hard to get where you want if you are not clear on how you are gonna get there, so list all the features you would want on your website.

This will make it a lot easier to filter out the themes that don’t comply with your end goal and let me tell you those are hundred of hours of research taken off your website development.

Don’t try to mold your website to a theme you like, there are thousands of themes if not millions, I’m sure you will find one that is tailor-made to your precise needs.



You can go and get a free theme, and I do recommend this for beginners, I to had no money to spend on a theme and when I started my first website well lets say that I tried over 100 free themes to see what it would look like like best. after a while you notice that looks are not that important, I started to focus on Content, Structure, Optimization, and those were the main points that made my blog a success.

When I got traffic over 10.000 views per month I bought the theme of all themes, that I use on 89% of my freelance websites. and the main reason that I use this theme are not only the features and advantages but mainly the support.

Yes, if you buy a theme make sure they can support you and have your back in any problem you could imagine.



Not all themes are created equal, after understanding what type of website I wanted to create and also establishing what short term goals and long term goals, I want to achieve with it. to project to my audiences

Theme Costumer Support

this should be your main point of attraction to the theme, there is nothing more frustrating than buying a theme and then not having it do what you thought it was supposed to do.

having support means you can get their team to help you with the issue at hand and remember that in the internet speed is of the essence 24-hour customer support can hurt right?

In fact, you can check the developer’s website, and the bigger the library of FAQ the better, since this means they have responded to the issues of the customers.

Theme Updates

How do you know if a theme is reliable? well, check on how many updates they have made since they launch it. Ask yourself this if you stand by your product you will continuously make improvements to it to have the best product on the market and that is up to date with all the internet requirements at that time.

My main example is, Google Stories… if you haven’t heard Google launched a plugin that features stories on blogs and websites, so if your theme is not compatible with that plugin you should probably walk away.

Theme appearance and navigability

Now you can start looking for a handsome theme, one that reflects your personality or your brand.

also one of the main reasons I bought my theme is that many of the free theme versions don’t let you customize the color pallet of the theme making it a bit impersonal for my taste.

Theme Performance

Speed is of the essence, yes you should know that google standards are very high and one of them is that you deliver your content fast. and your theme is one of the main issues here, but remember that hosting might be more important in this aspect so I really urge you to see if you have a good hosting service.

I use siteground and cloudways, but if you are on a budget go with sitegrownd then after you making money with your site switch to cloudways when you have a bit more budget to spend.

With a fast theme and fast hosting you got one of the key SEO parameters covered


There are many factors more you should take into account when you are choosing your theme but they all depend on specifics that’s why I won’t cover them in this post.

Here are the themes I recommend, depending on the type of website you would like to create.




For eCommerce sites, there is one theme I recommend this is the FLATSOME THEME, by far one of the best eCommerce themes on the market, it has everything you need to make your store stand out, and it’s way too simple to set up. and they have a great support team that will resolve any issue that you might have in the process. It’s a Multi-Purpose Theme but it excels at online store building.





If you want to create: Business Website, Non-Profit Website, Portfolio Website, Personal Blog Or Webpage, Educational Website, Web Portal and Community forums website I Use Divi THEME

I have to say there is a lot of great themes out there but I mainly use the DIVI THEME, a Multi-Purpose Theme that has an intuitive builder that can get you set up within minutes.

So you will see that I recommend this theme for many types of websites.





Now the theme That I use for entertainment blogs and pages is also given when you bout the Divi theme and its called EXTRA THEME




So remember that the theme must mold to your specific need, not the other way around. don’t let a pretty theme take you on a spending spree that you can’t afford to make sure you can customize the theme from the beginning. you must prioritize mobile responsiveness over everything.

hope you enjoy the content I gladly provide for you.


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