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If you are just getting into the website creation world you might be wondering Is a WordPress Theme Necessary and the straightforward answer is No, you definitely do not need a WordPress Theme.

There are Tons Of ways to get your website up and running So Is a WordPress Theme Necessary?

Is WordPress Is Necessary

No not really you can do fine without it.

But maybe you are asking the wrong question, to make up your mind if you should use a WordPress Theme, maybe this information will help you make up your mind.

What is a WordPress THEME

Wordpress Theme

let’s make it clear what is a Theme: In WordPress, a theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress-powered website.

In fewer words it’s a premade design, this makes the job easier since you only have to replace text, images, fonts, etc.

depending on the theme you would be able to change different things.

First, let me give you some stats about how the CMS Distribution In Top Million sites is divided and why this is important.

Website pie

Just by understanding the next graphic, you will notice how word wide does people use WordPress and most of them will be using a theme or have developed their own theme.

Why is Word Press Number One?

As you saw in the previous graph there are many website builders and all of them have their pros and cons, so what has been WordPress’s advantage over the rest?

When people look to create an awesome website you need different things on it. and hopefully, you have a great web builder to achieve these results.

So most of the internet is WordPress based since it is an open-source platform there are countless companies and entrepreneurs developing software and applications for this platform.

You can actually get really great results using other platforms but the amount of information and advantages built for WordPress is very difficult to surpass.

Why I will keep using WordPress at least for a while since 68% or more is composed of WordPress I have to wonder if Google hast to optimize around it or leverage that most of the sites run with WP to find the best information to rank on Google.

This is just my opinion and the main conspiracy theory why I will keep using WordPress.


Another common question is It necessary to have a child theme when running WordPress.

Child theme

No, it’s not necessary, but if you had your website built by someone, it’s likely that he or she would have implemented a child theme for you.

And the reason why is very simple, WordPress is always making updates, and sometimes the updates clash with some of your internal components. So when WordPress updates your web page scrambles the information and it loses its format.

The Child Theme Is Necessary when you want to keep this from happening.

One of the best things is that you can add all the custom CSS code to the child theme and it won’t affect the website when updates occur.

The Other Options On WebCreation

Joomla is the runner-up.

You can get a kick out of Joomla and if you ask me the only reason that the pie is not half and a half with WordPress is that they got a head start and WordPress already had a huge following.

they give the same proposal as WordPress to tell you the truth I’m a bit biased toward WordPress since I have achieved so much success with it.

but non the less you should go and check it out for yourself.

Click on this link to go to


Over 1,000,000 websites run on Drupal. Browse our showcases to find tailor-made examples of how Drupal is powering the Internet.

yes, a million is a lot but if you consider the world it’s not.

You would have a great pitch to sell websites on this builder since it’s not most used it has a certain exclusivity to it. to put it in a simple way there are more people that know WordPress than Drupal its just basic percentages.

still, click on this link to check it out


I have to classify them both in the same category since they both promise the same and offer the same. first of all, understand that both are drag-and-drop builders and I have to say they are awesome.

And there is no question in my mind that they are well-funded projects and will have a lot more users in the near future.

Disclaimer I’m not talking about the free blogging version they have. That mainly puts all your content under their directory and basically, you don’t own ziltch of your website content.

If you are creating a website be sure to own your domain. this is prime real estate online. You will own it as long as you pay your annual subscription but you own it which means that if you want you can sell it.

there are multiple people that make a living flipping domains and some have even been sold in the hundreds of thousands.

Wix has a free plan but you can’t use a personal domain. if you are going to get Wix to get at least the combo for personal use 13 dollars a month but you own your stuff.

Squarespace starts about 12  dollars a month but you can’t sell anything online so you should opt for a business that will cost you about 18 per month.

They are both great builders but I think they limit the user on some options.

These are approximate prices since they can vary if you get long-term plans such as 2 years.

