Top Speed Reading Courses & Training Online 16 Options



Top Speed Reading Courses & Training Online 16 Options


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What is Speed Reading?

Speed Reading is a process of reading the text with an increased speed that can be done by skimming the text or reading selective passages, phrases, or key points to absorb information.

Most of us can read 200-400 words per minute, but a speed reader claims to read 1000-1700 words per minute.

Speed Reading increases one’s IQ and memory.

Individuals with a great desire to increase their Reading Speed have been investing a lot in buying speed reading courses and books.


Reading Courses & Training Online

There are many benefits of speed-reading like improving memory, building focus, boosting self-confidence, active meditation, and quick improvement in Logic that may help you for your professional and personal development.

Want to flip pages with a dazzling speed? Check out our best speed reading courses and training.

You Must First Know

Faster reading speed does not mean faster comprehension, keep this in mind. Since if the task is to analyze and construct a strategy from the information that you have just acquired it might take you the same amount of time or even read the same information time and time again until you can fully understand it.

That being said, this is one of the most powerful skills you can have under your belt since it will cut time in half.


So What Are The Best Speed Reading Courses and training Online?

Several best speed reading courses share many ways and techniques that may help you to increase your reading speed and comprehension of books, articles, and many other writing materials.

You can study them at home at your own pace and become a fast Reader!

They are offered by many platforms, some of them are free of cost, and some of them are paid.

Here we have compiled the top online speed reading courses that may benefit you.

Learn Speed Reading to Boost Memory(Udemy)

The course offered by Udemy that became the top course of Udemy goes beyond Speed Reading; it encompasses the skills related to everyday life.

No matter if you are a professional, a student, an explorer, or a critical, whoever you are, it is going to assist you in memorizing effectively, reading fluently, and efficiently processing the bits of information.

The key feature that this course is going to teach you: how to hack your learning, reading, and memory skills.

Speed Reading to Boost Memory is going to provide you with the modern techniques and methodologies that are going to help you to get by with loads of information and process this newly acquired knowledge.

Iris Speed Reading Course

Iris is an online speed reading course with a duration of 5 hours focusing on drumming up your comprehension, attention, focus, and concentration by facilitating you with the speed reading teachings and techniques and reading texts and drills in your Learning adventure.

 Iris Speed Reading lays stress on the importance of improving memory, to increase focus, comprehension, and retention. An iris Reading course judges your current reading speed and educates you about improving reading skills in the shortest period for your career advancement.

Iris reading course offers you in Person Classes making availability in specific cities over the world, increasing reading and boosting the productivity of lifelong learners like you!

Eye Q reading by infinite minds

EyeQ Reading offered by Infiniteminds comes in three versions it can be bought for personal use, family use, and for a business or a school.

They are right in saying so Good Readers are good learners.

EyeQ Reading is going to unleash the reading potential of your child; it does help children to improve their reading skills which would have the greatest impact in enhancing their life skills.

The content can be studied at one’s self-pace; it takes only 7 minutes to complete daily reading exercises.

The Reader’s Edge Software Course

Reader’s Edge is developed by the company, namely the literacy company aiming at boosting your Reading Speed. It has been designed for all groups of age, children, adults, and young people.

Whether you are a young learner, school-going, or in a university, or if you are a teacher or a parent The Reader’s Edge software Course is going to assist you in your speed reading skills with its easy navigation and simple exercises with proper instructions with no cost.

Note: Upgrading and support may vary a little in cost.

Kwik Reading Course

Instructor of Kwik Reading Course Jim Kwik is known to be the mental coach; the Kwik Reading course teaches you the skills that will take your mental performance to the next level by improving the four key reading elements: speed, focus, comprehension, and retention.

The course contains a total of 21 lessons that are directly sent to your inbox daily; you can study them at your convenience. It may cost you the highest price of $497.

Rocket Reader

RocketReader offers you 10 free days of the trial to examine how you can improve your reading speed and comprehension of the texts.

By getting yourself enrolled in RocketReader, you are going to embark on your journey into exploring the ways of saving time, reading fastly, and comprehending texts easily.

RocketReader contains over 500 graded texts and comprehension texts that allow you to attain a competitive edge over your poor reading habits.

Though it offers the same features offered by many other top-rated Speed Reading Courses, surprisingly, it is one the most expensive courses with the highest cost of $139/3Months.

Ace Reader Cloud Course

The Ace Reader has won more than 50 awards so far and holds great dignity and honor in the education world.

It comes in 3 Editions: Education Edition, Family Edition, and Personal Edition aiming to accelerate comprehension, reading speed, and fluency and the users of Ace Reader are schools, home schools, universities, and is considered the best Speed Reading Course, you can purchase Ace Readers’ desktop version for $69.90.

