Hacker Preferences: Do They Choose Mac or PC?


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Do Hackers Use Mac Or PC?

Is it a Mac or a PC? Overall, it is important to realize that hackers can use both Mac and PC to carry out their attacks. The choice of device largely depends on the hacker’s preference, the type of attack, and the target device.

What Operating System Do Hackers Use?

Hackers, like all individuals, have various preferences when it comes to the type of computer they utilize for their activities. However, based on factual data, it can be concluded that the majority of hackers prefer using PC computers over Macs.

One reason for this preference is that PCs have a larger market share in the overall computer industry compared to Macs. Therefore, PCs have more vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Additionally, many hacker tools and software are designed to work on Windows-based systems, making it easier for hackers to conduct their operations with a PC.

Another factor that may play a role in the preference for PCs is the cost. PCs are generally less expensive than Macs, which may be an appealing factor for hackers who may require multiple devices or want to save money.

While there are certainly some hackers who use Macs, the data suggests that the majority prefer using PCs. However, it’s important to note that this preference can also change depending on the specific goals and targets of the hacker, as well as the effectiveness of the security measures in place on both PC and Mac systems. 


The truth is it’s all about the operating system really!

Both operating systems can allocate malware in them and this is not exclusive to any operating system. and there are various types of malware but the main point is that both pc users and Mac users have them in their systems. Worms, trojan horses, viruses, and much more can be found in the depth of your operating system.

How did the malware get to your system, well there are tons of causes but mainly you access an email or downloaded a file maybe even entered an unusual-looking URL? or it simply came with the new update.


What About MAC OS

The latest version of Mac in their operating system is called macOS Big Sur and it’s currently in its 16th version.

And I must say it’s way better than OS X but I have to say that OS X was a cooler name than Big Sur.

Well, Are Macs easy to hack well yes, there are countless reports of Macs being accessed on their by the holes in Safari their own browser and some even say that pc is harder to exploit in this manner? there are hundreds of Mac threats and many options to exploit them making them a cybersecurity temptation for Mac computers to be accessed from the outside.

they also have a Mac address which is an access point and is usually a target for hacking so Mac malware can be pushed through it.

To be honest, when I heard about the Mac os x launch I wanted to buy it on the spot that’s why I have to give it to the marketing team at Apple.

MacBook Laptops For Hacking Options

It can be a daunting task to set up your MacBook Pro. But I’ve done the research for you! In this blog post, we will explore some of the best gear that is compatible with your MacBook Pro.

From Apple’s new Smart Keyboard and trackpad to external hard drives, there are lots of great ideas for what you need on top of the essentials like a mouse and keyboard.

So here are some things you might want to get for your new MacBook Pro and start hacking.

Best Mac Computer Gear!

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PC Laptop Options for Hacking

We all know too well about PC Windows and, to be honest, they have had bigger failures than Mac but at the same time, their corrections are way better and have come a long way to its current version Windows 10 Version 20H2

This is still a very hackable system and the main reason for this is that the volume of people using Windows is huge and therefore many people try to break into their systems.

This is one of the most used operating systems that an ethical hacker starts to learn the white hat way of hacking.

Best PC Laptop Option

Depending on your preference this will vary you might want to check out our post on Best Computers for Hacking where you will find a ton of PC options.

What About Linux

This is one of the most recommended operating systems for hackers to use, and you can believe me when I say it’s one of the most installed operating systems on virtual machines.

But it’s currently the best and most secure system for hackers not only for breaking into other systems but also to protect your own.

Linux OS also known as Linux distro is an open-source OS which means that anyone can play with its code and make their own adjustments to it.

Currently, there are over 600 Linux distros and 500 of them are currently under development.

Many companies take this open-source os and customize it for their companies, many of them save money since they don’t have to pay to license for the OS.

Hacking laptop or Hacking Desktop

what would be the difference between a hacking laptop and a hacking desktop there are many reasons why you would choose one over the other but to keep it simple mobility and the real reason is to not get caught.

The main reason you would choose a hacking laptop would be to discard it after you realize a certain task and leave as few tracks as possible.

If you are a white hacker you would opt for a good big and robust desktop setup since you can have more power and multiple monitors for your work. this definitely increases your work productivity.

But I have to make a parenthesis since you can have a remote desktop and access this from a good laptop.

Do Hackers Use Mac Or PC?Do Hackers Use Mac Or PC?

