I would like to make this as clear as possible, these tools and resources I have found to be the easiest to use and the most effective for its cost, which means the value outways the cost.

Some of them I recommend starting and others to optimize you will see this in the Hosting Section.



When you are looking for hosting you want the one that fits you best. For some users, price is a big issue for other high-end and dedicated performance Is, Here are 3 options that I think Cover each of the most popular ones.


This is the best option if you are on a budget. Yes, I also started with this hosting plan since I did not have dollars to spare. After I started making a bit of money I Migrated to the Second Option. Still Its a good way to start, just remember to keep your website load time under 3 seconds minimum this is an important ranking factor. 

Click Here to see Bluehost Plans


Here is the option I recommend to most of my clients when I set their websites. Its one of the best Hosting services out there, the price is just a bit above Bluehost and others but its performance surpasses them by far. So if you have some extra dollars to spent a month do not think twice this should be your choice. 

Click here to see SiteGround Hosting Plans


If you have time in the game and haven’t used or at least tried Cloudways you are missing out. This is the best service I have encountered, yes its a bit pricy but if you want to get the best loading times and metrics from your website there is a small price to pay. you can check their 30 day free trial and you will fall in love with it.

Click here to get your free trial


Many beginners spent hours choosing the theme, and its very important but when you are starting out you need 3 key things to make your website a success these are 1. Mobil Responsive Theme 2. Speed Fast Loading Theme 3. SEO Friendly Theme


Acabado Theme

This is by far the simplest way you can start your blog, the Acabado theme is made to be fast responsive and above all easy to use. Develop by the guys at income school this theme is all you need to start, also be sure to check out their blogging course it’s awesome.

Click Here to see Acabado Theme

Divi Theme

Created by  Elegant Themes this is one of the most popular multipurpose themes out in the market you could create any type of website with this theme alone. and the information library on how to create websites it’s huge.

Click Here To See Divi Theme


If Those options where not up to your standards don’t forget a huge selection of themes at ThemeForest and Envato Market Place be sure to check them out.

Click this link to go to ThemeForest Market Place

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