Can Kids Learn to Code With a Raspberry Pi?




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I have spent a lot of time researching topics on programming languages online, and there is one topic that has popped up on my inquiries a lot of times like it was a retargeting campaign from google or Facebook, so a did a bit of digging and found some really cool stuff about Rasberry Pi.

So can Kids really learn to code with Rasberry Pi? and yes kids can learn to code with Rasberry Pi, In fact, I have found that they make some of the coolest resources for kids. they can start their own projects in multiple categories such as games, websites, music, digital arts, and even a robot.

Getting your kids to get interested in learning code can be a bit time-consuming but fortunately, the resources you’ll find with raspberry are second to none.

Learn to Code With a Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi Foundation

This charity from England and Wales’s main goal is to promote the study of computer sciences and its related branches, as you can see they’re doing a fine job, designing inexpensive hardware and getting suppliers to donate its components as this is a charity.

Raspberry Pi What is it?

¨The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, credit-card-sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python¨ Taken from so this is actually what the creators defined it.

So we understand that is a card size computer that we can plug into your computer or tv, out of the box it does not seem very interesting. and I would agree for the most part. but the applications for this little an inexpensive computer are ¨awsome¨

What Can You Use Raspberry Pi For?

  • Games, you can actually upload games and display them on your tv or computer. But you can actually create and program your own games or creating virtual opponents.
  • Web pages, you might have a designer in you so why not try to make one from scratch. you will definitely have a lot of fun doing it.
  • Music, yes you can actually create your own music even if you haven’t played an instrument in your life, design and upload sound then add sequences to create unique and unbelievable tunes.
  • Digital Art, you can learn how to make your own paint program, you give it the parameters and actions you can create something out of this world.
  • Robots, Ok so who hasn’t dreamed of creating his own personal robot, well you can actually do this, build and program your own robot to do as you code command.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are hundreds of projects that you can start with the Raspberry Pi computer starter kit. you will find that this is the best way to get your children interested in programming and when you least expected they will have created their own Robot or computer program.


Where Can You Start

The hardware you can order it from Amazon, and depending on your end goal of the project there are different kits that you can acquire, but the Unit just the Raspberry Pi 3 it´s still 35 bucks If you are a bit of a tech geek you might have some cable and parts laying around and you should just do fine ordering the Raspberry Pi 3, but if your new and your not sure if you will have all the elements to get your project underway there are some starter kits you might find more suited for you.

Here are some options that of the starter kits I recommend, you can also find them in the resource page of the website. These are affiliate links from Amazon so your price will not change at all, but I will get a couple of dollars for the referral and I do appreciate every referral that I get.

If you are a beginner you should go with the CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 this kit provides a very complete set of items at affordable pricing.

But if you think you are very savvy you can just order the motherboard which is essentially the CPU and this is what’s important mainly the rest of the parts and configurations you can get at an electronics store.

Getting Started

So after you have your hardware, this is what you will need to do. You can search online Raspberry Pi Best Projects and there are literary hundreds of projects that you can choose to do as your first. Even better you can go to youtube and ser the same thing to see what other people have created using something as simple as a couple of connectors or a remote and the Raspberry Pi 3.

One of the main programming languages for these devices is Python but don´t get scared you can actually do a lot with it even if you don´t know the code.

You can get started going to this link Raspberry Projects, they are not the most complicated projects but you can get a clear perspective on what you can do with this computer.

Search for Smart Mirror using raspberry or Retro Arcade. I have to be honest with those two projects I wouldn’t mind having them in my house.

This is where it gets a lot interesting, to upscale your constructs you can start developing costume programs for your Raspberry check out What Programming Language Should You Learn First this will give you enough info about the programming language.

Exceptional For Constructs

Raspberry Pi, is very versatile when taking on projects, I´m sure you will have a lot of fun building robots, interfaces well your imagination is the limit and if you are here you already have a pretty well-structured idea that you wish to execute. and Raspberry Pi Can be the best start-up kit to do it. If you have the blessing of having children you will have a blast developing projects with them.

Simple Robots are the best start project if you’re doing constructs with them. I don´t like to spend absurd amounts of money on pet robots like WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog, they look cool and are very expensive but the programming is very simple and you can probably build one even smarter than that one.

Check Out this video and see for yourself, Robot Cat Nybble besides if you don´t want the normal problems of a live pet like walking them and taking them out, spending time with them why not just build one and then enjoy it. the worst thing you can do is forget to charge it. this would have been a great solution for 6 pet goldfish I had when I was 7 I wasn’t very attentive to them.

These are the Top 5 Raspberry Pi Robot Projects you can build, you might need some extra gear but nothing you can get for an extra few bucks and go back to your childhood with some Lego bricks. if you are more into mobile builds you can see OSOYOO Robot Car Kit Smart Car Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi 3B so take your time and see what can be your first project.

Remember the project should not be too hard that you get discouraged quickly and not too easy that it does not post a challenge and will get you to board fast.

Extra education options

There are tons of ways you can learn Raspberry Pi, you can start following some YouTube tutorials. if you’re not doing anything so big you should enjoy them. but if you want to excel in building an awesome project well you might need a bit more education.

The Big Benefits

Well in the immediate now there are some benefits, some of them are to have an awesome pastime with your kids or by yourself. Being able to create something makes it feel a bit Frankensteinish, hope you get to scream out loud It’s life It’s alive. just kidding.

Computing science is one of the highest-paid careers in the future and we all know that every day there is a new application and the foundation is computing science so you can be very sure that those jobs are not getting replaced very soon.  the most basic coding careers pay from 85.000 dollars and up which is way above average.

Hope this information has been helpful, if you liked it you can leave a comment, and if you know someone who would benefit from this please share it with them.

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