Do Hackers Use Mac Or PC?

Lately, the art of hacking hacked my heart. But when I decided to finally try my hands on it, I got a bit confused about the effectiveness of my computer and wondered what computers do hackers use.

This confusion drove me to research the best computers for hacking.

In this article, I will explain Do Hackers Use Mac Or PC? and most importantly in this current day and age which one is more effective.

Since I was little I have dreamed of becoming a hacker but needless to say, I lacked the discipline and focus that it takes to become proficient in that area.

But in the pursuit of my dreams, I learned quite a bit and would like to share it with you in this post.

Spoiler alert, this article will focus on operating systems and the advantages of each one in the hacking industry.

I do mean the legal hacking industry since I do not encourage people to take part in illegal conduct but It would be nice to hack into systems and see what they actually do.

Please understand that computers are hardware and if it’s Mac or pc their builds are made to do the same thing.

There are multiple operating systems and they each have multiple versions I will talk a bit about that further on.

At Nondevelopers, we pride ourselves on delivering accurate and reliable information.

Our team of cybersecurity professionals, armed with years of experience and industry expertise, has meticulously researched this topic to provide you with valuable insights.

To ensure the credibility of our findings, we have gathered information from reputable sources and referenced industry reports and studies.

By including these references, we enable you to further explore the topic and gain a deeper understanding.

Hacker Preferences:

Contrary to popular belief, the notion that hackers exclusively prefer either Mac or PC is oversimplified. Hacker preferences are influenced by a variety of factors, and it is crucial to understand the nuances.

  1. Examining the Landscape: By examining the cybersecurity landscape, we shed light on the usage patterns observed among hackers. Through insightful statistics and expert opinions, we provide a comprehensive overview of hacker preferences.
  2. Breaking the Stereotypes: Dispelling common stereotypes, we explore real-world case studies and instances where hackers have demonstrated a preference for either Mac or PC. These examples serve to illustrate the complexities and motivations behind their choices.
  3. Security Features and Vulnerabilities: Understanding the security features and vulnerabilities of both Mac and PC systems is essential in assessing hacker preferences. We explore the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, giving you a balanced perspective.

Best Computers For Hacking Requirements

Okay, let me tell you what computers do hackers use? Any powerful laptop with at least, 8GB RAM and an external wireless card running Kali will be something good to get started.

Having said that, let me clarify that it also depends on the type of attack, the legality of the attack, and your inner vector.

A pro hacker doesn’t depend on only one thing but will know the importance of matching the technology needed for the type of pen testing you want to perform.

Simply, it depends on how you see your way in. Read on to know the prerequisites of hacking.

A hacker has to deal with DDOS, password cracking, coding, and server intrusions which means, a heck of a lot of data.

So, working with an incompetent computer won’t be of any good.

Clearly, you need one of the best computers for hacking.

It won’t be wrong if we say, behind every successful hacker is the best computer, a handful of matchless skills, and a lot of passion.

What Computers Do Hackers Use?

I believe high intelligence, striking problem-solving quality, consuming curiosity, and great passion are what create a good hacker.

And, this is what made Kevin Mitnick, the best hacker in the world.

He is known for his high-profile arrest in 1995 and five-year prison for multiple computer-related crimes. But these days, he is a renowned computer security consultant and an author serving the nation.

Hacking is not something learned.

Yes, if you have a knack and know the technology then you can learn the techniques and tools but hacking is more of a type of understanding.

As a hacker, I would recommend you learn different operating systems and languages like Python, JavaScript, and C++.

If you are about to kick start your hacking journey and wondering, what do hackers study?

Then, clear your perception first. You can’t be a robust hacker by reading a few hacking books.

Hackers don’t stick to a single material since there’s no end page of this art of hacking. If you seriously want to practice hacking, follow the three stages, and grow.

As a beginner, master the art of googling and try social engineering tricks such as XSS and Spyware.

As a mediocre, you need to know the fundamentals of cybersecurity, attend live webinars, learn the basics of pen-testing, and practice setting up a virtual lab (e.g. Kali Linux). Interacting with fellow pen-testers will not only boost your knowledge but with others in your shoes, you will explore and learn together.

Python is the dynamic programming language that ethical hackers use for scripting their own hacking programs. It’s an easy-to-read language for newbies.

