21 App Idea Examples Ripe for the Taking! No Coding Needed




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You don’t need to be a programming guru to make your own application.

App Idea examples

There are a lot of tools and resources to encourage you and it does not require you to give your whole project to an outsider app developer.

Nothing is impossible with technology, even if you are a non-app developer you can still end up making a great app.

Similar to any new reject you take up, app development begins with research too.

You have to set your goals, pick the desired mobile operating software, and layout other definitive aspects that will affect the development of your app.

There are some things you should think about before going forward with the development and design of your mobile phone application.

A few of the main things to ask yourself are:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who will be the users of your app?
  • What is your total budget?
  • Your app will fit into which category?
  • What will be the basic layout and design of your app?

How to develop an app if you are a non-developer?

Based on your responses to these inquiries you will get a clear vision of what type of app you are going to create.

In case you want to make a mobile application with unique and different functionality then you have to focus on custom development.

As a non-app developer, you can partner up with and hire a freelance developer or designing studio. 

However, if you have a generic application idea in your mind with somewhat knowledge and skill to handle different software then a quicker and more budget-friendly solution is to make an app with the help of various development mobile apps and software.

In case you’re a private venture with basic resources for your mobile application, at that point you can think about utilizing a current mobile application builder.

DIY application development services have been around for quite a while now and are an economical option in contrast to contracting a third party.

This sort of solution can be a solid match for an independent venture and you do not even need to have much past technical skill and coding knowledge.

App Ideas for non-developers

Considering building up an application for your business site but what if you do not know how to code?  Not all of us are tech geniuses and know about coding but that does not mean we cannot make our own app.

Gone are the days when web development and application designing were only for computer geeks.

In any case, with the progression in innovation and the advancement of some software, you will now be able to construct a proficient fully practical, and easy-to-use app.

Many tools are accessible through the internet today for the non-developers to set up their blog or web applications.

You most likely have many driven concepts moving around in your head but you probably cannot figure out which are sensible with your present range of abilities?

Here are some app ideas for non-developers that do not require the full stack of advanced skills for developing an application. 

The following app ideas are ready for grabs so took a look at them before someone else calls dibs on them.

App Idea Examples


Gillber will be your uber for grills. It will be a simple yet very resourceful and unique app.

In the event that you live in a city then you might not have a proper place to lock up the grill or space for a grill in the first place.

Grillber will be your savior for the lazy Sundays you want to spend grilling and chilling.

It will be a quick delivery service for rented grills which will enable customers to have a picnic without having the trouble to clean up and assemble the grill.

This app is surely going to be a big hit for adventure geeks who love tailgating and outdoor hangouts.

DIY Interior Design

If you are moving into a new house or looking forward to uplift and change the look of your house, then there are some outstanding and clever ideas that will help you make your house look beautiful.

Professional Interior designers use a bunch of tips and tricks that can easily transform any space.

With less cost and little effort, you too can make use of these professional tips.

Virtual Interior Designer application will enable you to take an image of your room or whatever place you wish to change up and imagine it with different accessible designing options such as wall colors, textures, objects, wall stickers, blinds, furniture, and so forth.

It will likewise recommend the spots from where you can purchase these products and at what cost.


There are a lot of services out there that enable individuals to trade coupons for a one-for-one exchange. 

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the “long tail” of coupons?

The uncommon or old coupons that probably won’t be well known on a more standard coupon site will be available for purchase here.

You can also add online transactions to purchase and buy coupons by adding your bank details to your account.


A goal management and sharing application that will enable you to make life goals, share them, monitor them, share your achievements with others and discover the individuals who share similar goals so users can support each other in the process of achieving those goals.

This app will be a great motivator and reminder for people to accomplish their goals on time.

Book critic

It will be a survey application that will give you the chance to click a photo of the book and get different reviews in a split second from Goodreads, Amazon, and many different websites to enable you to settle on the decision of whether to purchase/read the book or not.

Gift Gallery

Once in a while in this bustling timetable, we can’t even make time to purchase a gift for our loved ones.

An online gift shop can be outstanding amongst other apps.

In the event that someone needs to send somebody a gift but he/she does not have the time then this app will serve them right.

This app can provide delivery services as well as serve as an online store.

This app will likewise recommend gift options by coordinating your searches and preferences with your personal data provided.

