Best High-Resolution Video Editing Laptops


High-Resolution Video Editing Laptops

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As a desktop editor, you are constantly looking for the latest and greatest laptop to edit your videos, photos, or presentations on.

The truth is that laptops change so fast these days that it can be hard to find one with all of the features you need. With that being said, we have compiled a list of our top 5 high-resolution editing laptops!

we have to take the best of the best and compiled a list of our top five high-resolution editing laptops!

If you are in a hurry here are our best video editing laptops today.

Image Product Details   Price
MSI-prestige-14 MSI 14 Excellent Video Editor Laptop Check Price
MSI-15AMS MSI 15 Content Creation Laptop great for video Check Price
2019-Apple-MacBook-Pro-16-inch-16GB-RAM-512GB-Storage-26GHz-Intel-Core-i7-Space-Gray MacBook Pro The to go machine for Apple Junkies Check Price
Dell-XPS-17-9700 XPS 17 Consider the best machine you can opt for in video editing Check Price

What do you look for when buying a video editing laptop?

-A laptop with a high-resolution screen. A higher pixel density will make it easier to edit your videos and photos on the go! The best laptops for video editing have at least 1920 x 1080 pixels, but some even offer up to 3840×1920 or more than that – which is great if you are looking into using VR headsets like Oculus Rift in conjunction as well (though not necessary).

If this sounds too complicated just keep an eye out of any screens over 2560px wide because they should be able to work fine without much issue when working within Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017’s interface window size constraints; however, we recommend going above 27 inches so there aren’t such tight restrictions while viewing footage from different angles during edits)

Why does editing videos take such a big toll on laptops?

Video editing is a very intensive process, and it’s not just the CPU that needs to be powerful. The GPU also plays an important role in rendering video frames quickly – especially when you’re working with high-resolution footage (1080p or higher).

You’ll want something like NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti for 1080 videos at 60fps; if your laptop has less than this amount of power then expect some choppiness during playback as well! Some people might think they can get away without having such strong specs because their computer will only ever have one open window while doing edits but we recommend going above 27 inches so there aren’t any tight restrictions viewing from different angles) .

And finally don’t forget about RAM: 16

How much RAM should I have in my video editing laptop?

The amount of RAM you need will depend on the type and size of video files that are being edited.

For 1080p videos, we recommend a minimum of 16GB (or more) for smooth editing performance; if your laptop has less than this then expect some choppiness during playback as well! Some people might think they can get away without having such strong specs because their computer only ever has one open window while doing edits but it’s recommended to go above 27 inches so there aren’t any tight restrictions viewing from different angles).

And finally, don’t forget about memory: 32 GB or higher is best suited when working with high-resolution footage like HDTVs in full resolution at 60fps – which means no lag time whatsoever between recording

Is it better to have a desktop for video editing?

What are the main differences between a desktop and a laptop video editing-wise?

The main difference between a desktop and a laptop is that laptops are more portable, but desktops have the ability to be upgraded.

Laptops typically come with less RAM than their counterparts in order for them not to get too heavy or expensive while still being able to use programs like Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 without any lag time whatsoever when editing high-resolution footage at 60fps – which means no delay! Desktop computers can also usually handle higher resolutions better because they don’t need as much power from your CPU (central processing unit) so you’re getting an even smoother video playback experience overall on top of having enough space within its case/tower frame where all components fit together nicely instead just sitting around loosely inside its casing if there was only one small.

what video editing program runs better on laptops Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve?

Premiere Pro is better on laptops because it doesn’t need as much power from your CPU. Davinci Resolve needs a lot of processing and memory, so you’re going to have issues with lag time when editing high-resolution footage at 60fps – which means no delay!

Desktop computers can also usually handle higher resolutions without any problems whatsoever while still being able to use programs like Adobe Premiere CC 2018 or Final Cut X for video production workflows that require heavy-duty rendering capabilities in order not to get too expensive either but if the laptop has an iGPU (integrated graphics card) then this will be enough most times even though some people might find them less powerful than their DSLR counterparts since they don’t offer many options outside.

Where can I get RAM sticks for laptops?