Being a cybersecurity enthusiast, you need a gadget that has a minimum Intel core of i5 or i7 processor, a good battery life performance with a power pack CPU and GPU, a large display with FHD, a minimum of 16GB of RAM, and a powerful operating system.

When it comes to using MacBooks, hackers use them. They also use LINUX or UNIX. MacBook is way faster than Windows and much more secure.

Hackers use all types of laptops. They’ve nothing to do with the brand of the laptop.

All they need is a configured laptop with advanced hardware and an operating system.

No matter, it is a Mac, HP, Dell, Gateway, or Samsung.

What matters is the operating system. It has to be the most advanced and leading operating system right now, in the field of computers is Linux.

Which Laptop Is Best For Hacking?

If you want to know which laptop is best for hacking?

Then, ThinkPad is the name.

It’s a popular brand that has made its mark in the world of hacking, pen testing, and cybersecurity for its remarkable specs.

ThinkPads can handle Linux more efficiently than any other brand.

For cybersecurity, you need a powerful computer with an Intel i7 core with visualization feature, 8GB or 16GB RAM, a standard gigabit card, a USB Ethernet adapter, a USB serial adapter, a USB Wi-Fi adapter, and Kali Linux.

These are some qualities a computer for pro-pen-testing must have but if you can’t afford that then, go for whatever you can manage.

Search online and buy the one, with an appropriate OS that is sufficient for your task.

Find what you need and make it do what you want it to do.

Hackers use MacBook and why do they do it, it’s a no-brainer. MacBook has top-notch qualities and that’s why it is competently better than Windows.

Much faster, much safer, easy to handle Linux, and doesn’t need much upkeeping.

That’s all that sets MacBooks apart from Windows.

You can use a PC, a laptop, or MacOS for hacking. All will do you good in the field but if you choose one device to go with then, I will personally suggest getting a laptop with sufficient properties and you are good to go.

Call it pen-testing or hacking, it’s an inbuilt trait that can be further polished by learning the nuts and bolts and advanced technologies.

You have to become like Kevin Mitnick, the no.1 hacker in the world.

Yes, you have to think like him and follow in his footsteps to win.

Believe it or not, there was something extraordinary, creative, and out of this world that made Kevin Mitnick the best hacker and urged Sergey Glazunov, a Russian student to hack Google.

One of the best programming languages for hacking into web servers is Python and its interpreting nature allows it to run without any need for compilation.

Python makes it somewhat easy to write automation scripts.

Do Hackers Use Mac Or PC?

Do Hackers Use Mac Or PC?

No doubt, Kevin Mitnick is the no.1 hacker in the world but the list of extraordinary hackers who plucked up the courage to hack data of renowned websites and organizations has not ended yet.

Kevin Mitnick made a name for himself by being a premier in hackers of Google, the most used search engine in the world. However, Google has been hacked multiple times not because it’s not secure but because Google pays people to challenge its security.

Later on, a Russian student named Sergey Glazunov successfully hacked a computer running the Google Chrome browser by using a never-before-seen exploit.

In 2002, a Scottish system administrator and hacker Gary McKinnon perpetrated ” the biggest military computer hack of all times” by hacking into 97 United States military and NASA computers for over a 13-month period.

Other than that, Ankit Fadia is known as the no. 1 hacker in India. He is an Indian author, speaker, TV host, and self-proclaimed white hat hacker.

Having told about some of the well-known hackers let’s discuss the PCs and Mac OS.

The question, ” Do hackers use PC or Macs? ” has become a debate these days.

Except for a few outliers, all the hacking guides have been written with the LINUX perspective.

Gone are the days when LINUX was considered to be the only OS viable for hacking but that’s no further a truth.

Things have changed now. Currently, Mac is a serious contender in the hacking world.

Apple machines run a POSIX-compliant UNIX and the hardware is also the same as you may find in any high-end PC.

This means Apple machines can run Windows and Linux with ease and it also implies that all hacking tools can be operated on Mac OS. Plus, MacOS is way easier to maintain.

That means, a great bang for your buck in a single device! Right?

The only hurdle while using Mac you can face is, setting up a hacking environment using MacOS.

Once, you get set with it, pulling down hacking tools and using them is a piece of cake.

But wait, Is Apple harder to hack? Rest assured. Apple products are definitely a hard nut to crack than Androids.

The reason is its security. Apple keeps on updating iOS for its devices constantly.