A year on Wix is $204

A year on Squarespace is $216

A year Hosting + Domain +WordPress   $ 58

And the cost base is still running further apart.

I currently use 2 hosting companies, they have 2 separate purposes

#1 SiteGrond its performance is by far one of the best I’ve seen this way I can ensure my clients the best speeds and support that they can have. you can see their plans by clicking this link Siteground Plans

#2 Bluehost This is where I run my personal blogs and personal projects, I know if I keep my loading speeds under 2.5 seconds I won’t have any problems with them. Click on this link to see the Bluehost hosting plans its a bit cheaper than site ground and great for startups.

# 3 Hostgator is cheap and it does the work if you are starting on a budget and don’t know if the laptop life is for you this is well a good way to test and not spent a huge amount of money click on this link to check Hostgator

Notice: Remember these services have a ton of coupons on the web so remember to search for discount coupons to get the price way lower there are tons of ways you can get them.

get the Honey extension for the Chrome browser.

Is a WordPress Theme Necessary No, but it sure makes things easier.

there is no correct builder to make a website, but there is an easy way and there is an expensive way. if you decide that you want to go the expensive way you will want to hire developers that can handle the back-end programming and the front-end programming too and hopefully they will know how to do integrations in case you need them.

To put it in simple words, WordPress has made everything work like blocks and has made it available to third-party developers to create blocks themselves.  

your job is to select the block you need and then put them together, and thanks to the information on the web you can easily do this via tutorials or you could hire a third party to do it for you.

This is one of my most solicited services. I do WordPress websites, optimization, integrations, and much more for clients that required them.

So if you want to learn to make websites or eCommerce sites or any website projects you might want to try WordPress the number of resources is incredible.

and an extra: if you get good at a certain task you can monetize that learn the skill.

Create an Amazing Website


User-Friendly Website Navigation

You can recreate almost any website on WordPress if you have the right builder, but the fun thing is that you can remake the most user-friendly websites and the smoothed navigation ever with it.

You can check out the web design section and see what builder I use to recreate almost any website on the web, really powerful tool.

Web Design and Layout

yes, the layout is as important as  UX And UI design. why you may ask the internet is a milliseconds market place which means you have a limited amount of time to catch your reader, customer, or persons of interest’s attention to navigate him to your desired call of action.

Responsive Design

And if you haven’t heard that most of the searches are being made form phones and tablets your website and design must be responsive, changing your view from a 13-inch laptop to and 8-inch cellphone makes the experience very different so you will probably want the mobile version to exceed the browser one.

Does Having a WordPress Theme Impact the Success of My Idea?

When it comes to the idea success crucial aspect, having the right WordPress theme can significantly impact the outcome. A well-designed and user-friendly theme enhances the overall user experience, making it easier for visitors to navigate and engage with your website. Moreover, a professional and visually appealing theme can convey trust and credibility, influencing the success of your idea.

Web Design

There are tons of great designers online today and you can take full advantage of their skills if you have a big enough budget to acquire them.

But thanks to WordPress’s multiple contributors we have an endless supply of resources to replicate great designs with little to no effort at all. and you don’t even need to know the code.

Many companies have developed what we today call drag-and-drop page builders, which has made it possible for non-developers like myself to create from scratch awesome-looking websites.

The theme and builder that I currently use is called Divi Theme. and yes it’s both you can use it as a theme and also as a builder. if you currently have a favorite theme you can add the builder and create visually stunning pieces.

You also have a hundred pre-made layouts ready to use these make it way easier to start a page in a matter of minutes. I personally create and sell web pages with the builder and use the pre-made layouts as the base of the website.

If you are interested please use my link that will give you a 10% discount at ElegantThemes/Divi theme 

You will not be disappointed you will get

  • Divi Theme
  • Divi Builder
  • Extra Theme
  • Monarch Plugin
  • Bloom Plugin

If you go the free route I bet you at some point you will buy one of these options separately and in the end, it will cost you way more than you thought.

I hope you enjoy the information provided for you in this post.

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