How Do I Know My Reading Speed, 7 Easy Ways


How Do I Know My Reading Speed in Easy Steps

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If you’re like most people, you probably have no idea how fast or slow you read.

You may even wonder if your reading speed is normal.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to measure your reading speed and what factors may affect it.

We’ll also provide tips for improving your reading speed if needed. So keep reading!

Have you asked yourself How Do I Know My Reading Speed? well, I have and this is how I calculate my reading speed.

Speed Reading is a process of reading the text with great comprehension.

The average reading speed is 200-3000 wpm.

But if you are a Speed reader you will read more than 700 words per minute with understanding properly and grasping the important message of the text.

The average reading comprehension of the text is 75% but you read with great concentration that allows you to read a text with 100% comprehension at a high-speed rate.

of course, it requires practice!

Speed Reading increases your memory and IQ and quenches your thirst for reading more and more for your joy in a short time, you can read hundreds of books.

Keep Reading at home, in your leisure time.

Soon you will be a Leader of readers 🙂

Calculate Reading Speed

The average reading speed is 200-250 wpm, you can do the test online to calculate your reading speed.

Speed Reading does not only indicate reading at a high rate, it includes the words you see and the comprehension of the texts.

There are several apps and software that calculate your reading speed and assist you to accelerate your reading speed. But they may cost you.

You can calculate your reading speed with the easy steps following the formula given below.

Words per minute (wpm) is its counting unit.

You can calculate your reading speed by dividing the number of words by the amount of time you spent reading the text.

The numbers of the words you read / minutes(the time duration you spent reading) = Your Reading Speed

Follow the steps to calculate your reading speed.

  1. Read a part of the book for a minute
  2. Now count your words.

See your Reading Speed based on your results.

  • Have you read less than 100wpm, you are very slow.
  • If your reading speed is between 100-and 200, you are slow again.
  • You read between 200-300wpm you are an average reader
  • Can you read between 300-400, you are a good speed reader
  • Are you reading 600-700wm, are a great reader
  • Do you read more than 700wpm? Amazing!

When you are going to measure your reading speed the very first step is to encounter the content.

Yes, you have to interpret what kind of content you are going to read.

The content has been divided into three categories.

1. Easy Reading material

2. Medium Level Reading material

3. Difficult Reading material

By assessing and calculating your reading speed you must go for all of these ranges of reading it will accurately determine your reading speed.

If you want to know about your reading abilities, want to know what kind of reader you are.

A quick reader, slow reader, average, or professional reader?

You can take an online Reading test, where you have to go to the website offering online tests and click the start button. Here you are into taking a test.

The result will show your reading speed.

Speed Reading Tips and Tricks.

If you are going to hit fiction, drama, fantasy, Romance, Mystery, the genre of the reading whether it’s Informational or Narrative, Reading is something that is always going to upbeat you. It is a common consideration that people with high Reading Speeds can not retain the information and do lack comprehension of the text.

So, this is true to some extent but you can enjoy the reading process with more than 1000-1700wpm with understanding and figuring out the meaning and you can master the art of Speed Reading.


Let me share with you the hints that are surely going to uphold your accelerated Reading Speed with great apprehension.

Are Speed Reading Courses a Good Way to Improve Reading Speed?

Many individuals wonder if top speed reading courses online can truly enhance their reading speed. By enrolling in these courses, one can learn various techniques to read faster and grasp information more efficiently. However, the effectiveness of such programs depends on an individual’s dedication and practice. Consistent effort and implementation of learned strategies can undoubtedly lead to notable improvements in reading speed.

10 Tips and Tricks for Speed Reading.

1. Develop a Reading Habit

Reading at a high speed is not only about the tips and tricks, but it is also all about improving your reading skills. You can enhance your Reading Speed by reading on your own, No online courses, No tips, and tricks, and no online testing can help you to increase your reading rate with retention and comprehension unless you gear up to read your many hours a day.

There is an old saying.

‘Practice makes a man perfect.’

The same things go for Reading

The more you read, the better you read, and the faster you read.

Tip. Read at the place, where there is no distraction, no noise, —Where you Just Relax and Enjoy the realm of Reading.

2. Stop Rereading

Repeating the words and sentences and speaking loud is something that is going to slow down your process of Speed Reading. Never go through the paragraphs and the passages you have already gone over this will bump your Reading Speed.

