How To Set Up RankMath And Get 100% Green!




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Set Up RankMath And Get 100%

How To Set Up RankMath And Get 100% Green!

This is how you will set up RankMath, This is a simple set up if you desire costume settings for the plugin it will depend on your SEO requirements since there are different types of sites. such as Ecommerce, Business, Blogs, Magazines, and many others.

I hope you enjoy this content.

Step 1. Head to Plugins


Step 2 Click on Add New

Step 3 Search for RankMath

This should be your results and the first box must be the desired plugin.

Install And Activate Plugin

How To Set Up RankMath And Get 100%

Step 4 Setup Wizard

You should be redirected to installed plugins. under the plugins name, there is a link to Setup Wizard

Step 5 Easy Setup

Step 6 Add Google Search Console

All Done

How To Set Up RankMath And Get 100% 2

Set up RankMath Done Correctly

More Settings



The Rank Math SEO Plugin is by far one of the most popular SEO plugins on the WordPress platform it’s up there with Yoast

Yes, you can get a 100% on your On Rank Math SEO Plugin, but please understand that getting this score does not automatically put you in the first search result on google. 

But you are more likely to rank with Rank Math SEO Plugin on your side.

Rank Math Stats

If you would like to know all the ranking factors that Google takes into account to rank your post, they have a lovely 200-page explanation on how they do it. which tells you what they look for in your content.

and for that to be useful for you maybe you should read How Search algorithms work 

Or leverage on Nerds like me that have read all 200 pages and focuses on the elements that you can change first and fast to get better results.

As I do for my clients.

Rank Math SEO Plugin And What I had To Learn To Master It.

So, Have you ever felt frustrated by not getting the 100% of the SEO test that the plugin has on the post-editing window for WordPress, well let me tell you brother or sister welcome to the team.

Oh how much I dislike the low score on this plugin, as you can see on the next image.  Almost as if not getting the SEO by Yoast Stop Lights all Geen.

Rank Math SEO Post Score

How To Get A 100% On Rank Math SEO Plugin Tutorial For Beginners

The point of this article is so that you can correct the biggest mistakes most people make while looking to score 100% on their Rank Math SEO plugin.

Main Mistakes For Not Getting 100% on Rank Math SEO Plugin

The five main reasons why you are not getting 100% on Rank Math SEO plugin

I’m assuming you have installed the plugin and you are currently using it on one of your websites, and possibly you have a post with an average score of 80% to 90% if you are doing things right. or trying to.

So let me tell you why most people never hit a 100% score.

This is the first steps on How To Get A 100% On Rank Math SEO Plugin


Reason #1 Why You’re Not Getting 100% on Rank Math SEO Plugin “Word Count”

You need a minimum of 2500 words of content in your post to even see the possibility of acquiring that 100% score on your post or content.

I remember the good old days when a blog post needed to be 400 words to be taken into account by the search engines how times have changed.

I think it is for the better if you want to have a Post-it takes you an hour max, but if you want content that ranks first in Google search engine well it has to be high quality.

Here you can see the average word count on the pages of Google, going from page 1 to page 10 and they have counted on average the information word count in each article.

Still, think you can rank high with a small post?

Rank Math WordCount

Ok, this is the main reason why Rank Math has this as a parameter on their plugin. Smart Hugh?

First, you will have to create the minimum Word Count in your content for them to give you a high score, this does not only help with the word count but gives you enough space to add relevant information to your topic.

So this is why Rank Math will score you on the word count.

There is something called Pillar Blog Post, usually, they are long-form content that has almost all the information on a topic and the minimum word count for this type of content is 4000 words.

It takes time to make this type of content but usually, it brings 20% of the traffic to your website.

Check this out!

Just so you get an idea the scoring method for word count is this:

  • More than 2500 words: 100% score
  • 2000-2500 words: 70% score
  • 1500-2000 words: 60% score
  • 1000-1500 words: 40% score
  • 600-1000 words: 20% score
  • Below 600 words: 0% score

So before you even consider optimizing your Rank Math SEO Plugin score you should at least have 2500 words of useful content on your post.

Reason #2 Why You’re Not Getting 100% on Rank Math SEO Plugin “Focus Keyword Appears In Content”

For months this was the one that I could not figure out to turn green but after testing different scenarios I finally got my own response to this little question.