Finding the ideal gift is not an easy task and regularly we spend hours searching for the ideal gift however with an app like this one you can do that within a few seconds.


Preparing a presentation is never a simple task especially if it’s a group presentation.

By using this app people will wipe out the conventional techniques for preparing a presentation.

It will make the entire team work together to make different slides of the same presentation on the web with the goal that every one of them can give their thoughts and input for the content and quality of the presentation.

Share My Song

This can be outstanding amongst other app thoughts for people who love to listen to music.

This app can at first come across as a typical mp3 player however it is going to introduce a new user experience. 

It will give your friends and followers to recognize what listening and you can share the track with them too.

It’s a music-sharing app where you can appreciate each other’s music taste and share new tracks with each other.

DateTo Mate

It will be a fun app that will automatically import the data and preferences from the user’s other social media accounts like Twitter, and Facebook and match them with other users having similar preferences.

You can also add a cool feature of people ranking each other with different options like just friends, want to date, not interested, etc.

This can also serve as an online matrimonial service where you can find potential bachelors who are looking for the right one to get married.

With the help of this app, you can grow from dating to marriage and really change the course of your life.

Pay My Subscription

An app that will track and record your online membership subscriptions and monitor every one of your memberships and charges to be able to alarm you as the installment date arrives.

This app will likewise have an incorporated installment framework for automatic installments of bills.

Ultimate Planner

The ultimate planner is going to be that one app through which you can easily and quickly arrange all your events.

It will be your one-stop to find DJ, catering, décor and event planners etc.

For any last-minute parties and gatherings, this app can be very helpful.

A cool feature that can be added to this app is giving the users an option to send online invites to all the guests in your contact list.


This app will be your personal shopping guide.

It will inform you all about all the latest deals and promotions in megastores and your local shops.

It can also have a list of all the nearest restaurants, cinemas, shopping places, etc.

The user shall also be able to customize and select the categories for which they want to receive alerts about sales, deals, and promotions.

Recipe Maker

Now and again the sum total of what you have is one good recipe and a few basic ingredients that you have utilized much too often.

So if your dinners have all been beginning to taste strangely the same then at that point it’s a great opportunity to look for something new.

This app will enable users to include a rundown of the considerable number of recipes they might want to cook and what ingredients they prefer.

At that point, the app will take the preferences and scan online for many other recipes with similar ingredients shared by other users.

When you discover a new recipe you like then you will be able to create a tasty dish.

Or on the other hand in case you are excessively caught up with work and it is impossible to cook then you will have the option to find the exact same dish from the closest food point or restaurant.

Watch What You Eat

People who love food, live to eat.

The purpose of this app is to catch your everyday love for food and after that match you with foods that mirror these feelings.

It should effectively be possible through a straightforward poll that will give you a food recommendation.

Pursued with the area of a neighborhood eatery with the dish that you are craving.

Human feelings are to a great degree complex, however, being able to supplement individuals’ present mindset with a tasty feast is a road worth traveling.

This will be the ultimate app for foodies!

You Always Know What to Say

Humans are social animals and communication is an indispensable part of our identity.

We socialize day by day with the people around us whether it is our friends, family, or colleagues that we work with.

However, there are plenty of people who do not have really good communication skills and nearly everyone has to face a situation where we do not know what to say.

This app will help you learn how to comminute effectively and have a fruitful discussion.

But we all communicate differently and have different issues to resolve.

Therefore, this app will generate the right online guide for each user separately.

Every user will first take a general communication skills test and based on the score of that test the app will just the solutions for your shortcomings.

The purpose of this app will be to give individuals all that they need to begin an effective discussion.

Flower Glossary

The world is excessively colorful and beautiful making it impossible to not be traveled and discovered ever now and then.

Regularly we come across gardens and greenery that take our breath away.

However, the issue is when you really like a flower or plant but you do not know the name of that particular one.

So how cool and convenient would it be if you had a full glossary of different flowers and plants right in your phone?

This app is intended to help you spot and identify any flower no matter where ever you are.

Preferably customers will have the capacity to take an image of any flower which will then match to an image present in the glossary.

The framework will then display all the details about that plant of flower such its types, origin, benefits, etc.

The app will also list recommendations of local and nearby flower shops and gardens from where you can purchase the particular plant. You will be able to purchase the flowers either directly through the app and have them delivered to your doorstep or you visit the shop yourself and handpick the ones you like.