3. Don’t read every word

Selective Reading not only saves your time but also accelerates your Reading Speed. Several small and unimportant words are not significant but consume your time.

The words like prepositions,(at, on, of, up, down ) determiners (the, an, a) are going to do nothing with your retention but you can do comprehension of the text with a little effort of Processing Power. Your Super Power has got to work here.

What is your Super Power?

Your Brain.

Cool! Huh

Reading involves the activity of two basic elements: The eyes and the Brain.

Train your eyes to skip the insignificant words it will your greater amount of mind and your mind will stand with you by comprehending the text without looking directly at these unimportant words.

4. Stop Subvocalizing

Subvocalizing is one of the greatest barriers in the process of speed reading, when we are into any book we do not read aloud but our brain unconsciously speaks the words, sometimes we observe the movement of our lips this is known as the subvocalization.

Subvocalization slows down the Reading Speed, it is extremely difficult to tear down the habit. When we are reading every word with a loud voice it takes a great amount of time. But, here, to read with speed and great skills we are not required to speak every single word with a loud voice or by moving our lips, instead, we should only absorb the words.

You can overcome the bad habit by practicing moving your eyes to the text, your brain will process to determine the meaning.

Chew gum or listen to music while reading. It helps you to avoid subvocalization

How interesting!

5. Skim or Scan

Your reading is going to be at a faster pace when you know the tactics of skimming or scanning the text, which is known to be a core skill. Read the titles, headings, and content of the book to get an idea of what the book is about.

Read the first and last sections of the paragraphs, it saves your time by skipping most of the sections. Examine the pictures and diagrams that provide a lot of information about the text.

At first, you will feel difficult to practice these precious skills but exercising the skill over the weeks will let you fly high with ‘Speed Reading.

Enjoy the Ride!

6. Use a Pointer or Your Index Finger

Your finger determines your reading speed, using the finger helps you to slow down or speed up your reading speed.

Train your eyes to follow the index finger.

Sometimes, it happens you go through the text again that you have already read. This is a hindrance in the Speed Reading process, that may happen due to poor concentration and lack of interest, this is nothing but a waste of time. Try to use the pointer, if you don’t want to use the index finger, it will save you time too. But using a pointer can require an extra effort of holding it 😉

I think, Using an Index finger is a better option.

just try it!

7. Stay Focused

It is happening occasionally, when we are disturbed or engrossed in the other negative thoughts we want to get rid of the bitterness of the reality and wanna escape to the wonderful world. But once we get started reading we do not read with attention and are still wondering and thinking about the other stuff, then there is no use of reading.

Quit it.

If don’t want to quit, control your brain, be focused, and just start making the picture of the words.

It works. You MUST know that reading is impossible with thinking about other things at the same time.

So, Stay Focused!

8. Try Speed Reading Apps and Software

If you are struggling with increasing reading speed, and eager to develop the skill, then trying Speed Reading apps will be a good use for you.

The apps like,

Reedy:   Uses the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation that helps you to minimize your eyes movement and allows you to download ebooks in your app )

Read me:  It also utilizes RSVP, faster your reading speed 2,3 times faster, App is free

Speed Reading: Speed Reading uses simulators to expand your memory and vocabulary

Focus Speed Reading: Utilizing RVSP, guide you to read 1000wpm

Quick Reader: This contains a large library, download it for free, guides you to adjust 10-6000 wpm.

Using apps or software could be a great way to increase your reading speed.

9. Don’t multitask While Reading

Reading Speed The term multitasking is used to explain how a subject does multitask simultaneously.

For example, when you are into any book never switch to any other tasks, like engaging yourself on the phone, watching TV, gossiping with siblings, your important job must be Reading while Reading.

Multitasking just distracts you from reading, stay focused, do not involve your brain in any other activity while Reading.

As it is a saying

‘’To be everywhere is to be nowhere.”

10. Train your eyes to minimize the Movement:

Train your eyes to scan the words while reading in a straight line. Minimizing the movement of the eyes saves you from headaches and sustains your focus.

Move your eyes with the movement of the head.

In Conclusion:

You are going to be a two, three, four, no! Five times faster by practicing the skills shared above.

You can read more than 6000 wpm.

It’s not a Speed Reading joke 🙂

Chose your best time to read, spend more than 3 hours a day reading.

I love to read when I wake up because I’m at my best early in the morning!

Try it.

Just a suggestion 🙂

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