How much of a percentage of focus keyword should my post have to get a green check on the Rank Math SEO Plugin and my advice to y0u is to get approx 10% Focus keyword in your blog post.

What does the 10 % Focus keyword appear in content mean?

you need to include the focus keyword in the first 10% of your content. simply because google looks for congruence in your content and if you don’t have the focus keywords at the beginning of your content it will be disregarded by the plugin.

You can do this simply by asking questions and giving statements in H2 And H3 Tags with your focus keywords, let me give you a simple example.

The focus keywords that I’m ranking for in this specific post are: How To Get A 100% On Rank Math SEO Plugin you can see that I have placed them various times in the first 10% of my content.

“the next phrase is an H3 Tag” and also is a statement that contains my focus keywords.


Reason #3 Why You’re Not Getting 100% on Rank Math SEO Plugin “Keyword Density”

So what is an acceptable score on this topic, after testing on several posts the score I came up with and has worked well for my Google rankings is 1.00

This is an example of the variations that you could make on your post to have a bigger keyword density.

if the focus keyword is “fried chicken recipe”

  • Fried of chicken recipe
  • Fried chicken recipes
  • Fried and chicken recipe
  • Fried the chicken recipe

What is The Best Score for keyword density in the Rank Math SEO Plugin?

1.00 Keyword Density

For a better understanding of what I’m telling you picture this.

In a post that Content is 2821 words long “Remember that the minimum for a 100% score overall is 2500 word count” You need to have your focus keywords in at least 31 times.

As shown In this Example:

 Score keyword Density Math Rank

Reason #4 Why You’re Not Getting 100% on Rank Math SEO Plugin “No Follow Links”

Google made a huge change in their ranking strategy and this will explain a little bit of it.

This is New because in the beginning there was no “nofollow” or “dofollow”.

all links led to a place, and the spam gurus took advantage of this. Creating link creation software to spam sites build links to their offers or ad delivery service.

Google is now rewarding those sites that use nofollow or dofollow tags on their links. this is why Rank Math has integrated it into their test. I assure you if it was not important then they would have ignored it.

Yes, we had to get technical here, but mainly because Google wants you to do this right and not fill your site with spammy links.

I’ll be sure to make a video tutorial about fixing this problem on WordPress. there is a free plugin that will help you do this fast.

Here is a video explaining how to correct that issue.

Reason #5 Why You’re Not Getting 100% on Rank Math SEO Plugin “Not Using Table Of Content”

Yes If you got to the begging of this article you will see I have a content tab that lets you navigate around the post a lot easier. and since user experience is one of the ranking factors of Google Rank Math takes this into account for you to get a 100% score on your test.

Here are some compatible content tab plugins that work well with Rank Math SEO Plugin!

Hopefully, I will have a tutorial on each of these elements for a better understanding.

Reason #5 Why You’re Not Getting 100% on Rank Math SEO Plugin “Not Using Media”

Why is media so important?

you need to understand that not all people learn the same way.  it’s not very smart to expect that all people will understand if you explain yourself just one way.

If you understand this your ranking strategy will be of the Hook.

If you want to read the whole article on learning styles click on the image or click on Discover Your Learning Style – Comprehensive Guide on Different Learning Styles it’s fun to discover your way of learning.

Back to the topic why is this important?

Humans retain:

  • 10% of what they READ
  • 20% of what they HEAR
  • 30% of what they SEE
  • 50% of what they SEE and HEAR
  • 70 % of what they SAY and WRITE
  • 90% of what they DO

You know that youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and the reason is that there are more people that consume information via video than written.

I still have some problems with written information since sometimes it leaves spaces for interpretation and makes it a bit uncertain to execute if you are following a tutorial for example.

if you include lots of types of media you’ll be sure to capture a lot more attention.

Graphic Adis You can use

  • Charts and Graphs: OMG I love charts these are one of the best ways to give comparison data to a user.
  • Maps: depending on your content the aid of maps is very useful you can see a lot in food blogs.
  • Poster, Pictures, Photographs: Running through a lot of text can get boring be sure to use these.
  • Cartoons and Comics: Nothing like making someone laugh to break the tension these will help immensely.
You Understand Rank Math

Did I Break the tension with this image?

Remember to add ATL TEXT to your images the search engine will appreciate that since AI can not really see the images but can read the text behind it.