RAM is a type of memory that can be installed on laptops in order to increase their performance.

The RAM sticks are usually sold separately and they come with different speeds, so you should always consult the laptop’s manual before purchasing them for your device – but if it doesn’t have any information about this then there will probably also not be much difference between two types since most computers use DDR-SDRAM these days anyway which means both works at 1600MHz (or PC1600).

You might need more than one stick depending on how many slots exist inside though some models only allow installation of up to four modules or less while others support a high number like sixteen GBs worth! If all else fails just contact customer service because sometimes manufacturers don’t list

Here is our list of the best video editing laptops

1. Dell XPS 15 is an excellent choice for video editing

The Dell XPS 15 was engineered to handle some of the most demanding professional tasks without breaking a sweat. From video editing and color grading to animation and CAD design—this laptop is designed for professionals who rely on the power of their work today. With innovative tech for high performance, it’s no wonder why Hollywood studios and indie filmmakers alike choose this laptop.*

2. MSI 15

The MSI Creator 15SH is a striking compromise between thinness and ultimate power for those who demand the best. This high-performance laptop features astonishing power and breathtaking sound with near-zero latency to ensure precision gaming, but it also looks sleek on your desk thanks to its thickness of just 18mm (despite packing a Full HD display).

3. MSI 15 AMS

This upcoming MSI 15AMS laptop is designed for both gamers and video editors alike. The lightweight aluminum body houses the latest Intel Quad Core processors which let you run more virtual machines, surf online websites, or multitask easily on the 15″ widescreen display with a 1350×768 resolution. With its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics card and 16GB DDR4 RAM memory this powerful laptop allows you to edit 4K videos smoothly without any hangups running up to 3 Adobe Lightroom plugins at once without worrying about lag or slowness in editing out unwanted vectors from plain backgrounds.

4.  MSI Prestige 14 4k

The MSI Prestige 14 4k is a video editing laptop, with overclockable 8th Gen Intel i7-8750H processors. The NVIDIA 1070 GTX graphics card provides uncompromised performance for photo and video editing. Weighing just 3 kg (6.6 pounds), the compact and lightweight chassis feature NVIDIA Max-Q design meaning it has great portability without compromising on near-powerful desktop GPU power needed for heavy lifting tasks such as rendering videos or heavy digital image processing.

5. The MacBook Pro is a great laptop for video editing 

The MacBook Pro is great for video editing because of its higher resolution screen, which makes working on videos much easier than lower resolution screens would be able to do! It also features the latest Intel Core I processors so you can edit your photos or presentations with ease as well (not that those are any less important!) The only downside we could find was how expensive this laptop starts at ($2000). If money isn’t an issue then go ahead but if not there may be better options out there waiting just around the corner if you are a Mac user you might as well go with the flow and get this one.

Is It Important to Have a High-Performance CPU for Video Editing Laptops?

When it comes to video editing laptops, the presence of high-performance hacking processors plays a crucial role. These powerful CPUs ensure quick rendering and seamless playback, allowing professionals to work efficiently. Whether it’s processing large files or handling complex software, a high-performance CPU is essential to achieve optimal video editing results.

Which brand of laptop is recommended for high-resolution video editing?

When it comes to high-resolution video editing, it is crucial to choose one of the best laptop brands. These brands offer powerful processors, ample RAM, and dedicated graphics cards to ensure smooth video rendering and editing. Some recommended options include Apple MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, and HP ZBook series, known for their excellent performance and high-resolution displays.

What are other alternatives to editing laptops when you need a portable device?

The best alternatives to editing laptops are tablets. They have the same features as a laptop, but they’re lighter and more compact which makes them easier for travel or taking on the go with you anywhere!  Tablets also offer longer battery life than most of today’s high-end gaming computers so it will last much longer when using programs like Photoshop that require lots of power from your computer hardware in order to run smoothly without lag time between edits/changes made by the user while working within program interface window screen(s). Tablets can be used at home too if there is no desk space available because many people prefer their tablet over any other type of computing device such as lightweight notebooks (laptops), desktop PCs & Macbooks.

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