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When I first got an app idea, it was frustrating to find out how to make it a reality.  I kept listening to my friends and acquaintances on how expensive and hard it is to make an app. So I was discouraged very quickly, but recently a found a way to have my app in less than a month.

Hiring an Android developer on free-lancer, true-lancer, and Upwork. You can find the right developer for your project between these three sites. That is the fastest way to get your App done. The Cost will be moderate if you do things the right way.

However, as a beginning App Entrepreneur, you may find that you don’t need to know a lot of coding to get your app done, and very cost-effective. Follow the tips to get the best developer for your project.

The Trick to Finding The Best Developer For Your App

As mentioned previously, you can find your android developer between the 3 sites.  Here’s the trick for finding the best developer for your android app. Go into the sites, open accounts and before anything, start looking at job postings.  Do it so you can get a sense of how the platforms work. Post a Job, and describe it in your own words and see how the community of developers responds. You should get quotes for different variables such as cost, Time, Experience, and Others.

Find Freelance Android Developers

Now you have a real idea of how long and how much should your app costs.

If you still feel like you are unsure of what are the next steps to ensure you get the most accurate product from your developer. surely the next information will be of the highest value for you. There are different aspects of hiring a developer you should look at, this way you can minimize your failure rate with them.

If you have a clear idea of the project you should write it down, everything you think it should or not do should be on writing this way you leave fewer possibilities to the developer to misunderstand you.

You can reverse engineer your idea and make it complete, you can take easy steps to make this happen.

These Are the Main Steps to Hire Your Android Developer

These are some of the steps I took to make my first app. I´m consensing about 6 months of research into these bullet points.

I will make an in-depth post for each of these bullet points.

  • Non Disclosure Agreement Template
  • Enter the freelance pages
  • Post a Job For Mobile Development
  • Aks Interested Developers to Sing NDA
  • Create a mindmap, wireframe
  •  Ask for Qualifications and Experience the Applicant Should Have.
  • Add all the features the app needs to have

The Devil is in the details, and these are some aspects to know for the applicant.

  1. How much money have they made on the platform
  2. Look at the reviews and see the clients responses
  3. See their portfolios and profile and find out what kind of person are you talking to

Look for Congruency

If you want to create an Android App but they use an iPhone they most likely are a mismatch for your project.

If this is the first project you should look for people that have at least a 90% success rate, and more than 500 hours worked in the platform.

The best way to work with your developers is to do it on a fixed budget, a mobile app might cost between $2500 to $3500 this way you don´t have to pay extra hours.

Questions to Ask In The Interview

Questions you can ask during the interview:

– Tell me what you have done in the past.

-How do you intend to develop this project?

-What are the steps you will take to deliver the project?

– How often do I need to talk to you?

Don’t stress so much about finding the perfect developer right away, as I told you before you’re just testing out how your idea and project is being perceived by the marketplace.

This way you can refine your job posting and get the best results on finding the right person for the job. you got to be patient since this is a new field for you do not let technical terms get you down. there will be a time to get technical and for that, you will have time.

Now you have to focus on getting the legal and creative part of your project as clear as you can. remember if you don’t get through this there is no point in making the app since you will receive a useless app that had nothing to do with what you had painted in your head.

An even worth you would be out of $3500 and nothing to show for it. remember the budget is one of the most important aspects of your project. I did not have a lot of money when I started so after 6 months of research and saving up for my project lets say I wasn’t too happy to part from my hard-earned money and to tell you the truth I was more scared than ever, Investing on your idea when you don’t have the technical skill to follow through on your own its heartbreaking. But I did the math and I do not love coding that much so getting those skills for my self might take up to 4 years. I did the balance and I preferred to invest the money directly in a developer.

Now this is the most important part of the process, and how you get started the right way.

Eventually, you will find a developer but make sure he is a developer, in the sites, there are tons of service resellers that outsource the work and get a huge cut in the middle of the process, this is not illegal but it takes out the point on getting the best price for your app.

Do not work with resellers. Ask very technical questions. If you are not technical, get a technical friend to ask the questions for you. This way you will make sure you are working with the right person.

This is How You Pay Your Developer and Get Your Money´s Worth

Please do not, I repeat do not pay 100% upfront. I know it’s tempting to pay and receive your product by the deadline, in the IT world this is not how things happen.

You have to make a weekly revision on your developers work, this is why project managers are in such demand these days, not only do they have to plan out the times and steps for the project but also control that they are actually giving you what you asked for and not what they think its ok to give you.

Your First payment should be at most 25% of the total cost of the project, this being said it would be ideal to make the initial payment less than that. Then you should agree that you will pay him on crutial parts of the project. this actually gives you a bit of workroom for your crutial aspects in the app.

Do not hesitate to go to forums and post your situation with a developer, and what actions you should take to get the job done or in a worst-case scenario get your money back.

I know this route to make your first app might not be the fastest but unless you have a bunch of money to throw around and see if you hit the bullseye. taking your time learning and eventually succeeding is the most rewarding experience you can have.

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Just Remember Something.

Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd title. This means that they had 51 projects before that weren’t as successful, yet they persevered and finally got to the market with a multimillion-dollar product, that has spun movies and action figures.

You might have the best next thing in your Idea Box, so work at it.

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