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If you have got a spirit of becoming a Proofreader and couldn’t make how to become a proofreader? Do I need a degree? How much is it going to give me a financial benefit? How and where will I seek a job?

Read on, you have landed on the right page here we are going to give you the answers to all of these questions by giving you a Helping Hand.

Who is a Proofreader?

He, a Proofreader, is a keen observer with the eyes of a hawk analyzing the content and looking for  Typographical, grammatical, Syntax, punctuation, spelling, formatting, and other such errors. He makes your content errors free and Presto! He is done with his job.

How to Become a Proofreader?

It has been a common consideration that a person with a Master’s Degree is eligible for becoming a Proofreader, but that is is a rong —-err the wrong conception.  🙂

Yea! It is obvious when you are going to be interviewed by any company for the job as a Proofreader; they don’t even consider you without a degree or formal training. Disappointed?

Of course! You must say a NAY. Cause’ There are some other ways that surely you can adopt to become a Professional Proofreader of course without a degree.

You can polish your skills by checking your friends’ documents and analyzing it tell him if there are any grammatical and other formatting mistakes, but to become a Proofreader you will have to train yourself and enhance your skills by practicing and getting the view how to become a Proofreader and what should a beginner do, and create your portfolio on Upwork and any other platform (light is going to shed on a few of them under below) and earn from home.

Owning a degree does not matter; what matters is your Proofreading skills.

There are many online Proofreading courses and pieces of training that teach new and modern techniques and ways of perfecting a document and error-free.

The Proofreading training gives you head start in the freelancing market.

The different categories of Proofreading Training like Academic Proofreading, Basic Business Proofreading. Proofreading of creative texts may cost you different charges.

Proofreading training can be divided into two categories, formal and informal training.

1. Formal Training

Many colleges offer charged courses consisting a day, or even half-day, and some courses occupy weeks, for these learners can claim for the certificate as well.

These educate you about the symbols and notations and give a proper guideline on how and what to change in a document whilst you give them a Proofread.

2. Informal Training

If you have an aptitude for working as a proofreader but have no intention of paying for Proofreading Training, then you can take advantage of informal training.

Most of the websites provide you free assistance and advice about the subject. More, the college and public libraries have books, by reading them you can learn about notations that are used by the Professional Proofreaders.

To get the Proofreading training you can get yourself in the courses as well, offered by several online learning platforms, these Proofreading Training Programs not only aim to increase your knowledge about grammar construction, spellings, and punctuations but also instruct you to how the particular terminologies and abbreviations effectively making your documents error-free.

Not only this, but it helps you to get expertise with software like Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.

The list of the 5 most celebrated courses is given below.

1. Udemy: Proofreading Power Basics (Udemy)

2. How to find and correct writing errors: The Proofreading Guide(Udemy)

3. The Publishing Training Center: What is Proofreading?

4. Kickstart a freelance editor and Proofreader career on Upwork (Udemy)

5. Proofreading Your articles tools(skillshare)

How much does Proofreader Earn?

I am not going to claim that you are going to be a millionaire overnight by working as a Proofreader, but for sure, Proofreading can enable you to make reasonable earnings if you have got great skills of grammar, punctuation, and formatting the text.

Different institutions offer you different rates according to your competency and work efficiency, as the Chartered Institute (CIEP) of editing and proofreading, in the UK offers hourly rates £25to 40.

But again, it depends on the quantity of work and the quality of your skills. Most of the buyers now prefer paying you per job instead of an hourly rate.

But if you are a beginner and have zero experience, it would be better to start working at lower rates, and even sometimes it may cost you zero price to gain experience, you should not miss the chance of working for free as it will help you to beef up your portfolio.

Where can a Proofreader get the job?

Do you want to try your hand at Proofreading? Don’t know where to find a Proofreading Job?

Don’t worry! Here the list of many platforms, marketplaces, and companies is going to be provided to you that offer you a Proofreading job.

There are a hundred places where you can find proofreading jobs, here we are going to dig deep into 5 well-reputed Proofreading companies that offer you work, but before applying, you will have to go through online tests to qualify for a Proofreading Job.

