Most popular PAID WooCommerce WordPress theme? 3 More Options


Most popular PaID WooCommerce WordPress theme

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The Best and Most Used WooCommerce Themes for Beginners

Have you ever imagined life before the internet?

Selling a business was simple, slow, and straightforward.

However, it was not as easy as it is today.

Since the advent of the internet, what used to take years and months now happens in a matter of days and hours.

With the advancement in the internet and technology, more people than ever before are signing up for an online business.

Irrespective of the nature of the venture, online is one of the most accessible ways to launch your business and start selling and that too from the comfort of your home.

Online marketing is growing rapidly with no sign of slowing down, and above all, you get a broad customer base to soar the progress.

Looking to launch An Ecommerce Venture

To launch an eCommerce venture, WordPress is the perfect platform to create your business website and start selling and reaching out to millions of internet consumers.

WordPress is adorned with over 10,000 themes that are fascinating, but a problem to newbies who get confused about which theme to choose that can play an all-rounder role in moving their website to the top of the list.

It is essential to pick up the right theme that can meet your needs, as having the right theme can make a huge difference in the growth of your business website or blog.

Our focus with this article is to shed light on the best and most used Woocommerce themes for beginners. Rest assured that after reading the complete guide, it will help you select the most appropriate theme that meets your needs of a WooCommerce store.

Just a moment, I want to ask you a straightforward question before we embark on figuring out the best-used WooCommerce theme for beginners.

What should be the key feature of an online website?

I can listen to you mumbling the website must be easily accessible to everybody, user-friendly, and simple to navigate through the stores.

You are quite right. A simple, hassle-free, and easy-to-use website fascinates consumers and compels them to make a purchase. 

Here, the next question that I know you would like me to answer is:

How can we make our e-commerce site has an astounding user-experience?

Here comes the most powerful solution for your store with a comprehensive design option.



Flatsome is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme that can serve the purpose of designing a successful website on any subject as we are familiar with the critical factor of a successful Woo-commerce site is a Hassle-Free User Experience.

It’s imperative to make your storefront attractive and easy to navigate, or the potential client will go elsewhere.

By using Flatsome’s powerful design capabilities, you can offer users enjoyable shopping.

Hence, without any further ado, let us go through the key features of the Flatsome theme.

Multidimensional: Flatsome is a multipurpose theme that you can use to create a website on any subject, be it; a furniture website, an online fashion, and beauty store, or a merchandise-selling store.

It’s very responsive in offering you full Customization so that you can make the website that suits you better and meet your needs.

It is equipped with an inbuilt drag-and-drop builder that enables you to re-design the different parts of the store to make it match your needs.

Customizable product pages: with the Customization provided by Flatsome, you can edit images, choose layouts that you want, change the title, product gallery, and much more just at a few clicks. Unlike some other themes that offer pretty standard layouts, Flatsome enables you to customize the desired layout with your ease. Checkout pages on your website are the place where a random visitor is converted into a potential client; thereby, these pages must have to magical. Flatsome allows you to have complete control over the look of your Checkout pages.

Header and Footer Builders: it provides its users with a variety of options from premade headers and footers to creating from scratch. Its built-in header and footer builder empowers you to customize the first block of your website according to the niche of your website. You can create these areas from scratch, or you can choose and customize the built-in headers and footers.

Slider and Banners: Flatsome shines itself with a built-in option that enables you to create sliders and banners of your will. Generally, with your WordPress themes, you are given a fixed set of sliders and banners to choose from them, and most of the time, it makes the design bogus or inappropriate. With Flatsome’s built-in feature, you can select and create banners and sliders of your own choice.

Live Customization: Live preview is another gem that we direly need while editing our Woo-commerce site. In most cases, when we are doing backend editing, we can not see the effects instantly, and therefore, back and forth, jumping frustrates us if you are a non-designer and want to see the live preview of the changes you make on your website.

Seo-Friendly: This is one of the best-selling e-Commerce themes that is based on Woo-Commerce and is ideal for eCommerce as well as business websites. Flatsome is equipped with a built-in modern design that is mobile-friendly with many features such as a page builder tool, sticky headers, touch slider, etc.

Let us examine the Pros and Cons of this e-Commerce theme:


  • Easy installation and user friendly
  • SEO-Optimized
  • 24/7 custom support
  • A vast library of Free images and a premade design
  • Live Customization
  • Multipurpose


  • Only 6-month support after the purchase
  • Time-consuming if you want to change the theme in future



Divi is another powerful multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with a variety of functions.

Over the years, Divi has got a lot of improvements and updates. Divi is blessed with powerful drag-and-drop page builder tools, a complete customization facility, premade templates and designs, and other useful features.

Divi has been produced by the Elegant theme team and is their flagship product.

The Elegant has equipped Divi with the following amazing features:

Quality templates: With Divi’s vast library of free and high-quality templates, you can choose as per your choice. It offers a variety of templates that are powerful and suitable for all kinds of websites, be it a business website or other e-commerce sites. Luckily, all of the templates are editable, so you can make them suit your needs.

