Best 14 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding or Programming




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You definitely don’t need to know coding or programming to get into the tech industry, and if anyone tells you differently is best to ignore them.

When it comes to high-paying tech jobs, most people think of positions that require coding or programming skills.

However, there are a number of other lucrative tech jobs that don’t require these skills.

Here are 14 of the best high-paying tech jobs that don’t require coding or programming.

What Are some high paying tech jobs that don’t require coding or programming?

So you’re not a coder or programmer.

Does that mean your tech career dreams are doomed? Absolutely not!

There are plenty of high-paying tech jobs that don’t require coding or programming skills.

Here are 14 great examples. Happy hunting!


You might not know it but programmers and coders are people too, the thing is that in the corporate world you need people to manage them all the time.


You don’t have to feel discouragement in yourself if you are not a pro at programming or coding and not even if you don’t know any of them at all. There are plenty of jobs waiting for you that doesn’t require any coding or programming skills. You can readily become a member of IT jobs in the high-paying tech departments. Here are a few of them!

Here Are 14 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding or Programming. These Are Some of the Actual Jobs You Could Apply.

Product manager:

High Paying Tech Jobs That Don't Require Coding or Programming
people exchanging Information

Product managers oversee the design, strategy, and implementation of the products created by their companies.

Being a great product manager needs you to gain some knowledge and enhance your creative skills.

Although any coding or programming is not required, still it’s better to learn how product managers tend to perform well with their strategies.

The estimated salary is expected to be $64,262 per year.

Information architect:

The information architect is one hell of a job as you have to deal with a lot of tasks.

From designing the organization overall and the website’s specific structure of content, they have to spend days to make it work.

The position of information architect comes with a great deal of responsibility.

They have to present details to the visitors of the site in the best way possible and to provide a positive user experience.

To organize the information ideally, they gather data from the utility tests to determine the best possible way to generate a positive outcome.

The average salary for an information architect is expected to be $97,681 per year.

Digital marketer:

Digital marketers use the power of the internet to promote services and products in the best possible way.

They make the best use of everyone’s effort and time and emphasize ideal communication and soft skills to deal with their clients.

However, to gather online analytics data and to sort it requires them to use some hard skills at some point as well.

A college degree is valuable for being a digital marketer just like any other traditional marketing position but not a necessity.

The estimated salary for digital marketers is expected to be $48,964 per year.

User Experience Designer:

A user experience designer is a job in which the designer creates the product by keeping the end-user in his mind.

His main aim in manufacturing a particular product is to satisfy his customers.

The job of UX varies, some designers create products on their user’s research, and designers create the prototype products only.

There are some responsibilities of the user experience designer; some of them are discussed below:

  • Survey: he has to do research about the demand of the user by conducting a survey or taking his interview. He can also use other methods of conducting the research.
  • Information: know the best and efficient ways of adding data on the site.
  • Choices: on the basis of data collected, it offers the designing choices to the users.
  • Prototyping: produce the test versions of the specific sites and applications.

It is a good job with an average salary of$72,780 per year.

Business analyst:

High Paying Tech Jobs That Don't Require Coding or Programming job Search

A business analyst is expected to bridge the gap between the developers and the customer.

The software development cycle is not as simple as it seems.

The debate doesn’t end where customers tell the developers to create what they want.

This is the point where a business analyst comes in and gains a solid understanding of customer needs.

The requirements told by the customer are converted into a series of tasks that can be individually addressed by the developers.

The estimated salary is around $80,214 per year.

System administrator:

Considered as the handymen of the IT department, system admins play a vital role in tech companies.

They cover a lot of things in their department ranging from unboxing, getting an email server back online to setting up servers, etc. A system admin is quite a hectic job, but tech companies hire them with distinct specialties.

Depending on the projects needed, each company has different preferences. Some might keep only one while others keep more than one system admin.

The salary package ranges between $46.4k to $95.8k per year approximately.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist:

Search engine optimization is come under the subdivision of marketing because of its technical aspects.

SOE specialist works to increase the rankings; he has to collaborate with web designers and developers to get the best SEO outputs.

