The 10 Best Programming Languages For Hacking!


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Have you always been thinking to master the art of hacking?

If your answer is a YES, congrats! You’re just in the right place.

The 10 Best Programming Languages For Hacking
Black Hat Hacker

As we all know, be it ethical hacking or black hat hacking, we can’t become proficient in hacking unless we become experts in programming.

Disclaimer: I provide just knowledge base information and by no means I encourage people to incurred in black hat Hacking since these are illegal actions and you might be committing a crime.  

But if you are using this information to understand both sides of the coin, please enjoy and remember that the best cybersecurity experts started as Black Hat Hackers at some point.

If you’re thinking to break into a system protocol or application security, you must be an expert in coding.

This is the only way you can find breaches in a system or application software.

I know you’re confused as there are plenty of programming languages out there.

That’s why the question arises “What are the 10 best programming languages for hacking?

You’ll be glad to hear I have the answer, just keep reading and I’m going to tell you about the best programming languages for hacking.

The 10 Best Programming Languages For Hacking


Though it’s not basically a programming language but a Text Markup language, HTML is the very first language to learn if you’re thinking to dive into the ocean of hacking.

It lays down the very foundation of the internet and that’s why it’s of great importance to try your hands at HTML. It’s quite easy to get the hang of this language.

You’ll be able to understand how information is displayed on the web and how it’s processed across the web. So time to be in business guys!

Where can you learn HTML: you can browse youtube for videos on HTML and how to code. but to be honest I have found that takes way too long and the main reason is that there is no structure in the learning system.

#2 JavaScript

When it comes to the most powerful web language for hacking web applications, nothing can equal JavaScript.

It’s the most used client-side programming language for developing web applications.

That’s the reason why it’s the most adored programming language by hackers and web experts.

The more you learn and understand this language, the better you’ll be able to find flaws in a web application.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?.

#3 PHP

What about server-side hacking? Well, this is where PHP comes into the show.

Being one of the most popular server-side programming languages, it’s the building block of CMS websites such as WordPress.

By knowing a deeper knowledge of this language, it will help you find flaws in server-side networks.

That’s the reason it’s widely used by hackers for launching server-side attacks as it’s a server-side scripting language.

So if you adore web hacking, PHP will always come in handy for you.


#4 SQL

Hacking isn’t just about playing around with web scripts.

It requires a deeper understanding of the databases of the networks as well.

SQL is a Structured Query Language that allows us to add, retrieve, r edit data in a database.

We use it to fetch and retrieve information for databases.

Every website has its own database where it stores all of its valuable information.

That’s why learning SQL becomes of great value.

Have you ever heard about SQL injection?

The agent behind this lethal attack is SQL.

To become competent in SQL and have a card up your sleeves for your opponents.


#5 C/C++

Do you know which language is called as mother of all languages? Is it C/C++? Yes, you guessed right.

This language completely changed the world of programming and that’s the reason why it’s taught by universities as one of the first languages to learn.

C++ is an extension of C and both of these languages play a vital role in software creation.

It’s a very good language for beginners to learn the basics of coding before opting for other languages.


#6 Python

Considered one of the easiest programming languages, Python is one of the main languages to learn in order to learn more about the integrity of systems.

Though Python is used in many ways, it comes of great use in exploiting the integrity of computer systems, which is one of the primary things in hacking.


#7 Java

Once you master C++, the next step is to start learning Java.

Why? The answer is Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language that is more powerful than C++. While C++ lays down the foundation, Java takes it to the other level.

After learning Java, you’ll have all the knowledge about mobile applications.

Thus, allowing you to find vulnerabilities in a mobile device in a much better way.

#8 Ruby

Ruby is a programming language that is similar to Python in terms of syntax.

However, they do differ in usage.

Ruby is more focused on web development purposes. On the other hand, Python provides an excellent ground for research-based scientific analysis.

The reason why it’s better than other web-focused languages is the way it gives a response, which is blazing fast.

That’s the reason a lot of experts prefer ruby when it comes to when building powerful applications.

One such example is the Metasploit penetration testing framework.

#9 Assembly

It might sound like a classic name.

Yes, it’s an old language and a pretty much-complicated language to learn when compared to the like of Python and Ruby.

However, it could be used in many excellent ways by experts.

Do you know who the world’s most deadly hackers are? People who’re experts of assembly language.

Just think of viruses and malware and you’ll start to believe it.


#10 Bash

Technically Bash isn’t a programming language but a command shell in Unix and Unix-like systems.

But believe me, if you get a grasp of Bash, it will give you tremendous results.

You’ll be able to work efficiently on any server specially when you’ve to run programs from the terminal remotely.

Isn’t it fascinating?

Which Programming Languages Should I Learn If I Want to Become a Hacker?

When it comes to becoming a skilled hacker, learning specific programming languages can give you a competitive edge. Python is widely used due to its simplicity and extensive libraries. C++ is preferred for low-level development, while JavaScript is valuable for web exploit techniques. Ultimately, mastering multiple languages will enhance your versatility in the world of hacking.

Keep in Mind

To be honest, hacking isn’t as easy as might have been thinking. It requires hard work, dedication, and effort.

It demands practice and hard work.

However, these efforts bear fruits that you never even imagined.

One thing more, hacking is illegal in most countries and can land you in serious trouble.

However, ethical hacking is an excellent career to pursue.

So time to be white-hat hacker guys!

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