Reason #6 Why You’re Not Getting 100% on Rank Math SEO Plugin “Keywords Test”

You will not get your desired score if you are targeting multiple keywords. this is why Rank Math recommends you focus on your primary keyword score but you can simultaneously check secondary keyword scores.

Here is how Rank Math divides the tests.

  • Tests that run on all Focus Keywords
  • Tests that run only on the Primary Focus Keyword
  • Tests that run only on the Secondary focus keyword
  • Tests that run only on the content


Be sure to check color grading on each of the words, this will guide you on what information the content is lacking.

Rank Math Tests

You have to focus on your overall score since this is the most effective way for content creators to get high-quality content up and going.

Im currently running a test to get a content post that achieves all greens in all the tests by the rank math plugin.

That job might be a humongous job but I’m looking forward to it.

I will place a link to that here hopefully soon.

Important Advice To Get The Most Out Of Rank Math SEO Plugin

Once you have chosen your focus keywords be sure that you have a fighting chance against the reigning champion.

How do you do this?  Do your research and usually is typing your current keywords into Google and looking at the content that is currently #1  you should be on the lookout for some specific characteristics to see if it’s worth challenging them.

Things You Should Ask

  • Is this page responding to the questions or explaining the topic to the point and is up to date?
  • Can I create a better piece of content with more benefits than the current first place holder?
  • Does this content have graphics and media? if it does not you have a great advantage.
  • Do I have a Chance Against this content?

You will know if you are capable of taking his spot by the amount of work you should do analyzing his content.

Remember to Add things he missed and elaborate on topics he has already in his content.

Remember to format your post in a way that makes it easy for the reader to understand. and navigate through.

How To Get A 100% On Rank Math SEO Plugin

UI & UX Experience is important

How your user navigates around your information is very important since you have to give the information in such a way that he understands it and also he can go back and check if he wants to.

The use of navigation tabs is very useful this way the user can go back to the information he missed.


Is it worth the effort?

if you are not sure about Rank Math SEO Plugin is the right fit for you please see my results and then try it out by yourself.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Results in a Nutshell

Yes, for me it works and it makes the process a lot simpler, when you have a structure to follow you can create content a lot faster and with a high level of quality that gets you climbing positions on Google search.

What Results Can You Expect From Rank Math SEO Plugin?

Over a 4 month period I had the opportunity to validate Rank Math SEO Plugin results over 10 posts that had been posted over 12 months.

At the time of this post, all of them will be over 16 months old, and by adding the results this is what I got. why do I have to clarify this, it’s because a lot of users think that SEO content is an overnight task and that is far from the truth!

Unless you are paying for the traffic you will not see immediate results.

I personally give my content 4 months after publishing to start optimizing them on a second level.

Can RankMath be used with any WordPress theme?

Yes, RankMath can be used with any WordPress theme. It is compatible with all themes, including those from popular theme providers. With its advanced functionality and flexibility, RankMath seamlessly integrates with your website’s wordpress theme identification, allowing you to optimize your website for search engines easily.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Results

2 Year Old website

Over 60 pieces of content.

This was my results with Rank Math SEO

  • Average Increase In Traffic: 23.7%  (Best Performing Post Increased 75%)
  • 3 Of the 10 Post Now Are #1 In Google Search Results For Their Own KeyWords.
  • Optin increase by 0.8%
  • Bounce rate decrease and stable under 1.5%
  • Average sessions went from 1 minute 7 seconds to over 3 minutes
  • Us traffic Increased 8% overall
  • Outside Us, traffic increased by 22% – India being the most influential change.

So here are the main takeaways

If you are a beginner and you are worried that you might not be doing things right, well this plugin will increase your success rate right from the start.

Rank Math SEO Plugin is NOT, and I repeat Is Not The Holy Grail Of Google Search Rankings

But it is a great help in getting there.

Remember that SEO is like a chain and its many links have to be strong if one of them breaks the chain will be useless.

Some ranking factors you should take into account when designing your SEO strategy and content.

Please head to the BlueCorona blog where I took this information.

  1. Secured sites (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
  2. Websites that are mobile-friendly
  3. Schema markup
  4. Webpage content quality
  5. Webpage content length
  6. Page speed
  7. Social signals
  8. Quality backlinks
  9. Optimized images
  10. Domain age
  11. User experience (UX)

If you still need more information on why you are not getting 100% Rank Math SEO Test You can always check out their page.

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