What Is WordPress And What Is It Good For?


What’s up, guys, so if you’re looking for a platform to create a website, you’ve probably heard of the name WordPress a lot, So I want to answer the simple but complex question What Is WordPress And What Is It Good For?

If that’s the case, then I highly recommend sticking around to fully understand what is WordPress and its advantages.

But first, let’s answer the question of what is WordPress? Simply put, WordPress is just a software that you use to build your very own website or blog and publish it on the Internet.

 if you are a techy you might know It is also called a content management system or CNS for you.

To give you a bit of history It was created back in 2003.

And since then it has become one of the most popular website publishing programs in the world.

In fact, WordPress powers 46 percent of the Internet.

That’s a bunch load of websites.

And guess what the best part is?

It’s free. Yes I believe this is one of WordPress greatest strength’s and lets hope it stays that way.


But Why?

Because WordPress is open-source software, meaning that there are thousands of software engineers out there that are working on it every day to make it better and better.

So a give a huge shout out to the silent guardians, watchful protectors and constant supporters of this CMS

What You Would Have To Know If There Was No WordPress For You!

I wanted to make a little note, about what WordPress is saving you in knowledge and time.

So if you wanted to build your website or blog and published on the internet, these are a few or the things you should learn and implement to get that done.

If you have to make a website from scratch without WordPress, you would need to know HTML that will help you to create content or websites.

They need to have knowledge about CSS to put everything in the right place on your website and backgrounds at colors.

Then you would need to have knowledge about PHP because through your website can communicate with your database and if you have seen a database you don’t want to create is from scratch.

And if you want to have more options in your website, you need to have knowledge about JavaScript and IOCs.

So just to summarize these are the minimum languages you would need to learn in order to do everything that WordPress does, and let me remind you WordPress Does it without any need of code, well not true for some advanced stuff you might need a bit of code and scripts.

The beauty of WordPress is that you’re able to choose from eleven thousand different themes.

which are just template layouts that determine the look and style of your website.

You’re able to tweak all of the text, including fonts and font sizes.

You can create buttons, you can upload your images and videos and much more.

You can also choose from over Sixty thousand plug-ins and widgets to help optimize the functionality of your website.

So this is for people that want to maybe start a store or open up a gallery or whatever it is on their website.

There’s endless opportunity.

Oh, and building your website with WordPress is all online so you can build your website from anywhere that you are as long as you have an Internet connection.

So how does WordPress work?

Well, back when the Internet was still somewhat of a new thing, the only way to make a website was to use code in HTML or format.

And your Web browser would just interpret this code into colors and text and spaces that would form your website.

Well, WordPress works exactly like this, except no coding.

Basically, it takes any change that you make on your website and updates the code for you and then updates your website.

So never touching coding, thank God, because that stuff is like Really Hard at least to me.

Now, if you’re looking to make your first website, you may or may not have noticed that there are a WordPress.com and a WordPress.org So you might be wondering, well, which one should I choose?

Well, WordPress.com is where you can go to make a free website with their web hosting. But there’s a catch. Actually, there are several catches.

#1 Your website could be deleted at any time if WordPress feels that you have violated their terms of service for any reason.

And all your hard work will be lost.

#2 Another one is that you can’t use ads to make money with your website.

#3 you can’t upload any plug ins which help you optimize the functionality of your website.

#4 you can’t upload a customizable theme.

You only have their limited options.

#5 you do not own your domain name. So it will say something like your domain name.WordPress.com if you want to check it out you can click on this link WordPress.com but I hope I gave you enough reasons not to. then again free is free so knock yourself out.

But you’re likely here because you want to make your first website with your very own unique domain name and no limitations.

If that’s the case, you’re going to want to be self-posted and use WordPress.org which is just where you can download their free software.

Let me explain.

By being self-hosted, you have access to thousands of plugins.

You have a unique domain name that you own yourself.

You have the ability to monetize your website with ads.

If you’re trying to make those dollar bills, you have the option to create an online store and you have complete customization over your website.


So How do you create a self-hosted website with WordPress?

The first step is to get your hosting and domain name set up. you can click on the tools tab or this link to see our recommended hosting providers.

Usually when you get a plan they will give you a free domain name to start with.

3 Aspects To Have In Mind

WordPress website has three important aspects Theme’s page builders and plugins.

And with those three aspects, you can do a lot of different things.

  • You can make a social media website.
  • You can make a webshop.
  • You can make a forum,
  • You can make a funnel website.
  • You can create a restricted member area.

The sky is the limit all through Theme’s page builders and plugins.

Let’s talk about themes.

A theme helps you to configure the style of your website, especially the Heather area, which are logo and your menu, the footer area where you can have Facebook lightboxes, Instagram access, additional information about your website, disclaimers, privacy policies, etc.

Also the blog page can be configured by the theme.

So every theme has its own special configuration options.

There are free themes and paid themes and as you probably, which is just the free themes, have fewer options than the Paid themes.

For instance, there’s the Free Astra theme, which is amazing. You can create a beautiful website with it, but when you get Astra Pro, you can have a sticky header, you can have a mega menu, you can have more block layouts, and more.

There are also themes that are niche related.

For instance, a real estate thing that will help you to create beautiful listings, let people search through your website so everything has their own specialty and faith themes are better and three themes.

But there are also a few really great free themes. For instance, the Astra theme in the Ocean WP theme and everything needs a page builder.

And there is an amazing page builder can help you create an amazing website.

The top paid page builder is defently Divi page builder, by far the most intuitive tool you could ever get in wordpress development.

You could also go for Elementor that has a free version and a pro one two.

So that is where content is created.

So you have the theme that will help you to create a beautiful header, footer the layout for the block area.

And then we have the page.

So let me talk about plug ins with plugins, WordPress has a built in search engine that will help you browse all the plugins that are available for you.

As the themes the plugins you will find will most likely have a free and a pro version, depending on the type of project you will know witch ones you will need.

Some of the areas the plugins can help you are.

  • SEO
  • ADS

and much more.


Now we know that WordPress is a content management system design to help people with non-tech, or non-developer skills Design, Build and publish websites without the need of coding. Over 75 million websites use WordPress and being an open-source software is one of the main reasons.


Marco Ballesteros

I'm passionate about everything tech but lack the technical knowledge to be a coder or developer. But I have learned how to work around that issue hope you enjoy all the content I have created to help you.

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