Additional themes and plugins:  All purchases of Divi have some extra themes and plugins that are very useful. You can choose the extra plugins and use them to boost up your sales.

Powerful content editor: Divi comes with powerful content editors that help you edit your content by merely dragging and dropping. You can edit and modify your content whenever you want and that too, without any hassle-at a few clicks.

Let’s shed light on its Pros and cons.


  • Helpful documentation
  • Improved support system
  • Good value purchase options
  • High-quality editable templates
  • Customizable pages


  • No email ticketing support
  • It takes time to masterfully

If You are interested in the Divi theme please click on this link for a discount. DIVI THEME AND PLUGINS 


he codex Themes has invented a new multipurpose theme with creative power.

If you are not a coder or a developer and looking for a way to produce a high-quality website for your business, then you must thank the Codex Themes, for they have blessed you with TheGem.

TheGem has a large number of Demos and concepts to give you an idea of what to integrate into your website.

Let us take a look at some of its salient features.

 Customization options: Despite offering you a variety of templates and premade designs, TheGem has not left you alone as it has adorned you to edit and customize the templates at your ease with a few clicks.

You are free to choose and pick the page you desire and modify it to make it fulfilling the needs of your business website.

TheGem website demos: You have creative freedom over your websites.

You got a variety of website demos to choose from, or you can select one and edit it as per your needs.

It becomes hard to produce a quality website if you are new to site designing, but thanks to TheGem, you get a lot of demos or templates to pick from and make a high-quality e-commerce website.

Website security: One of the most essentials factors of a business is to make it safe and secure.

That’s where TheGem wins the battle as it focuses on making your website as safe and secure as possible.

Only the most efficient and reliable plugins are selected to be part of the TheGem theme package.


  • Impressive demos
  • Good quality
  • A useful collection of premium plugins


  • No support for WordPress developers
  • A lot of competition


Are you interested in creating online shops selling electronics products?

If YES, Then with eLab, you can sell all ranges of electronics ranging from smartphones to televisions, smart cameras to smartwatches.

eLab has the potential to design your website that your customer can trust in.

eLab is the new theme from Envato that helps you build a customizable electronic store powered by Woo-Commerce.

Let us take you through the features in eLab:

Demos: eLab is equipped with a bunch of demo websites that you can launch and integrate at a single click.

Importing the template is pretty straightforward and even a layperson can do it without any hassle.

You can preview all of the demos before importing one that suits your needs.

Theme setting panel: you can use the Banner and portfolio options to edit and customize your content, but for most everything else, you will use the detailed theme options panel, rather than the WordPress customize.

Here you get tons of options divided across the various tabs.


  • efficient software
  • customization
  • SEO-friendly
  • shows sales countdown


  • lack of support

Is the Easiest WordPress Theme to Use also the Most Popular Paid WooCommerce WordPress theme?

Is the Easiest WordPress Theme to Use also the Most Popular Paid WooCommerce WordPress theme? When it comes to beginners, the keyword easiest wordpress theme for beginners holds paramount importance. While the easiest WordPress theme may seem like the obvious choice, popularity cannot be discounted. So, is the easiest theme also the most popular paid WooCommerce WordPress theme? It’s a question worth exploring, as beginners need a seamless experience coupled with the power and reliability of a popular theme.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, where technology has reached its peak, and everything from ordering a pizza or purchasing a refrigerator is being done at a single click from the comforts of home, it’s imperative to have some online existence.

More and more retailers and business people are moving or transferring online as per the need of the hour. For the past few years, growth in online selling has been escalating rapidly, and almost everything is being ventured over the internet.

It’s indeed a great way to reach a wide variety of customers without actually paying a lot of money on purchasing things physically.

To have an online existence, you must possess a website that needs you to install the best Woo-Commerce theme that, being a newbie, can help you make a quality website without any hassle.

When searching the internet, you find a list of themes powered by many theme generators, but as explained above, the best and most used Woo-Commerce theme for beginners is Flatsome.

With the extraordinary features of Flatsome, you can have your Woo-Commerce store ready within a matter of hours and get it in the market without any hassle.

An essential factor in a successful online or offline business is to facilitate your customer as much as you can so that you can turn a random visitor into a potential recurring client.

For the online Woo-Commerce store, you must integrate it in such a way that it is user-friendly, easy to understand layout, not hard to navigate through the store, and picks up things quickly.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a perfect developer or coder to incorporate all this; Flatsome is purely made for you, which is equipped with tons of features that help you import demos or websites of your choice and use them. You have got the privilege to edit and customize the premade templates.

With Flatsome, you can use Header and Footer built-in features to make your website’s header and footer attractive and catchy.

You can build your sliders and banners by using a fantastic feature in Flatsome.

Hence, to have a high-quality website, Flatsome is the most appropriate theme that can help you create a tremendous Woo-Commerce store. 

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