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Without a doubt, having a website that is pleasing to the eye is something we all want.

We always seek to convey confidence and security to our users, however, what we are mainly looking for is a theme that is pleasing to the eye and that of course is cheap.

If you’ve been searching tirelessly for cheap items, then look no further, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find a detailed list of cheap online WordPress Themes.


So if you think to Buy cheap WordPress themes online, these maybe some of the themes that you can use.




In the words of its creators, Auteur is “an elegantly crafted WordPress theme”, something that you will no doubt agree with after seeing the above screenshot.

It comes with a variety of home page concepts, including one for book reviews, one for a book store, one for a book introduction, and yet another that focuses on the author.

With ten different blog layouts, various online store layouts, sliders, page builder features, and much more, Auteur will put your books, and your writing, in the spotlight in a professional way.



Narration is a really eye-catching WordPress theme, assisted in part by stunning images (something you’ll have to take into account when building your own website).

Its fixed sidebar acts as a home for logos, titles, code snippets, and navigation menus, while the scrollable panel on the right contains files and entries.

The screenshot above shows the home page with input files; The screenshot below shows the layout for a post:

Impressive, simple, very different from most other topics, and yet it is an extremely elegant way to present your writing.



The introduction of the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0 has created a huge impact on the way that content creators use WordPress; some have been warmly welcomed, while others have been less enthusiastic.

Either way, it’s important that the theme you choose has had Gutenberg in mind, and Gutentype promises just that.

Coming in a range of flavors, this theme is open, clean, and minimal; all of them perfect aspects for authors. It includes improved styles for blocks and several custom shortcodes specifically created for use with Gutenberg.

Learn more about Gutenberg at Tuts +:

Writers Author Blog WordPress Theme – With Book Store

This Authors WordPress theme has a modern and functional design. It can be easily installed with a single click to reduce setup time. You can choose from three different home page layouts that can also be edited using Visual Composer.

The best thing about this WordPress theme for book authors is the integration with WooCommerce, which makes this theme a great option for anyone who wants to sell their eBooks through their website. Besides that, Revolution Slider allows you to create beautiful slideshows to highlight your most popular articles.

Use this theme to create your new author site in 2020 or 2021 and start selling your e-books. Learn how to quickly configure and customize this theme:



Storia is a textual content-based WordPress theme explicitly created for those who love writing and streaming stories.

This author’s website template has a minimal design that avoids distractions, making your stories the main focus of your site. It is made to quickly add your writing.

It is fully responsive, includes a recommended reading or “must-read” box, featured posts, and much more, as well as multiple design options that facilitate the configuration of your website in 2019.


The Writer

If you want to stand out from the competition, look no furthermore, what you need is The Writer theme.

This WordPress theme for articles has images for these articles that resemble book covers, this is an infallible way to attract the attention of your visitors.

Another cool feature is the support for long articles that are presented in a visually clean format, with all distractions removed so your visitors can focus on your content.

Additional features include support for Google+ Authorship, social profiles, and SEO-optimized code.

It also has a powerful theme options panel in addition to Visual Composer that allows you to customize the theme to better suit your brand image.



Foret is a beautiful and elegant theme that is geared towards creatives, writers and includes authors as well.

This minimalist WordPress theme for writers has tons of customization options that allow you to create a truly unique online presence as an author.

You can also change every aspect of your website design thanks to the advanced page layout creator and a powerful panel of theme options that lets you design your colors, fonts, backgrounds and much more.

The theme also has a beautiful portfolio template and WooCommerce support so that you can easily sell your ebooks and display snippets of your professional writing.


The Thinker

The Thinker is another sleek one-author WordPress theme with enough features to create a powerful writer’s website without making your audience overwhelmed.

This theme was updated in 2019. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, which is perfect if you want to sell the work you have created directly from your website.

Page templates, such as Projects and Presentation, allow you to easily include articles published on other websites, to highlight your best work as a writer or freelance.

The Thinker includes support for the Jetpack plugin that allows you to add options on your website to share and promote your content far and wide.


WordPress for writer

WordPress for Writers may look simple from the outside, but this theme is packed with all the features you need to make your content stand out in 2019.

This text-centric WordPress theme for authors is fully responsive and has a clean, minimal design. with an elegant typeface.

Includes advanced design options, stunning featured images, quote support, article series, and author portraits.

Your visitors will be able to easily navigate between your content with the previous and next pagination buttons located under each post and they will be able to easily share your content with a simple tweet.

Besides that, the theme includes shortcodes and can be customized to fit your brand with the real-time customizer.



If you fancy a grid-based layout, look no further, the Movement theme has what you are looking for.

It’s a great way to present writing snippets in an organized way along with the ability to highlight certain articles to make them stand out.

This WordPress theme for free authors and writers is built on the Redux framework that has a lot of design options and it is possible to customize the theme even more thanks to the inclusion of the Visual Composer plugin.

On top of that, this WordPress article theme has a responsive design, translation-ready files, and comes with the Slider Revolution plugin so you can create stunning presentations of your best content.

You will be able to make your writings stand out and have an attractive online presence!



Penoolis is a great minimalist WordPress theme for writers that puts the main focus on your content.

It is an excellent option for anyone looking to show their writing in a simple and direct way.

The text-based theme is fully responsive and includes a panel of theme options that allows you to customize colors, fonts, and much more.

Include a portfolio page so you can display examples of your writing on other websites or you can use it to promote your eBooks and books.

Other features of this author website template for WordPress include input formats, Google Analytics integration, social sharing features, and much more.



Consider the Nord theme if you’re looking for a simple text-based WordPress theme for authors with a high focus on good readability.

The minimalist design allows you to present your writing in the best possible way in 2019, accompanied by eye-catching featured images and a clean design.

It has several page templates, as well as support for various input formats.

You can easily customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more.

Nord is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. The clean design allows your writing to stand out on its own merits, and free from distractions.


The Novelist

Another WordPress theme for authors on the list with a creative design is The Novelist.

This WordPress theme for authors includes a layout with a full-width background image and allows you to set a different image for each of your pages.

The layout of this WordPress website template for authors resembles an open book.

It even includes thumbnail images that can be added through WordPress’ own system.

It has great feedback from users who purchased it, for example:

I love this theme. I was looking for a theme for a book and the style and the features exceed all expectations!

The theme is responsive and includes AJAX pagination so your pages load almost instantly.

It has also been recently updated in 2019. The theme includes unlimited color options for the links and you can easily upload your logo through the backend.



Forte is a cool, modern theme with bold visuals and great typography that is sure to draw attention to your items.

You can even create a subscription-based site and offer some of your content as part of the paid subscription with this WordPress article theme.

This WordPress theme created for freelance writers and enterprising authors is responsive and includes a beautiful header area as well as support for video backgrounds.

Besides that, Forte supports various input formats that allow you to include video posts, your podcasts, quotes, and much more.


With everything you’ve read so far, you are fully prepared to choose the topic that best suits your needs and of course your pocket, it’s just a matter of organizing yourself a bit. What are you waiting for? Your users are waiting for you, acquire once and for all the WordPress template that you were looking for so much.

We assure you that it will be one of the best investments you can make in your life.





Going for inexpensive themes is a good way to start but after some time you will notice that you have to upgrade your site and add new features. I recommended that you look for a premium theme, this blog is created on the DIVI THEME, and not only that I have created Niche sites, corporate webpages, membership sites.



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