Why Laptops Are Measured Diagonally? But WHY


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Laptops are measured diagonally?

This site doesn’t include the “bezel” (the body that surrounds the screen itself), which can often add an extra inch to the size.

So you need to measure your laptop diagonally from edge to edge.

The laptop’s screen size is measured diagonally from corner to corner in inches (excluding the bezel). You take a tape measure and place it in the lower-left corner and measure the screen all the way to the top right corner; convert it to inches.

Laptops are measured diagonally

This is the size of your computer screen. Stretch the tape measure diagonally to the opposite corner of the laptop. Make sure you only measure the screen and not the body. Write your measurement on paper and convert it to tenths of an inch.

When you buy online, you’ll notice that the sizes are displayed in tenths of an inch. However, they are in the 16th inch on your tape measure. You can convert the sizes according to this table. Place the tape measure in the lower-left corner and stretch it to the upper-right corner of the laptop.

That’s the size of your laptop. You can measure in either inches or cm. Or convert into a unit that you feel okay with. The most important thing is that all laptop screens are measured diagonally.

Of course, the screen size specified in the specifications is measured diagonally from left to right, not horizontally. Well, as we said before, laptop size is measured diagonally. So instead of taking your tape measure and measuring vertically or horizontally, you’ll want to grab the tape measure and start at the bottom left corner. Many users always make a very general mistake when choosing a bag or laptop skin based on the size of the screen, which is mentioned everywhere when buying.

There are two important things you need to understand before you measure your laptop’s screen size. If you followed the above process for measuring laptop size, you may now know the dimensions of your laptop i. If you were to measure your laptop yourself, you would find that the overall size of the laptop is far larger. A simple Google search with the model of your laptop will also help you find the right size, and you don’t need to measure.

If you travel with your laptop on a daily basis and don’t use it for photo or video editing or any other operation that requires a large screen, an 11-15 inch laptop is an ideal choice. Due to the different internal dimensions, not every 15-inch case will fit a 15-inch laptop. When you buy a laptop case, please make sure it is shock-absorbing to keep your laptop safe in it. That means if you look at the width and height of your laptop screen, you’ll see that none of them measure the laptop’s stated size.

Current laptop screen size if you have questions about the screen size of your current laptop, it’s a good idea to compare it with other laptops when looking for another laptop. When the laptop manufacturer talks about the size of the laptops, they are both talking about the screen size here. This is also the main factor that influences which laptop a person will buy in the first place, and it’s easy to see why. To measure the screen size of a laptop, take a tape measure and measure diagonally from the bottom left of the laptop screen to the top right of the laptop screen.

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