5 Best Companies Offering Proofreading Jobs

1. Hello Essay

2. Sibia Proofreading

3. Polished Paper

4. Domainite

5. Sibia Proofreading

Sadly, it can never be a good choice for sending your resume to these big remarkable companies, as they are considered highly qualified and employ great competency and exceptional grammar and language skills.

No worries! Beginners like you have good fortune as they can apply for Proofreading jobs on these amazing platforms.

8 best places for a beginner to find a Proofreading Job:

1. Upwork:

Upwork is the largest freelance marketplace that offers you unlimited jobs according to your skills.

How Does Upwork Work?

  • The buyer posts his proofreading gig
  • Freelancers submit a proposal
  • The buyer interviews you and selects you if you are capable of offering your service to him.

Upwork does not cost any charges for submitting a proposal, but if after the successful completion of your project that pays you, Upwork deducts a payment of 10% from it.

But when you are going to submit a proposal, never forget to tell your client what you can do for him and Talk about your skills, then he might be hiring you!

If you take the U.S English Proofreading test that displays the scores on the top of your profile, that will add credibility to your portfolio and attracts more clients.

2. offers you part-time and full-time proofreading jobs before applying for the job you will have to pass the test.

You can apply from anywhere from any corner of the world, but only if you do have exceptional English Language skills.

You work at your own pace; with the availability of flexible working hours, you can work anytime anywhere, from your living room or study room.

3. Fiverr:

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelancing platforms that offer plenty of Proofreading Jobs.

If you are a beginner, it might be the best spot for you to land a job. Fiverr offers jobs for all kinds of freelancers; whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can make money by offering your services to clients.

In the beginning, you may not be able to earn a huge amount according to your expectations, but as time passes by, you brush up your skills and earn credibility, and make more and more!

4. Lionbridge:

Lionbridge would be a great place to start work with, this is a crowded community of over a million workers offering their services for more than two decades, but it requires a little experience and expertise in proofreading for applying for a Proofreading Job here.

Lionbridge offers plenty of jobs to freelancers, and Proofreading Jobs are the most popular among them. It provides you with their support by bringing into your knowledge the tips and tools that help you to achieve the high standard set by your customers.

5. Craigslist

Craig Newmark the founder of Craigslist started offering its services in 1995, but within a year, it became a popular website with its unlimited services of offering jobs at the largest scale. To find a proofreading job build up your profile, post your resume, and go to the section of Proofreading jobs.

I am sure you will not be disappointed in finding fun doing the job according to your caliber and interest.

You can download the Craigslist app, and offer your services, by staying at home without paying them a penny to buy a job.

6. LinkedIn

Most of people do have doubts about its existence as LinkedIn was developed in 2002, but now it has over 690 million registered members from all over the world(source: Wikipedia).

The main purpose of this platform is to offer jobs and post jobs. It could be the best place to find an online Proofreading job.

As LinkedIn is the most crowded platform, when it comes to searching and finding Proofreading jobs on it, it becomes challenging but never loses heart. Keep trying and do hope the day is not that far away when you will land your first job!

7. Start your own Business

If you are a beginner and struggling with an online job, there is no need to put all your eggs in one basket.

You can earn more and become an experienced Proofreader by selling your services by starting your own business.

You can take the initiative by starting your website or a Facebook page. Starting your own business will be the best way for a beginner like you to find a Proofreading job.

8. Guru

Another platform where you can find a groove, whether you are a beginner or an experienced, Guru provides proofreading jobs.

Most people do compare Guru with Fiverr, but you should not take into account such distinction if you are passionate about your career and determined to get a gig, and then keep going.

Once you become familiar with any platform and have got skills, no matter what platform you are using, you are going to make your name in the online business world.

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We have gone through many ways of becoming a Proofreader and got to know about the places where you can find a proofreading job.

But to land your first online Proofreading job, you just need to improve your proofreading skills you can enhance your grammar and punctuation by taking a course Free Online workshop.

Stay at home; make money, by doing a gig at your own pace, as Early Morning and Late Nights are a matter of indifference until you start enjoying Self-Paced work. Good Luck!

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