The SEO practices are implemented on web apps and websites. There are many different types of responsibilities of the search engine optimization specialist; some of them are described below:

  • The main responsibility of the SEO specialist is to find the keywords.
  • I have to work with the content team in order to get the best SEO content.
  • Improve the ranking of the search engine by optimizing copy on the pages.
  • The other responsibilities of an SEO specialist are, reporting, tracking, and analyzing the PPC campaigns.

The average salary of the search engine optimization specialist is $40,750 per year.

Web Analytics Specialist:

Best High Paying Tech Jobs That Don't Require Coding or Programming

Web analytics specialist is related to search engine optimization and digital marketing.

The web analytics specialist is responsible for the site traffic measurement and goal setting of the site.

They can enhance the user experience with the help of Google analytics.

The web analysis specialist is commonly worked with the agencies which are representing the number of clients.

Even they have to manage the number of websites, it is highly dependent on the size of the particular agency.

The estimated salary of the web analytics specialist is around $62,464.

Marketing Automation Manager:

Marketing automation is essential, especially for larger companies.

They generate and oversee marketing campaigns which includes several things such as nurturing strong leads, developing email funnels, and reducing day-to-day busy work schedule by making marketing automation tools into work.

The estimated salary is around $75,468 per year.

Technical writer:

You can become a technical writer by knowing your space and how to program depending upon where you are working.

From the product press release, manuals to use cases, and instructions, there’s so much to do in the tech department that luckily has nothing to do with programming.

You can become a technical content writer and earn pretty well by polishing your writing skills.

The estimated salary for technical writers per year is expected to be around $70,930.

Graphic designer:

High Paying Tech Jobs That Don't Require Coding or Programming And Are Available now

In this era of technology, everything is computer-driven, the job of the graphic designer is computer bases.

But some graphic designers are still done their work manually from their hands.

The position of the graphic designer is very vast in which he can play many different roles like designing reports, magazines, and brochures and includes the production of the advertisements.

In this field, experience matters a lot, and most companies prefer a person with a great experience.

The basic salary for this job is $48,700 per year.

Tech journalism, YouTube, and Blogging:

Tech journalism is on a growth ladder since the industry has boomed in recent years.

You can get yourself in the tech field if you want a wider appreciation of this industry.

All you have to do is to sharpen some of your writing skills with a keen mind for analysis and questions.

You can make your own YouTube channel if you have some great camera/photography skills that focus on tech.

You can discuss a larger number of topics from tutorials to gaming.

You can also offer unique takes on current developments and news. You can get noticed with your potential through YouTube or blogging as these platforms have advanced to a great level for a few years.

The estimated salary is around $43,000.

If you are interested in learning how to become a blogger or YouTuber please check out the Income School Project 24 program.

Growth Hacker:

A growth hacker is also known as a user acquisition specialist.

The growth hackers fall under the shadow of marketing.

Their job is to combine technology, marketing, and business development by focusing on user acquisition.

They have developed strategies to measure the results of consumer liking and disliking.

According to the effects they have to plan for engaging the consumers.

For the successful execution of the plan, the growth hacker must be flexible and have the ability to make decisions.

The national salary for growth hacker or acquisition specialist is around $74,369.

Network Engineer:

Network engineers develop the setup and maintain the different networks.

The networks they support can keep the devices of everybody, which helps in making communication effective.

They are commonly dealing with physical hardware than computer software.

For this job, you can start with a bachelor’s degree, but every company has its requirements.

Most companies can pay network engineers about $71,515 per year.

High Paying Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding or Programming is available for you right now there is never a good time to make an industry switch but we are happy to help and give you a broad perspective on types of jobs you can aim for.

Is An Anesthesia Tech Program a High Paying Tech Job That Doesn’t Require Coding or Programming?

Enrolling in an anesthesia tech program can lead to a rewarding tech job without the need for coding or programming skills. As an anesthesia tech, you’ll assist medical professionals by setting up equipment, monitoring patients, and ensuring a safe environment during surgery. While the pay can vary, it is considered a high-paying tech job that offers growth opportunities within the healthcare industry.

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