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How to screenshot on a mac without using your keyboard

A screenshot is a digital image document of the exact contents of your Mac screen. It shows you exactly what you see on your display or laptop, saving you the trouble of mapping the screen to another device such as a camera or smartphone. Screenshots are usually useful when you’re troubleshooting an issue or want to share what you’re seeing with others.


As there is no Print Screen button on a Mac Keyboard as you will notice on Windows, you will be able to either use Keyboard shortcuts or build use of the accessible Menu choices that we can use to capture screens.

Many users rely on keyboard shortcuts, as they believe they are convenient and faster to use instead of finding out a way to screenshot manually. However, a manual screenshot is important once a keyboard is broken, damaged, or lost.

Users will launch the Spotlight Search by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top of the menu bar to screenshot on a Mac while not a keyboard. Search “Screenshot” and then press the Screenshot button. Users can then have the flexibility to decide on what portion of the screen they need to capture.

There are many various choices for the way to screenshot on a Mac while not a keyboard. Additionally, users will use a non-Mac keyboard and still have the ability to use keyboard shortcuts once screenshotting. Here is how you will be able to take a screenshot on a Mac (like what we tend to decide to print screen on Windows) while not Keyboard.

Spotlight Search

Using Spotlight Search is probably the only screenshot technique if one doesn’t have a keyboard. As a result, shortcuts cannot be used, Spotlight Search is the next smartest thing. 

Users must launch the Spotlight Search by pressing on the magnifying glass at the top right of the menu bar. Search “Screenshot”, and the correct choice should then seem.

Press the Screenshot button, and users can have the flexibility to decide on what portion of the screen they require to capture.

Grab App

The Grab app is another simple thanks to screenshotting a picture on a Mac while not on the keyboard. This app comes pre-installed on a MacBook, which suggests it’s free of charge and simple to search out. Several users don’t even notice they need it till one thing happens to their keyboard.

The Grab application doesn’t need any keyboard shortcuts that is one of all the benefits of the application and is why several plans to use it.  Because the Grab app comes pre-installed, users will notice it manually by using Spotlight Search or by using Finder.

Spotlight Search

To use Spotlight Search, hover the pointer over the top of the Mac screen. The menu bar ought to then seem. 

The Spotlight Search will be found with a magnifying glass icon at the top right of the menu bar, in between the battery and therefore the control center show. Click on the magnifying glass. 

This may then say a research bar within the middle of your screen. Search “grab”, and click on the choice that says “Screenshot”.


Finder is accountable for organizing files, applications, documents, etc. It helps store and organize files in an orderly fashion and is additionally wherever the Grab app will be found. 

Click on Finder and so press the “Applications” choice. Next, explore for “Grab”, and it ought to seem below the name “Screenshot”. 

Whether Spotlight Search or Finder is used, it’ll yield identical results. Once the app is open, there’ll be three screenshotting choices. These choices embrace capturing the chosen window, capturing a specific portion, or capturing the whole screen. 

The app can automatically begin with the ‘capturing the entire screen’ possibility, thus users can modify the app to the one they prefer.

In addition, this app provides users the flexibility to record their entire screen or to record a specific portion. This implies that they will pick from screenshotting or screen-recording, betting on that one is a lot of convenient.

When screenshotting using Grab, there’s an options tab that will be chosen. Upon pressing, a screen will seem with 3 headings: Save to, Timer, and choices.

Under the “Save to” heading, users will opt for wherever they require their screenshot to be saved, with seven choices to decide on from:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • Preview
  • Clipboard
  • Other Location

Under the “Timer” heading, users will choose from a timer of zero, five, or ten seconds.  Under the “Options” heading, users will select whether or not they require showing the floating thumbnail, keep in mind the last choice, or show the mouse pointer.

Help on Menu Bar

Screenshotting on a Mac even while not on a keyboard will be an easy method. However, some users want any clarification. Due to this, facilitating the assistance option on the Menu Bar is the best source to go to for extra help. 

Users will look for help through the macOS User Guide if they need never taken a screenshot before or if they have a fast reminder on the mandatory steps.

To access assistance on the Menu Bar, hover the pointer over the top of the screen. The Menu Bar ought to then appear, and therefore the help button is placed on the left-hand facet of the screen. Users ought to click on this button to search “screenshot”, and press the suitable choice below Help Topics.

The macOS User Guide can explain thoroughly the way to take a screenshot on a Mac. This guide can clarify the way to take a screenshot with and while not a keyboard. Whereas many alternative keyboard shortcuts are often used, users who don’t have this feature may browse the way to take a screenshot manually, while not the keyboard.

Preview App:

If you do not need to use keyboard key combos to take a screenshot (print-screen/screen capture) there’s a choice out there using Preview App

Go to Spotlight Search and appearance for Preview App and open it, 

Currently, you want to see that the Preview Menu bar is loaded

Now go to File -& Take a Screenshot

There are three choices accessible

From Selection

This will create the pointer as a cross-wire, once you click and drag some window gets chosen and can be displayed with Preview App.

From Window.

When you select this feature, your mouse pointer turns into the Camera icon, and it highlights the selectable windows that are offered on the screen, once you click, and then the selected part of the screen will be captured and stored in the MacBook. After you can open this screenshot using the Preview application.

From the complete Screen

When you select this feature, you’d see that a message is popped up within the middle of the screen spoken communication “Countdown to Screenshot has started” and once some seconds the full window image is taken and displayed with the Preview App.

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Advantage of taking a Screenshot with the Preview Application

There are some benefits of taking a screenshot using the Preview Application. Those benefits are as follows;

It enables you to edit the image on a go, before being saved. It enables you to do some basic editing on the image like rotation, cropping, adding text, and so on.

You will save the image in formats different them PNG like JPEG, JPEG-2000, OpenEXR, PDF, and TIFF.

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