Is Android Or iOS Development Easier?

Is Android Or iOS Development Easier
Is Android Or iOS Development Easier

Is Android Or iOS Development Easier

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Let’s get on topic Android Or IOS

Is Android Or iOS Development Easier – When one wants to barge in the world of programming, they don’t have a single clue where to start? So, what they do, they start flipping the internet and start scouring the web for tips and tricks which can help them in this regard.

But it doesn’t help usually, because you are entangled with a lot of assumptions and scenarios people offer on the internet.

Therefore, the most obvious thing would be to make up your own mind and start somewhere which you see fit for yourself.

But that also has a twisted side to it, because there are actually two platforms for app development the Android and iOS so which one is easier? Which one you should try first?

There is no yes/no answer to this question but what I can actually help you with, is to give you some information to clarify which of them is the right one for you.

both of them have a degree of difficulty and will give you some benefits in the long run.

you might find that some of the aspects are easier for you to handle than others so you can add the easiest tasks for you and you might have your answer. 

Is Android Or iOS Development Easier and For WHO exactly?

To have a clear understanding of both, let us dive right into it and dissect this scenario layer by layer until we get our answer;

  1. Android Development

To start coding and writing mobile apps and games you will have to learn basic coding language which is Java, C++ as well as python for some side tasks which require a more direct approach.

Therefore, you will have to learn the basic principle of two or three programming languages.

If you are truly a beginner then starting with Android would be in your best interest and as you start learning and going deeper you will find various hidden aspects of the Android development which would be challenging and easy but never at the same time.

If there is one consistent thing about developing apps on android it is the fact that it is evolving at a greater pace, many developers and programmers are joining in and launching their very apps. This increases the competition up to a notch, and then there is diversity which is otherwise a positive attribute for any business but in this case, diversity means various approaches to a single aspect, therefore, getting entangled with all the complexity.

When we talk about debugging and transitioning apps you developed on an Android platform to other platforms such as iOS it offers a great deal of complexity there as well.

There is an upside to using the Android development you can download and install the Android device on any device you see fit and start coding right away. But as the settings and synchronizations of various features are concerned then android development is pretty difficult if you are just starting.

  1. iOS Development

When it comes to the iOS development there are a few twists that you will learn along the way that it is not that difficult as they say it is and another secret is that it is more synchronized and simple than the Android platform.

The main reason for this approach is that there is not much complexity or competition when it comes to Apple because iOS is only for Apple devices and nobody else uses the platform which is actually a good thing.

Because as they say simpler the better, moving on; when you have made up your mind about the iOS development then you don’t have to be a master of java, just a simple knowledge of the language would suffice, but on the other hand you need a firm grip over C++ language and python as well.

You will be using Xcode platform for all the development on iOS, the platform offers to code in multiple languages and is supportive in that aspect. But the most obvious language which every learner or beginner is using is Swift, it is a concise language with fewer errors which is essential for anyone to keep going.

But a simple barrier here is the fact that Xcode will only run on Mac, iPhone and other similar Apple devices, therefore, you will have to own one or have uninterrupted access to these devices before you can start coding.

  1. Operating system Versions

While some of you might not notice but Operating system versions make huge leaps in determining which platform is going to be a better adaptation for you.

When it comes to android the system updates are not automatic they require certain user input before they can be easily processed and installed on a said device.

But when it comes to the iOS the updates are automatic and they don’t require any user input for installation. So, you must be thinking about what it has to do with choosing a platform.

It has got everything to do with it, Android system updates are not unique in general, it is basically owned by Google so when it releases a new update and distribute it every mobile company takes their copy of the release and add in a few extra tweaks there.

These make the overall development difficult, no wonder why various apps fail on certain devices and referred to as non-compatible as well.

But this isn’t the case with iOS, because it is owned by Apple and personalize Apple devices only, it is unique and in general, the basic software every Apple device is going to operate on.

This takes the chances of any errors or failure of apps down to zero and gives you a good head start in this aspect.

  1. iOS Vs Android design

If there was a magical aspect that you developed an App over a specific platform and now you were all ready to transition it to another then that would be truly amazing.

Well, it does happen in reality but before you are able to do that you need a considerable amount of work done.

The main reason is the fact that both platforms use different languages and their systematic algorithm is also different in every aspect, that is why various design alterations need to be done before one app can be transitioned into another platform, the very reason why people don’t get to enjoy the same experience of a similar app on two different platforms.

When it comes to the android the design systematics is easy and clearer that is why any app that you have developed using the iOS platform can easily be transitioned to the Android platform but iOS doesn’t share the same insight.

Because the designs over an iOS platform are less clearly defined and various synthetic attributes have to be assigned to the iOS platform before you can actually transition an app towards that platform making it more easy and compatible for users. Android clearly wins this round and you might be thinking about giving Android development a go well not so fast, brace your horses to the very end.

  1. Publishing and Restrictions

When it comes to Android development the submission of your app for publishing is very easy, all you have to do is hand over a fee of $25 and upload your APK, it is that simple and it will be live in a few minutes and people will start to download it.

But when it comes to the iOS you will have to hand over a fee of $99 and your app will be tested by live humans and there is a fair chance that it might get rejected. Clearly, this is not a competition of which one is easier it is about which one offers more support and chances to grow your career. Android wins again here.

Multi-Language Coding Platform

While both platforms offer a diversity of languages to code and learn about but there is a simple difference between the two.

Android offers the support of various other languages to code, but eventually, you will need a strong grip over Java to begin your journey.

But as far as iOS development is concerned you get the support of multiple languages as you begin to code and you don’t have to be specialized or professional in a single language.

That is why the iOS platform serves the purpose of multi-language coding support that is why it is the best multi-language coding platform you can work on.

But if you want to switch between the two after you are done with one than it is not a very persuasive approach as you should choose one and make it your ultimate itinerary.

Sure, it does help to try both platforms and then make your own assumptions about them, this can help you to come up with an ultimate choice.

It is not that if you have chosen a specific platform then you are stuck with it and can’t turn to the other, the trick here is trying both and find out which one works best for you.

Sure, it is going to be a tough one but just because something worked out for you doesn’t mean it is as good for other people too. That is why both of these said platforms are easy and difficult in their own regard.

But to give you a professional tip which goes that start coding with Android as it provides more support and compatibility and when you think you are ready to move to the next level start iOS development but only chose the one which resonates best with your skills.

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I also wanted to thank my friend Marisel Ordaz for the great information she brought up to my attention. 

Is Android Or iOS Development Easier?
Is Android Or iOS Development Easier?

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