What Programming Language Should You Learn First?


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If you have been wondering what programming language should you learn first, that means you are planning on learning to code as a new skill and probably you find yourself overwhelmed with the selection of multiple languages to learn from.

After researching multiple variables from which is the easiest and even what is the coding language skill in more demand the absolute answer is you should learn Python first. This is the opinion of a person that is a non-developer.

Programming Language Should You Learn First

Learn Python Programming Language as a Beginner

If you don’t have any idea of coding and you are interested in learning a programming language to increase your income or even better change industries and join the largest growing workforce on demand right now and it might still be in a few years, a computer programmer is a way to go.

Why I personally recommend python as a beginner language to learn?

Well it´s not because is easier, it’s actually one of the most popular and in the industry is first or second language in demand, this means you will have multiple opportunities to get a better job in the industry is you are fluent in python.

Now, do not get discouraged when I say fluent since there are a lot of options for python programmers there are also a lot of options for different coding levels.

People may have one or two years of coding under their belts, but even a 3-month student can get a job and actually grow exponentially on a junior coding level, of course, you will get paid accordingly to your skill level, in fact, that is one of the coolest things about this type of job, the more time you put in the more you will get paid.

There are a lot of freelance programmers, they are very proficient in their programming language and they never fell short of jobs since they actually manage to do work a lot faster than new programmers, they are well paid for their speed and proficiency this is probably what you should aim for.

Short hours of work and a big payday

What Not Start With Another Programming Language?

There is no actual reason why you should not start with another programming language, it actually depends on what are your preferences, selecting the right language for yourself its a bit like trying out a sport, you will not actually know until you try it out.

In fact, if you are really serious about coding you should try it for your self if you ask other people witch one you should start with if you’re a beginner. then everyone will have their own bias on their opinion, simply because they know a programmer and they are doing well they will suggest that for you, but there are a lot of multiple factors that could affect the outcome of a great programmer.

What Is The Most Important Factor To Make It In the Programming Industry?

It´s easy how much time are you willing to put into it. If you know successful people a lot of them talk about how much time they actually put into their business, there is a famous study called Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule. see the video to get the idea on how it works.

The Most Successful Programmers Are Passionate About It.

You might find these difficult to understand but in the programming world the end goal is not money, in fact, the money comes after you putt your attention on solving a problem and putting code behind it.

The mos Clear example is Google since their mission statement was clearly to connect people and information they had to the pursuit and in that goal, they actually impacted millions of people wich at the end translated into revenue and is not the only example.

Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin.

They serve millions of people and as they serve they grow. these are what the marketplace is for programmers the more companies or people you can serve with your skill the more income it will provide them.

Now, The Updated Version On The Time You Need To Master a Skill.

So new data came up, and actually, a new study destroys Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule 

So we might need to re-think the strategy on getting good at something, it might be easier than spending 10.000 hours-

I think this is a really cool, post you should check out.

The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Wrong. How to Really Master a Skill

Back To Topic, How To Learn Python FAST.

There are multiple ways of learning python but to tell you the truth it depends on the way you learn. and you might find interesting the types of learning that you can find in the blog post. When Should Kids Learn to Code.  in my personal experiences in a lot visual so going through videos and learning step by step is the way I choose to learn.

There are some disadvantages, like when you want to make modifications you might get stuck or differ from the video well let’s say it doesn’t come out exactly as you plan unless you want the same product as shown in the video.

This Is a Step by Step No Step Skipped In Learning Python For Beginners.

I hugely recommend you guys to check out that channel and go to there website. freeCodeCamp.org to learn more about coding.

If you went through the whole 4 hours of training, let me tell you. You might have coders blood in you, You probably don´t know where coding can take you.

And for a lot of people these seem aimless without a big plan, but if you learn the skills you might have a great idea on your journey, sometimes in the process, you will find your big why.

There are multiple resources online to get ideas, of what you can achieve with your new coding skills. Check out our blog post of 21 App Ideas Ripe for the Taking! No Coding Needed.

Welcome To Java Course

Python is my recommendation but, not the only one I tested out. If you have the time check out this Java Fill Course.

Hope you found the resources useful.

Welcome to C++ Tutorial For Beginners

Tips For Learning Code

  1. Select 1 coding language and set micro goals, if you’re following the youtube tutorials, in the descriptions they have the times for each subject, this way you can plan the time you need, to go through each step. 
  2. Review, you will not get all the information in the first time, so I suggest you go review the lesson as much as you need, this will depend on your learning curve.
  3. Spent time researching specific topics. Remember that mastering a micro skill will make you more appealing in the workforce.
  4. Join coding groups, you can use google meetups and other services to join and discuss coding methods. remember that if you have different perspectives you can get to the answer a lot faster. besides this is a great way to ask people for help.
  5. Persist, Persist, Persist. I have to emphasize this point. If you give it time you will find joy in coding and then experiences a breakthrough and then everything will fall in to place.

Should I Learn UI or UX Design Before Learning a Programming Language?

Before diving into programming languages, many wonder whether they should learn ui or ux design. While both are valuable skills, understanding UI/UX principles can greatly benefit aspiring programmers. Learning UI or UX allows developers to better comprehend the user’s perspective, resulting in more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. So before delving into programming languages, consider investing some time to learn UI or UX design.

Start By Coding 2 Hours A Day 2 Times A Week.

Do not overstress, coding takes time and the time that you put in it has to be well spent. so if you’re a beginner you will get stuck a lot of times on simple and basic stuff. Not to worry this happens to every coder, ok to be honest not every coder if you are a genius that this applies to 000.1% of the population you might not have this problem. so if you are, then you shouldn’t be reading this article.

So please disconnect yourself from everything and focus for 2 hours even if you only solve 1 problem in those hours you will develop the skill of discipline. and being able to focus on a single problem for 2 hours will kick up your learning curve by at least 70% if you are the type of person that thinks they need to take a break so you can rewind or get a clear head. you might want to rethink this strategy.

It will not only take you longer to learn but it will also disrupt the skill of focusing on a single task.

Make yourself accountable for the time, make sure you don´t take this skill development lightly, just imagen that each hour is an 80 dollar check, that is approximately what good coders earn on their time spent on a specific task.

to be honest, who would not appreciate 80 bucks every hour. 

If you found the information valuable and you think someone interested in the topic might benefit from reading this article please share and comment. I would like to keep this information up to date. and nothing helps more than feedback.

Persist on your learning journey, come up with great ideas to help millions, and monetize your knowledge so you can do what you love everyday.


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