Legentas Online Speed Reading Course

Legends is an award-winning speed reading course created by highly competent professionals to assist you in accelerating your reading skills.

Legentas online speed reading course instantly teaches you how you can read more than 2x faster by saving your time and speeding up your reading ability with the maintenance of comprehension within only 20 hours.

Along with covering many topics during the course: Eye movement and visual span, Eye Relaxation, Regression, Articulation, and sub-Vocalization, Active Reading, Combined Reading, Selective Reading, and Curcoric Reading, Lagentas Online Speed Reading Course provide you unlimited access to additional exercises even after the course ends.

You can study them at your own pace.

Become a Learning Machine 2.0(Udemy)

Becoming a learning machine course uses scientifically proven techniques for your purposeful learning, enhancing memory capacity, assisting you with understanding the brain’s functions, increasing productivity, and retaining in less time along your way to becoming the Fastest Learner.

After you become a Learning Machine, you are capable of using the learned skill in every area of life more efficiently and effectively.

Become a Super Learner(Udemy)

With a burning desire to succeed in every era of life, you can achieve more with the helping hand of becoming a Super Learner.

After getting enrolled in it you are going to attain high competency in memorization skills, absorbing information, and processing data.

The skills that are taught here are going to boost your memory, making you a high record holder and a faster reader.

REV it up Reading Course

If you are a reader and want to lose yourself in the realm of reading without myths with a full focus on visualizing the wonders of book lands, or you are a student struggling with reading how to get through important key academic points, or you are a professional fighting a battle to conquer your workload, then jump into REV it up Reading Course without wasting even two ticks.

REV it up Reading Course gives you access to one day, 7 days, and 99 days course for your free taste and paid respectively.

The Seven Speed Reading Course

The Seven Speed Reading course is the best online speed reading course that gives you access to ample of videos, drills, easy exercises, and fun games that can be practiced to drum up your Reading Skills.

It does take only 7 days or 2 weeks to accomplish your desired success in Reading and comprehending the texts.

Become a Speed Reading Machine(Udemy)

If you want to read 3 times faster than any average graduate student and have set a blueprint in your mind of reading more than 300 books in a year, then you would not have any other better choice than Speed Reading Machine.

Master your brain and improve the stimuli of your creativity by enrolling yourself in the Speed Reading Machine learning the basic key element of reading, known to be speed, focus, comprehension, and retention.

Reading is not only the movement of eyes on the text but being focused and determining the purpose of reading, focusing on key information in the text is what going to make your brain Savvy!

 That is what the main goal of A Speed Reader Machine is!

Discover Super Reading

Being a student, all of us have been in the pursuit of personal development, and high accomplishments, success, and achievements come to those who have been longing for them.

Super Reading copes with you in acquiring high skills by improving the activity of your left and right brain.

The designer of the course Jim kwik, who is a brain coach, has specifically designed Super Reading to improve productivity and expand the activity of your brain.

By going through the course, you may overcome the unsolved myths whilst you face during reading, comprehending the texts, visualizing the concept, coping with brain activity, and new stimuli, improving the capacity of your Super Power.

Never Forget! Your brain is your Super Power.

Effective 10X Speed Learning

Effective 10X Speed Learning course, which is designed to help you to increase and boost your reading speed and Memory.

After participating in it, you will realize how rapidly you make progress only in a few hours in reading and memorizing, helping you in achieving high scores.

As it is a saying Reader is a Leader.

Effective 10X Speed Learning highly rated 4.3 out of 5 assist you in how you can read faster and get a gist of books in the shortest time by following the ways and techniques shared by your course instructor Silviu Marisk.

Can Transcription Skills be Useful for Speed Reading Courses?

Transcription skills are indeed useful for speed reading courses. Developing the ability to transcribe audio content quickly and accurately can enhance one’s reading speed, comprehension, and focus. Additionally, online transcription jobs can provide practical experience and help individuals refine their skills, ultimately benefiting their performance in speed reading courses.

Online Speed Reading Courses ( SkillShare)

SkilShare offers you a wide range of highly-rated Online Speed Reading courses both paid and free.

10 Tips to help you Read More, Read BETTER FASTER, Speed Reading Techniques, and Speed Reading Mastery are some of their top-notch courses.

A large number of the courses not only share your tips and tricks but also add to your reading speed and assist you in making better your comprehension of texts.

Not only the Memory Access but accession to amazing resources, materials, reading texts, video content, drills, quizzes, and assignments is a vital spot.

You can study at your own pace by being enrolled in any of them according to your choice. You may claim a certificate after the successful completion of your course.

We divided it into hundreds of courses and dozens of training courses to help you pick the speed reading course that’s in line with your wishes. All you need to do is to read the above guide carefully, and then choose what suits you best.

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