Meeting the Band

A performer network application that will assist new artists in finding other individual artists inspired by framing a meetup.

Different musicians and collaborate and plan gigs here. It will also be a great platform for finding new talent and for gig promotions.

It can also be very helpful for people to find and hire local bands and musicians to perform at their events just within seconds.

Safe Green Haven

A garden is a peaceful place or a green sanctuary or a wellspring of excellence for many.

Gardens represent the creative taste and style of their maker.

Every garden has its own story to tell that is expressed through the plants and the way they have been arranged.

This app gives anybody the instruments they want to recount their very own story.

With this app, you can find different tools, pots, and other gardening materials.

You will also find a wide range of seeds and plants to choose from which you can plant in your garden.

You will also be able to plan and design a format of your garden to see what it will actually look like once it’s done.

Users will discover plants and other objects through a search option.

This will also give you a good idea of how much you will need to spend on the garden or you can design according to your own fixed budget.

Road to Success

This will be the app that will turn you into a future leader.

If you are someone who craves and thrives for success then this is it.

With the help of this app, users will be able to tackle their issues and learn from real-life success stories of other people.

The users of this app can list their instruction, work encounters, references, abilities, and guidance.

This app will likewise enable you to look for experts and mentors by their industry and training.

This app ought to be a one-stop for people who are confused in life and do not where to go further.

This app can undoubtedly be utilized by educational systems as an asset to guide students and motivate them.

Mentors can sign up here and offer coaching or counseling services in exchange for a fee or even free!

Personal Book Shop

You simply read the last words and finished up the series that you had been perusing for as long as a month or even more.

Sentiments of happiness and fulfillment fill you with a specific inexpressible peace as you look ahead towards the next task.

For avid book readers, finishing a book brings the utmost joy and that joy soon wears off once they realize they don’t know what to read next. 

You invest so much time into reading a book, it becomes your companion.

This app will help you find your next books to read. Based on your personal preferences and search history it will recommend you books to read. It will be your personal books guide.

Every recommendation will incorporate a short depiction alongside a rating framework, compare reviews and references, and the offers to purchase in PDF form or to get the hard copy delivered.

Users shall be able to look for new books dependent on the writer, language, genre, and other settings. Once you get a hang of the app you shall be able to find any book you want!

The Help Finder

We live in a fast-paced world today. We have become so busy with our work and day-to-day activities that we do not even get the time to call our friends and ask them about their life.

The average adult spends more than half of his day dealing with the work at his job.

When we come home after a long hard day we just want to go home and relax especially when the weekend arrives.

We mostly have pool parties, dinners, or random game nights planned on the weekends to spend time with friends and family.

But those fun times also come with a huge amount of housework and preparations.

Nobody has the stamina to deal with all that by the end of a hectic week. This is where this app will help you.

The Help Finder will be an app through which you will be able to find and hire cleaning stuff for some time according to your needs and pay them on an hourly basis.

Next time you have a fancy dinner planned at your house, you want to make sure that your house looks presentable and this app will help you achieve that goal.


Designing and building up your own app sounds like a cool idea.

By now you know that before designing an app you have to think about what your app can offer and how will it benefit the user.

As we have all heard, “necessity is the mother of all invention” same goes for an app idea.

You have to think about the purpose of the app and its need. Creating an app that is already there with a different format or layout is not enough.

It will only leave you competing against other similar apps.

A lot of tech geeks and software experts are coming up with new apps every day.

You find thousands of apps on the app stores but only a few of them from each category really win the hearts of the users.

What is different about your app that will attract investors and push users to hit that download button? An original and unique app idea will set you apart from the competitors.

However, coming up with an exclusive and original app idea is not as easy we may think.

Pretty much everything seems to be taken up already. Is there really anything left to help us come up with an innovative idea?

Well, creativity knows no bounds.

The app ideas for non-developer mentioned above are simple and super fun but most importantly they are one of a kind.

These 21 app ideas will help you set up a great venture.

Here are some resources you want to check out to keep you on your way to having your own app.


If you’re looking for inspiration to get started with your own app ideas, we hope these examples of apps that use neuroscience principles will inspire you.

We have a lot more in-depth information about the benefits and challenges of using cognitive psychology when designing products on our blog.

Check out some other articles if this is an area where you need help or want to learn more!

Hope you enjoyed App Idea Examples.

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