Earn Money And Learn Coding At The Same Time


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Have you decided to pursue your career as a coder? Starting from scratch sounds tedious, right?

Well, everyone takes a start with an initial step where you have to somehow grease your elbows. All you have to do is to keep calm unless you are ready to hit your goal.

Remember one thing in mind you can’t be a butterfly at once, growth is a period and it takes time to grow.

Though learning to code takes time it does not mean that you can not make money while learning.

Yes! You won’t be rolling in cash but the right amount of money will do you good while you are turning into a programming geek. Isn’t it?

How to Start Learning to Code?

Before you earn money while learning you have to begin learning to code. Now you might be worrying “How?”

I have some solutions for you here.

Also, you can search our blog to find information on where to start.

Utilize Online Resources:

The internet today has made learning easier as it is just one click away. Look for online resources you can use to learn.

  • Free Websites

Try learning on free websites because they are free, organized and aim to educate you.

freeCodeCamp is a website that offers you projects in the form of challenges.

Their curriculum is easy to grasp because a task in the form of a challenge engages you and you feel like playing a game.

Moving from one level to another you easily achieve your goal and the best thing of all, you get a completion certificate.

Free websites will give you an introductory approach but if you want to make your learning go far then you must supplement free resources with paid products so that you may advance quickly.

  • Learn coding on a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the most visited online platforms so it is also one of the best resources of tutorials for learning how to program.

They are an excellent resource of learning for beginners. You can find useful tips and tricks there.

The videos are delivered in easy to understand style by the presenters.

You can walk through different topics like C++, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, Python, and PHP.

Below are a few channels that you can subscribe to avail of these tutorials:

  1. programming knowledge

  2. Treehouse

  3. academy

  4. Derek Banas

  5. TheNewBoston

Listening to Podcasts is a simple way to learn off-screen.

Invest your time a little bit to hear about coding. Don’t panic even if you can’t take notes.

Just put your ears to it and relax.

Here are a few, of my favorite podcasts for you to get started:

Learn to Code With Me



Engage yourself in a community

Being a part of a programming community is the best way to overcome your upcoming challenges.

Connecting with other people in your shoes makes it double easier for you to remain on the track.

You get motivation.

You interact with people. You learn more. Your learning quest will be accompanied by people struggling in the same field.

Its Time to get paid

Once you have invested some time then don’t wait for the right opportunity just create one!

The worst thing that can happen is getting a “try again later” signal from your inside but you don’t have to lose hope.

You need to spot the areas where you need to work hard.

Some Ways to Find Your First Job

Work for Locals

Getting experience with a real-life project would be only possible if you land your first job somewhere locally.

Local businesses are often in search of developers with low budgets and the programming they demand is also of a basic level.

So they look for cheap solutions. Here comes your time. Be their solution!

If you match their requirements then there are high chances of getting further projects as well.

However, the money you will make won’t be in heaps but believe me it can be a good start.

  • Enter Coding Contests

Coding contests reward good cash prizes to their participants who win.

Some of the most renowned contests are Topcoder, CodeChef,  HTML5Contest, and CallingAllInnovators.

These contests often comprise three areas like design, development, and data science.

Participants handle real-life projects from global customers.

They compete with each other.

In this way, you get a reach to big companies and gain experience. Just enter a contest and give your luck a try.


Flexible work schedule, freedom to work from anywhere, anytime, quick access to the project, and making decent money are some perks of freelancing.

If you want to debut your programming career via freelancing then it’s a million-dollar idea.

Create your profile at a freelance marketplace according to your skill set.

Start bidding for the project or place gigs and the clients will reach you themselves selves but you have to be very wise while freelancing.

Never mislead your clients about your level of expertise.

Don’t get a rush of jobs at once. Take baby steps. Accomplish your task successfully, get feedback, increase your ratings, and grow your profile.

Be Social About Your Coding Journey

One can not deny the importance of social media in today’s life.

Then why not take advantage of it? Just don’t keep your coding journey to yourself instead share your progress on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Expand your social circle, including people from your field or the ones looking forward to hiring coders.

When you keep on sharing your progress on these platforms these forums will turn to be your spokesperson and your shared timeline is your portfolio.

This is how it’s gonna work to get you paid tasks.

What Are Some Coding/Programming Books That Can Help Me Earn Money While Learning?

If you want to learn coding programming books that can help you earn money, here are a few recommendations. Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell offers valuable insights into technical interviews. Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes helps beginners learn Python with practical projects. The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas provides timeless advice for effective programming.


Keep learning and earning side by side. Make coding your habit.

Never give up even if you don’t meet the goal as expected.

Keep yourself updated and with each passing day, you will grow.

When it comes to earning don’t rush just take your time to decide which card will you play to win the game.

Have Fun!

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