So, we can confidently say that Apple is harder to hack.

When we compare PCs and Macs, the majority of the users perceive Macs as safer and found PCs more vulnerable to hacking. But Mac users are the victim of cybercrime as frequently as PC users are.

Still, Mac is much more feasible for its users than PC because of its up-to-the-mark specs.

For hackers, a brand of laptop or an operating system is a matter of indifference.

The mastermind sitting in front of the laptop and using its operating system is of significance.

Real hackers can break into systems by just matching the OS to the level of penetration testing they want to do.

On the other hand, there are laptops that make hacking into systems much faster and easier.

Acer Aspire, Lenovo ThinkPad, and ASUS ROG, to name a few are some of the best computers for hacking.

Which RAM Do I Need For Hacking?

The specific amount needed varies based on the tools and tasks at hand, but at least 8GB is recommended for most situations. DDR4 RAM is also preferred for the best speed and performance. Overall, investing in quality RAM is a wise decision for any hacker looking to streamline their operations. 

Why do Hackers use Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is the leading operating software in the field of penetration testing but Ubuntu is also an operating system formulated for the same purpose.

However, one tool that has become increasingly popular in recent years is Kali Linux. There are several reasons why hackers prefer Kali Linux over other tools in their arsenal, and much of it has to do with the unique features and capabilities of the operating system.

First and foremost, Kali Linux comes pre-installed with hundreds of hacking tools, including popular tools like Metasploit, Aircrack-ng, and John the Ripper. This saves hackers time and effort in searching for and installing each individual tool. Moreover, Kali Linux is easy to customize and update, allowing hackers to create their own toolkits and stay current with the latest hacking techniques and exploits.

Another key advantage of Kali Linux is that it supports a wide range of hardware, including both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. This means that hackers can run Kali Linux on a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, and even mobile devices.

Moreover, Kali Linux is open source, which means that hackers can access the source code and modify it to suit their specific needs. This is particularly helpful for hackers who want to develop their own tools or customize existing ones. Additionally, the open-source nature of Kali Linux makes it easier for hackers to contribute to the community and share their knowledge with others.

Finally, Kali Linux is specifically designed for penetration testing and ethical hacking. It includes many tools that are specifically designed to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in networks and systems. This makes it an ideal tool for hackers who want to test their own systems or those of their clients.

Overall, Kali Linux has become the go-to tool for many hackers due to its diverse set of features and capabilities. Its ease of use, open-source nature, and support for a wide range of hardware have made it a top choice for both novice and experienced hackers alike. 

Same Specs for Mac and PC here is a video giving you an understanding…

Somethings You Should Know

Which OS is best for a low-end PC?


One popular choice for low-end machines is Linux. Linux operating systems are known for their lightweight design, which makes them ideal for older hardware. Additionally, many Linux distributions are free and open source, allowing users to customize and optimize their system to fit their needs.

S mode

Another option for low-end PCs is Windows 10 in “S mode.” This version of Windows is designed for devices with limited hardware capabilities and restrictions on app installation. Windows 10 in S mode can run on lower-end devices without requiring much processing power or memory, making it a great choice for users who need to complete basic tasks like word processing or web browsing.

Chrome OS

Lastly, Chrome OS is another potential option for low-end systems. Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system designed specifically for Chromebook devices, but it can also be installed on other low-powered machines. It features a user-friendly interface and prioritizes web-based applications, making it a good choice for users who primarily use their computers for web browsing and similar tasks.

Which Ryzen Processors Are Most Popular Among Hackers?

When it comes to hackers, the best ryzen processors for hackers are highly sought after. These processors, known for their impressive performance and advanced capabilities, are popular among individuals in the hacking community. With their superior multitasking abilities and powerful processing speeds, these Ryzen processors provide hackers with the computing power they need to execute their tasks efficiently and effectively.


In conclusion, it is clear that both Mac and PC operating systems are used by hackers around the world. While Macs have long been seen as more secure, this is not necessarily the case, and both types of computers can be vulnerable to attacks. What really matters is the skill of the hacker behind the keyboard. Nevertheless, given the growing popularity of Macs in recent years, it seems likely that we will see an increasing number of cyber threats targeting these devices in the future. As always, staying vigilant and taking steps to protect your personal data remains essential no matter what type of computer you use. So keep learning about cybersecurity best practices and stay one step ahead of the hackers!

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